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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. what a nice mom to go to the doctors with your adult daughter. I think the last time my mom went with me to the doctor i was 16. Its just nice to have another person beside you when the doc gives you the news good or bad. It makes sure that everything is interpreteted right and is a god send when things are less than healthy. My husband is deployed (and when home he works long hours and is gone often) so I end up alone for all my appointments, well thats no totaly true I normally have my kids in tow (3 and2) but they are more trouble than help.Tell your daughter she is a lucky girl and congrats on her upcoming nuptuals.
  2. Morning Sickness

    When I was pregnant with both my kids the prenatals made me sick. My ob told be to take two flinstones instead. It worked like a charm.
  3. Just an odd little thing, my daughter has a sensitivity to citric acid and my husband is allergic to iodine. Heather H
  4. Gf Restaurant Chains

    wouldnt mind a list of resterants myself if you could please. Ladylucysky@hotmail.com Heatherh
  5. I tested positive for celiac but have been curious as to the signifigasnce of the numbers( spacificaslly IGG). I was out of range in one agea, and evevated but stil with in range for another. Not that any of us are the same but, what are average levels for a newly diagnosed person. And do higher numbers meen higher sensitivity,more damage, more glutin in the system, or what?
  6. I have seen it mentioned that there are over 200 posable symtoms assosiated with celiac...where can I , or can some one send me a list. I have been abel to link some problems I have been having for years to being celiac. Just wondering if there are any more out there that I can. Also I am in need of a food list please.
  7. Blood In Stool

    To whom ever said they have hemroids at 26 dont fell bad. i'm 23 and having two kids didn't cause me a problem(as I was told it can) but this has. Mine blead about every other month, its bright. The worst time was after I went out with the girls to the bar, did a lot of dancing and drank quite a bit...I thought I tore something some how. When I went to the hospital the next day(it scared me that bad) the doc prescribed something to help with the inflamation and bleeding,you could should look into that.
  8. Thanks everyone. Once we get to our new location...can't wait. I'm going to get my kids tested. I hope they dont have it, but if they do I'll be glad to catch it so younge. How they will have to eat will be second nature to them. The chalange will be when their daddy gets home from iraq, and the changes hes going to have to make to acomadat me and posably the kids. On another note, do celeaic kids take longer to potty train and are their any "tricks" I know it took for ever with my daughter, my son goes more often than she dose and I'm not looking forward to it but at a little over two he is growing out of size 6 diapers, so it has to happen soon. Lastly, when we talk about "potbelly" looking how do I know what is just normal and what is bloting?
  9. How many times dose a "normal" child have to poop in a day? My son is about 26months. He goes poop at least 3-6 times a day normally. They are not diarrea but are never solid eather. He wakes up a lot a night, He dosen't say his tummy hurts, but some times he is so grumpy for no reason and he acts like he is hurting. My daughter, three months from 4, tells me she has to go often..but shes at that age were your not sure if she is saying so for attention, or just as her way of informing us. She is potty trained so I'm not in there with her to see what comes out. I just got my positive diagnosis...could this be related. What other symptoms whoud they be showing at this age? what should I do?
  10. Annoyed At Hubby

    To connielyn: Maybe its because my husband is military...and I maybe am over girlafying things. But sometimes a man who acts like a jerk is just afraid to be himself, and sometimes a who cares,unsupportive attitude is just a way to not let his feelings show. If hes a good man he has to feel pretty helpless right now, because he can't swoop in and "fix it" for you. If he wont tell his parents, you tell them. there are ways to do so with out being rude. Ie: " Hi Jane I am lonking forward to my big birthday dinner on saterday. I don't know if tom told you but I am on a resticted diet right now. 1) I love your herbed chicken and your sweet potatos are to die for, it was be such a special treat if we could have that. 2) I want to make sure i'll be able to injoy everything that you make, do you know what we will be having, I'd hate for you to go to a lot of trouble,and me not be able to injoy your fabulose cooking.
  11. On A Trip

    I will be headed out of colorado to georgia in about two and a 1/2 weeks. We have always packed some snacks and did the dollar menu for meals. What things are okay at fastfood places? I know salad with no cruton is generally okay,but is there anything else?Are restarants a better choice...if so know of anything at the chain resteraunts along interstates that tastes good and is gluten-free? I am doing this solo(hubie is in Iraq) with my 2 and 3 year olds. So convenience is a big facter.As far as snaks I prefer sweet to salty. I like pamalas gluten-free cookies but as far as snake foods thats all I'he tryed.
  12. I'm so confused. On friday I got the results of the blood work. They are positive in one area(anti-gliden) and considered within normal range in the others. The tests were preformed by my rhmatologyst(sp). i got the results from my primary care physisian who stated that I tested positive for celiac and needed to go on a glutin-free diet immedeatly. I called the rhmatologyst to get some things clearified, they told me I needed a stomic biopsy.I did resurce on the net and both here and other places said that if a stomic biopsy is needed you must maintain diet so not to skew the results. So I called again on monday, doc wasn't in. Today when I spoke to rhatologysts nurse she asked why I had requested a biopsy(I didn't, they told me I needed one) and told me that there was no way to get me into a gastro-doc before I move....anyway by primary care docs nurse calls me and reads me the consult notes that were faxed to them. She was a bit unsure about it all.They pretty much said that even though the tests show I have a positive factor for celiac, that the she dosen't think I have it and that I should seek futher treatment for my gastrointestanal issues once I get to my new location. In my oppion she made me sound like an ass and has confused the hell out of me. Do I have this...do I not. The primary care nurse told me that in her oppion positive results meen positive and that I do in fact have this problem. My primary care doctor says to try a glutin-free diet and that I should start to feel better within a few weeks. My rhomatologyst has yet to return my calls and when I call she has a nurse speek to me.So I have one doctor (willing to take the time to speek with me over the phone and explain everything, give me hand outs on everything )telling me I have this problem and another doctor despite positive results says I dont. Help me sort thew this.
  13. I went today to buy some grocerys for the first time since being diagnosed... It was time consoming and sure was expensive. I cant beleaive how long it took to pick out just a few things. Any one have any recomendations for a glutin free pasta? I know i should have been born italian...I love pasta and the idea of never eating it again sucks(i couldnt think of any other way to put it). Also any recomendations for terriacky(I know i spelt that wrong) sauce? Thanks, heather