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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I Have Questions

    hi there i, too, agree with the former comments....no gluten at all if you can help it....i get sicker than ever if i have it and i have only been gluten-free for a couple of months. I have days when i cant explain why im sick and i put that down to the slow healing of my stomach. I live in australia...my dr says celiac disease is the most under diagnosed condition he knows of and subsequently i found it hard in the first couple of weeks because there was not much info in my area (thank god for the net and thank god for this site...could not have done without it). what i have done is cut nearly all processed food out of my diet and am now on more fresh fruit and veges than ever b4. All in all I have have lost 15 kg and am still not gaining weight. malabsorption is a huge problem so I try to make what goes into my belly really count...red meat and green vege to keep iron and protein levels up and lots of fresh fruit and salad for vitamins and minerals. I also figure the purer the food the less work my poor stressed out belly has to cope with. I did find some yummy choc biscuits that i have when i need a treat...they are great but they really are a special treat. I also find i can not drink very much alcohol these days so we just have the occasional glass of good red wine. Hope this helps have a great day
  3. hi guys, went to dietician yesterday....."great guy" and very helpful. Gave me a list of web sites and even a list of gluten-free shops and cafes in the 100klm radius....way cool. on the down side went to the doctor....iron levels well down, worst allergy ever to all types of grass and grass seeds and to top it all off estrogen levels that should be 300-400 are over 1000....now i have to get ultrasound scan. Possibility of ovarian tumor as the only other time estrogen is this high is early onset of puberty or preganancy....sheesh i feel like my body is my enemy at the moment. they are also going to scan my stomach looking for ulcers and celiac disease damage as the dietician says that with my chronic sensitivity to gluten it may take 2 years for my belly to heal. Malabsorption is a problem and can only eat the freshest meat and seafood as immune system is so comprimised that i get food poisoning at the drop of a hat. dietician is adding this site to his list for all newly diagnosed celiac disease sufferers as he feels the support is invaluable!!!!!!(this is a great thing...i told him how much everyone has helped me and he agrees that just having someone who understands post back to you is very important). Dr is also appalled at how underdiagnosed celiac disease is in australia and will now be screening all stomach complaints for celiac disease ...so i feel like at least we have helped create awareness with the medical pros in my area...lets hope a little bit goes a long way. have a great day
  4. Newbie

    hi mark thats the right attitude mate...live life and if it takes being gluten-free to make life better then so be it!!!!! gotta go early start at work today......10 hour shift plus dieticians appointmant and yet another doctors visit....fingers crossed the call back on blood tests ran is not another ailment to add to my list....sheesh! have a great day
  5. hi there was just wondering how many site members are aussies. I am in coastal queensland ( and loving it). Drop a line to say gidday! Have a great day
  6. Newbie

    hi mark am slowly getting better only 10% of the pain (but i have been real strict and am sticking to fresh fruit and vege mostly) lost 12kg so far and the pain when i have gluten is excrutiating...vomit a lot and have shocking bowel movements. Get real tired...have to sleep heaps if i have guten. Get a skin rash when things are bad...i am assuming it is gluten related cos i have not had it since going gluten-free. I get irritable with gluten so if im not cracking up im crying....tis like a seesaw. I also seem to be supersensitve now...two cups of milo (made on barley) meaant three days of work and another 3-4 days of just not feeling right. Now the doctor says that i have allergies to grass seeds and my hormones are way out of whack....sheesh how much more can a girl take!!!!! I am led to believe it is different for everybody but we all do damage if we ingest gluten even if there are no symptoms...that makes us the lucky ones...imagine the further complications for people who dont know cos theres no pain or anything...scarring alone can lead to cancer...so think ourselves lucky that we can prevent any of the further complications. And as merika says 2 days is not long enough gluten-free to affect your tests...keep posting and let us know how things go...remember on here we all learn from each other ( that being a lot freindlier learning experience than the doctors can be thats for sure) Have a great day.
  7. Newbie

    hi mark had been sick forever myself ....but with the diet change things will get better. When my doctor tested we did it with blood work...there are two markers that show up...in my case levels that should have been 8 were 59 and cant remember the other one....both levels were well elevated. If i understand it correctly as you stop taking in gluten these levels go back down to normal given time. Also the stomach is usually damaged and so it too can take time to heal. Good to see another newbie...welcome and search search search this site and you will find all sorts of info have a great day
  8. Newbie To This Site

    thanks everyone for the warm welcome will keep working on my family....auto immune disorders every where....diabetes, rhumatic fever, lupis, arthritus all sorts....but none of them could possibly be celiac disease...sheesh...frustrating. SOme rice cakes in Aus are not gluten free but i seem to be fine with the non flavoured variety. Have had a good weekend ....no pain...no bloating ....whooo hooo...tis good to feel normal. Dietician on Wednesday ...lets see if he can tell me more than you guys have....seriously doubt it (major break down in faith with medical system) and back to doctor today as they found something amiss with my last lot of bloods. Cross ya fingers its just something simple. Love the angel to faith...have fairies everywhere in my home ...just love them! Have a great day!
  9. Coping With The Cost Of This Diet...

    hi guys cost is astronomical in australia . Loaf of bread is the equivilent of $8.00 american $6.00 for 300ml bottle of marinade....so i too am trying to stick to fresh fruit and veges. I work in a butchery ...all my chicken, fish and meat is free thank god or I would be in trouble budget wise. Even the online stores here are very expensive and unlike canada there is no tax offset because i have to spend this ammount of money for bread etc. Sucks bigtime but a girls gotta eat and they no it.... have a great day
  10. 115. Have my studly gorgeous hunk of a man rub my head...puts me to sleep every time....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh bliss. 116.again from my gorgeous man....cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles. 117. Raspberry or fennel tea....very soothing for the belly. 118. I go out and smell my roses...always a plesant experience. 119. Meditate (if i can relax enough...go back to 115..hehehe) 120. Read a great book whooooo hoooooo 120 great ideas for feeling better (hope i did not doulble up on any ) have a great day
  11. Newbie To This Site

    hi judy Thats my mums name so i feel right at home. Have to go to brisbane for surgery for my daughter (motorbike and barbwire fence...not a good couple and a rather nasty neck wound...this will be the third surgery) and so i will try and see a specialist then....am seeing a dietician in a week so hopefully he can help. One of my big problems is that when Im glutened because of the body stress, in kicks the epilepsy and the two resident virus' that i carry. Both make you very tired and both kick in when youre run down....so any gluten and its a quadruple whammy for me. I have the crappiest auto immune system and i think it originates from the reasus factor with my parents which meant that muns white blood cells crossed the placental barrier and attacked me as a feotus. All this cos my parents blood types were incompatable. Go figure. My sister has lupis, mum has hyperthyroidism and one of my brothers is a chronic diabetic. I have encouraged them all to be tested to no avail. Apparently there is no way they could have it....sheesh...I keep telling them that it is hereditary...but they just keep saying that i am the sickly one not them. One day i will get them to liten. gotta go off to work today for the first time this week due to accidental glutening. have a nice day.
  12. just finished reading the 100....i sleep sleep sleep, watch vids and usually cos im so crook i go on ebay and look at all the pretty gems and dresses....window shopping from home and i can burp from the backside as much as i want cos its only my dog who smells it and she thinks its great anyway...heheheheeh...im sure she thinks it is channel au de canine hehehehehehehe. great ways to cope though thanks...am just getting over (3 days off work) an accidental glutening from my own kitchen...am learning though. have a great day
  13. Newbie To This Site

    hi judy they told me 15 years ago that i had irritable bowel now the are thinking that i have had celiac disease for a very long time and that will mean the damage to the stomach is going to take some time to heal. Apart from gluten-free diet are thier any other ways to speed up the healing of the colon...lots of bowel cancer in my family so this concerns me. thanks
  14. Did A 'test'

    hi bonnie i (as everyone else does) know how you are feeling and i agree with the wise words already imparted...Doctors have medical school experience this is true but only you know your bodt as intimatly as you do...listen to it and you cant go wrong. I have (well thought i was) gluten-free for 5 weeks and could not work out why i was still sick...even went to the dr....turns out that by examining my intake i found the culprit...a simple cup of milo (which i love) everyday has been causing all the pain (yes i get the groin one too especially towards the end of an attack when I feel well enough to eat again-that first meal never sits well and i get the pain you described). I sometimes (well lets be honest) a lot of the time resent that I cant eat what i want but i spose that will go with time when i find food taht is interesting,tastes great and does not make me sick. All goes with new celiacs i spose...as i said i am just getting aver an accidental glutening so im with ya hon.....chin up though there is light at the end of the tunnel. Feel well soon, we are all with you!!!!!
  15. Newbie To This Site

    hi laurelfla am off to a natrapath today so heres hoping they can help. This last attack is finally easing up and tommorrow i will be back to work...im a butcher...its amazing how many of our marinades at work have made me sick....they all smell great though, so i live vicariously through my customers. Does anyone else find that since being on a gluten-free diet(mainly fresh veges, fruit and rice cakes) that the traditional meat and 3 vege for dinner sits very heavy in their stomach. I dont know if its just the change in eating habits cos certainly most of what i am eating now is very light but my normal heavier meals are certainly upsetting my tum. have a great day guys