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  1. Hi Whitepaw Your question about what was I eating before I fell ill is a good one. I had given a party the previous month and there was a lot of cake left over and what is more, it was all gluten free because I had made it! So I was eating maybe a couple of slices a day... I was taking soluable aspirin when I shouldn't take it, really. I was also taking iron supplements. And adding chilli to a lot of my food - normally not a problem. And I had a huge amount of stress going on having just completed a project and also having tests on a lump on my tongue. Oh yes - and I ate some marshmallows which may have contained gluten? And my son had a stomach virus at the time. High fat food + aspirin + iron supplements + chilli + stress+ possible glutening + stomach virus? = gastritis!! I also ate quite a lot of walnuts the days before it got really bad so maybe they didn't help. I need to be much more careful - it has taught me a lesson. I'm particularly cross with myself about the aspirin and also not checking the marshmallow ingredients as I am usually so careful. I know exactly what you mean about dreading the next meal - last night I had chicken and potato again but added a tiny bit of bolognese and I actually enjoyed the meal, which I think meant it sat easier in my stomach. I think that there is a psychological element to acute gastritis, too. I think if one is stressed it can hang around a lot longer. I have read a few posts from people who found after trying to do all the right things to get better it was going onto medication to help with stress that actually helped them get better in the end. I can see that - because if I could hear the children fighting, or had a stressful conversation with someone, I could actually feel my stomach react. Anyway - thank you for your help, I am so grateful. And great idea about the food diary. Perhaps, also, worth making a note about stress factors on a particular day, and what meds one was on. I think ompremazole was a great way to stop the gnawing pain for me but since I have lowered the dose I have to say that a lot of the bloating and feeling of nausea has gone. I think if I ever get gastritis again I'll stick myself on a gastritis diet first, just for a few days. If that doesn't help I'll probably check with my doctor but take ompremazole for maybe two to three weeks til the gnawing stops, then taper down. I hope it won't happen again though! There is no doubt about it, it is a drug to be taken with caution, but I have to say I have heard some success stories too of people who took it short term and were helped tremendously. I think tapering off it is probably a good idea, though, because I do have a friend who I think is suffering from rebound at the moment by coming off an inhibitor cold turkey.
  2. Thanks so much, friends! JMG, I'll try to get hold of that licorice, almost everything I read gives it glowing reviews. I miss Bertie Bassets licorice (it contains wheat) so it will be nice to have some licorice again. Thanks Whitepaw for those ideas, I must admit I'm getting rather fed up with my low fat menu but it seems the best way to keep the pain at bay so it is nice to have something else to cook. I don't know if I have picked up another intolerance, but you could be onto something there. And I know what you mean icelandgirl, we've been through so many tests and treatments it all becomes a blur! My doctor isn't expecting to see me again unless things aren't better within the month, but I might bring my gastro appointment forward if needs be. Actually, in the end yesterday didn't go quite as badly as I'd envisaged it would, which makes me think that some of my pain, bloating and nausea are down to the ompremazole - it does warn that can happen on the packet. When it says 1 in 10 people get these symptoms I always seem to be that 1 in 10! I don't have any more burning pain or acid reflux (at least yet) but I'm still losing weight which slightly troubles me. That said, when I think of how I normally eat I must be down at least 500 calories a day. JMG will know from another thread that I have a sweet tooth and at the moment the thought of eating a bar of chocolate makes me feel very sick indeed... Oh no - hope that doesn't mean I have developed a chocolate intolerance! I bought some 10g ompremazole tabs yesterday from Boots, having had nothing yesterday, and I've taken one at breakfast time. So far so good. I think I might take these for a few days then taper off. Thank you so much guys for accompanying me on what would otherwise be a lonely journey.
  3. Thanks so much, Whitepaw. I'm very interested to see what you are eating as my diet is becoming rather dull! I'm just beginning to try tapering the omeprazole as it really disagrees with me and I've been taking it for three weeks so far. So today I haven't taken any but intend to take some tomorrow and the next day (doing maybe do two days of ompremazole, then one day without it for a while) and see how I go. So far not bad, but my whole GI tract just feels slightly out of sorts. Windy, the odd pain in all sorts of places. It hurts to bend over too. I haven't had my main meal yet and am rather dreading it - same old chicken casserole! Yesterday I did have pasta and some bolognese and didn't feel good although no burning pain. I continue to lose weight but I'm hoping it is OK as I just can't face the sort of food I normally eat which I have to be truthful contains more fat and sugar than is good for me. If anyone else is still following this, can you tell me if, when comes off a ppi, one has to eat carefully for a while. Also, is it normal to feel slightly uncomfortable for a while after coming off these meds? Thanks!
  4. That's interesting, thanks. I will look into both - and I believe our forefathers' habit of boiling up bones was good for the joints, too. I wonder if you could tell me, did you lose much weight through all of this? I have lost about 4-5 pounds since this began, and I don't really like losing weight when I'm not trying to. Mind you - some days I just can't eat, after lunch yesterday I couldn't face anything much at all.
  5. I agree JMG, in fact I've never bothered with the prescription because I hoped by not having it I'd be saving the NHS some money. I imagine this will put a burden on some people though. I can't say I've found a gluten free bread I really like yet in the UK, though, although there was a loaf at a wedding the other day that was as near to the real thing as I have tasted in years - but it wasn't clear where it came from (which is a bit of a worry, perhaps it was real bread after all!). Do you have a favourite? I think Genius is probably my favourite, best toasted, but M&S produce a seeded loaf that actually is so convincing that when my sister made a batch of cheese and pickle sarnies with it no-one noticed! I think the seeds were a distraction. I had some amazing artisan gluten-free focaccia once but no idea where that came from either - probably the real thing too! No wonder I've got 'gastritis'! I have considered buying a bread making machine but not because I'd make bread with it - what I really miss is those iced currant buns with cherries on the top.
  6. Thanks so much, Whitepaw. We can get Schar products in the UK and they are really good - they make the nearest thing to a Twix that I have found, although I think I have had a rather negative run in with chocolate in the last 24 hours (still not healed enough to eat it, obviously) so won't buy one of their 'Twixe's' for a while. But I agree, shortbread is easy on the stomach. I have to say I had to laugh whilst reading your post as I read it wrong first time. Here in the UK 'pants' means undergarments/briefs/knickers... (or whatever the 'mot juste' is in American English). We use the word trousers where Americans say 'pant's - it causes quite a bit of confusion. But either way, all that elastic and support is a nightmare! In fact, since my celiac diagnosis I can hardly cope with anything restrictive around my waist. I thought things would improve but they never did. A good tip, thanks.
  7. Whitepaw - thank you for this very instructive post. I have highlighted part of your post for anyone else who is looking for tips as I too have found these tips do help. Having read most of what Dr Google has to say on the subject this is advice that comes up a lot again and again. Tight clothing is definitely something to avoid, and I cannot believe how when this thing was at its worse just how uncomfortable it was to bend down to get something out of the fridge! It is so interesting to me that walking is part of the medicine - I suppose it helps getting things moving. I don't belch at all really if I walk after a meal. I am opening up my capsules and taking the contents (without crunching the little beads) with water, which is a tip given on the packet for people who can't swallow pills. In addition I am gradually reducing the dosage by a few beads a day (something else I read) and suddenly my stomach feels so much better. I wonder if this is because I am reducing the dosage or getting rid of the capsule! I read that Manuka honey with a small piece of bread between meals helps - it certainly is for me. Plus peppermint tea. I was drinking Fennel but ran out so perhaps, in view of what you say, it is just as well. I am so sorry you have lost so much of your summer to this thing. I totally understand what you mean by that - the last three weeks have been horrid. Let's hope we can enjoy a good symptom free autumn!
  8. Actually, posture is an interesting thought. This whole thing probably did kick off because of my aspirin (and iron) but over the last few months I have been doing far too much leaning over my computer. The days I get out and get loads of exercise really helps. You may have something there! Thank you.
  9. Hi all I'm very grateful for your input, JMG. Thank you too Knitty Kitty. I'm willing to try anything not to get stuck on this stuff. It's not the first time I've taken it and it wasn't a picnic then. Back in 2013 I took some ibuprofen for bad earrache. Then I got what I imagine was acute gastritis - I was never told if it was that, but the doc stuck me on opremazole in response. I think a month's dose? Well, it helped take the pain away initially but then the D. started in earnest. After a month of D. and a couple of weeks of stomach pain preceding that I'd fulfilled the criteria of 6 weeks changed bowel habits and under NHS recommendations was entitled to the celiac blood test. Lo and behold I had raging antibodies. I think I must have come off the opremazole around that time thinking that the problem must be gluten, not opremazole, and thinking the D must be to do with gluten. I had an endoscopy and was diagnosed by the April. I had reached the penultimate damage grade on the Marsh Scale. I can't recall is if the diarrhea ceased following coming off the opremazole, or because I came off gluten. Or even when I stopped dairy for a while. I wish I'd kept a diary! I have diarrhea again today - I had a fairly fatty diet yesterday so the next thing I need to look into is is this normal with opremazole, to not be able to eat fat.... Anyway, I don't want to end up on this stuff (apparently half our town is taking it, according to our local nutritionalist) so I'll look at the sites you've posted too, KK. I'm so bad at this uncertainty. Underlying it all I worry that I have something really bad. Uggh.... I hate how I have become a hypochondriac through all this. Thank you my friends for your help, it means a great deal as my family have enough to put up without hearing me going on about my ailments!
  10. Thanks so much knitty kitty. I have the same question for you - how long were you taking the PPI? I have such a curious sensation under my left rib today - feels like bloating. I've been looking at pics on the computer and it seems the stomach is more left than right, so perhaps that is it. Had a good day yesterday - did loads of walking. Seems to keep the wind away! I like the tips in your second piece - I would like to learn to eat like an Italian!
  11. Icelandgirl - that's really helpful, thank you! It was probably a long time ago but do you recall how long you were on the PPI?
  12. Four days into taking 20mg opremazole every day. I have to say, it's funny stuff. It does take away that awful gnawing feeling and heartburn but instead I've had burping, bloating in my upper abdomen which makes my shoulders and back ache, stomach pain as well as diarrhea - all of which appear to be the usual sort of symptoms you can get when you take it. My doctor says take it for a month and then that should be the trick. I'm reading a lot about acid rebound so I hope that doesn't happen to me. I'm going to try to taper off the dosage at the end of the month rather than go 'cold turkey'. If anyone is still reading this thread and has done this successfully I'd love some tips. The first day the opremazole didn't quite do the trick and I supplemented with some slippery elm made up in water. It tasted like grass clipping tea but it works all right.
  13. Thanks so much for that - yes, I'm rather concerned about taking them long term. I hope I won't need to.
  14. This is very useful info, thank you! Because regarding heartburn thinking about it I've had it in the past after eating too much rich food - and then it went - but this is in a whole new league. To the point that this morning my throat felt sore. I'll eat early this evening - the bland chicken that Icelandgirl suggested - so hopefully food will repeat less on me at night. I've also now got a PPI which will help till I see my doctor. I hope to see my doctor on Wednesday but am dreading going down another take opremazole for a month and if you still have symptoms we'll do an endoscopy route. Do you mind my asking, how did you find out about the ulcer? Was it during your celiac scope or did it arise before or after that? I have mild pain under my ribs - it is quite diffuse, just as it was before I was diagnosed - is that how it feels? Although it started with severe cramps which have since subsided. Sorry - quite a lot of questions!
  15. Thanks so much for your reply, Icelandgirl. I shall buy some chicken and do exactly as you suggest - I think maybe where I went wrong a couple of days ago is the chicken was roast and pretty tough. This sounds easier on the stomach. I think maybe I have been glutened and maybe a bug - apparently there is one going round. The pain is so similar to before my diagnosis. The only difference now is heartburn which I don't recall having before, but that might be due to the meds I've been taking. I won't let it drag on - will see the doctor soon. Yesterday was a much better day but I had vague tummy ache and heartburn at bedtime which was disappointing. xxx