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  1. Hi everyone, Feeling a bit hopeless and thought I'd reach out to others for some advice and hope. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease (biopsy, flattened villi, blood test). However, my main problem has been Peripheral Neuropathy. It is felt as a freezing cold feeling, like cold air blowing on me, or I'm wearing wet clothes. Primarily in legs, but also felt in arms and head. It also causes stinging pin pricks and sharp pains when really bad...suspect this might be from eating gluten. Has anyone else had similar symptoms? This is significantly affecting my quality of life, and I am desperate to find a solution. I also keep getting exposed to gluten somehow. I have become paranoid of everything I eat. This results in constipation, dermatitis herpetiformis, stomach pain, gas, bloating and, it SEEMS, a worsening of my peripheral neuropathy. I have also wondered if it could be due to a vitamin deficiency and have been taking sublingual B-12 and a pretty potent multivitamin. No improvement. Finally, two neurologists have checked me for MS, MRI's were negative. Fairly certain it's somehow related to celiac disease. Is this possible? Thank you so much for any help (or hope) you might be able to offer!