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  1. Do my symptoms sound like a sensitivity or intollerence?
  2. I forgot to mention in my orginal post that I also had a routine blood test done as well.
  3. If it turns out that I am gluten intollerent, this allergy has almost ruined my entire life. I am a 22 year old college student. I used to get straight A's in High school and freshman year of college but now can barely even pass some of my classes. The crazy thing is I went from one of the smartest to dumbest in all the classes i've been in. It has been very frustrating past couple of years. I have had such a hard time focusing in class that I can't seem to ever get anything out of lectures. Also I seem to always have really foul smelling gas odor coming from me all the time. It's as if i'm always passing gas even when i'm not aware. I can see people covering their noses when i'm near them. The smell has caused me to isolate myself from others for their own good and mine as well. I always here rumbling sounds in my stomach even when i'm not hungry. The food that exploits my symtoms the most for me is pizza for what ever that is worth. I had a stool sample done about a year ago before I knew anything about gluten intollerence and it came back normal. Do you think they even checked for that? I didn't tell them about my struggles in school at the time and my attention span of a dog.