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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I think you should contact your doctor first and see what exactly is happening to your stomach, especially if you have peptic ulcer symptoms and weight loss. I guess it could be another food intolerance, but it is really hard to say just from the description. To check what product is harmfull to you, you should eliminate one product after another separately and observe when you feel any better. But it is not possible, if you don't check organic reasons of your health problems before. The weight loss could be also the sign, you have too less calories in your diet, maybe because of carbs deficiencies. IBS symptoms - maybe your diet is too heavy to your bowels or you have to many stress, in IBS anything is possible:/ The exact lists of products you eat now will certainly help to find the answer:)
  2. It is also possible to use potato starch, corn flour, cooked rice or buckweat or some milk/coconut milk/rice milk. It depends of the recipe, proportions of other ingredients and of course desirable taste:) Usually, one egg - one or two spoons of replacer. I personal use all of these products, but as I said - according to needs and not all at once. For muffins or cakes you could also try some carob.
  3. Best Gluten Free Bread?

    Mayby for a change: Blumenbrot, they have crispy bread with buckwheat, quinoa and chestnut. It is very tasty, good for sandwiches or just as a snack.