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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks everyone for your input! I am seeing my doctor next week and I am going to definitely ask to get a repeat endoscopy. I have not had one since my initial diagnosis which did show villous atrophy. Update, I ate a bowl of rice and beans yesterday for the first time in two months and I'm definitely having problems today. Looks like I will have to stay grain free. T.H., I got your p.m., thanks a lot. I am going to look at the FB groups you sent me, and find the info to get tested for this. Symptoms sound very familiar.
  2. Thanks, For the recommendation about Align: )
  3. Thanks everyone! Dilettantsteph, I know I am super insanely sensitive and I'm starting to accept that I cannot eat processed foods at all. I think even the few I was eating have kept me ill all of these years. Also cc in rice perhaps? Jstric, good to hear about the probiotics, I will be researching which ones I can take. Thanks again
  4. bartful, my vitamin d is low which I found out through testing but I am unable to tolerate even a small amount, I'm not sure why so this is probably adding to my health issues. jstric, I know repeated glutenings(from things that are supposed to be safe) have been an ongoing issue for me. I am eating only whole foods now. Do you think the probiotics helped any leaky gut issues you had? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I am avoiding both right now. I suspect a soy issue but not really sure because I rarely eat soy anyway. I have avoided milk for years but have been ok with cheese. I have cut out all dairy for the time being.
  6. Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce myself to this forum, and it is about time. I have been lurking around here for the past 6+ years: ) I am basically at my wits end and in need of some advice. To give you some background, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about 6 ½ years ago through blood work and biopsy. My symptoms prior to diagnosis were bloating and C, insomnia, recurrent sinus infections, itching all over, and the list probably goes on. Anyhow, after diagnosis I went straight to a religious gluten-free diet. When I say religious, I mean every item was checked with the company, new dishes and utensils, body care items. I was expecting to feel better. However, I actually felt worse for a long time. When I say worse I mean fatigue, mood issues, aches and pains, sleep problems etc. On top of that I developed DH skin rash about a year after I was diagnosed. During the past 6 ½ years I have meted out that I am a super, super sensitive celiac. I also have some other food sensitivities that I have discovered. I eat very little in the way of processed foods, and only those that I am sure I can tolerate after years of maddening, extensive “food testing” on myself. However, all of this has only partially helped. I am only 36, but I feel my health has been on a downward spiral for the past 8 years or so. After having the most beautiful little baby in the world 18 months ago things have only gotten worse. I have recently been diagnosed with scarring alopecia; an autoimmune disease which causes permanent, progressive hair loss. This has been extremely devastating for me to say the least. Also, my primary physician is now referring me to a rheumatologist because she feels I may have fibromyalgia, but no one is really sure. I seem to have many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia including body aches, headaches, sleep problems, and numerous chemical sensitivities. The chemical sensitivities are so bad that I can’t even take a multi-vitamin at this point without a flare-up of symptoms. I haven’t really accepted the fibromyalgia diagnosis yet since I think something deeper, possibly food related? may be going on with me. I also have sensitive skin, constant chapped lips, thinning, brittle hair and I struggle with anxiety and depression issues. I was tested for thyroid imbalance including antibodies and screening for Hashimoto’s. All tests came back within perfect range. I have done a lot of research on leaky gut, and think maybe this is an underlying problem for me but not really sure. Several months ago I tried the Specific Carbohydrate diet for 30 days. I was hoping this would be my magical cure, but I only felt worse. My fatigue, insomnia and body aches increased immensely during this time despite eating 2000 calories a day. I had to discontinue the diet because I couldn’t function. I am now trying eliminating grains again and basically eating paleo autoimmune. I am in week 2 and I was sort of feeling better but last night I ate a huge helping of homemade kale chips. After eating that my stomach bloated up and My fibro-like symptoms flared up. I couldn't sleep and I feel like hell today! Is there such thing as a kale intolerance?? Geez. I'm starting to feel like nothing can help me and I'm intolerant to everything!!! I don't know what to eat anymore.I’ve also tried numerous supplements such as EFA’s and vitamin d but my body seems unable to tolerate or process these things and I just feel worse. Sooooo…just wondering/hoping any of you might have some insight into how I can feel better, since it seems many on here have similar issues? Maybe my issues are not food related and I'm barking up the wrong tree? I’ve apparently baffled my doctor and I haven’t yet gone the naturopath route since I can’t really afford it. I want my life back and I don’t want to feel sick every single day. If I hear one more story about how simply eliminating gluten will bring about perfect health I might scream! This has not been the case for me. Anyhow, glad to meet you all, and any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!!