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  1. Hi Jmg - which store?
  2. You've opened up a great discussion here, peterfc. Most illuminating. I remember when I lived in Oz back in the 1980s there were three frozen custard outlets around Sydney. I think, from memory, they only sold about three flavours - vanilla (plain), strawberry and chocolate. But the ice cream was absolutely delicious. I think ice cream made with a custard is a great way to enhance the nutritional value of the stuff - and possibly reduce the fat content to boot? Brilliant.
  3. Thanks for the tip. Continuing on the whole food theme ... Yesterday I was in the New Forest and have discovered many of the New Forest Ice Cream range is gluten free - worth knowing, because these lovely ices are sold further afield. Here's their current allergens list. https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/ca2a335c/files/uploaded/2017_ NFIC_Allergens_Chart_v2.pdf The lady working at Drifters of Lymington really knows her stuff when it comes to gluten-free food and they sell New Forest ice cream and gluten-free cake. She actually went to the trouble of washing the ice cream scoop and getting the ice cream out of a hitherto unopened box so there was no CC. She knew so much about being gluten-free I thought she must be a coeliac - although she wasn't. https://en-gb.facebook.com/driftersoflymington/ Full marks to the New Forest!
  4. Hi Plumbago and Knitty Kitty. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Plumbago, I've just discovered that I have an appointment with my gastro in a few weeks, with a blood test beforehand which will reveal the current state of play. I'm going to put off the transfusion until then (if indeed, I have one). Knitty Kitty - that is so interesting about B12 as mine was very borderline for a very long time. I wonder if that was the reason? One learns so much on this forum. I guess if the high hemoglobin returns this may be a factor. I'll keep this thread updated. Many thanks again both.
  5. I said I'd update on this one. My ferritin continues to bump along the bottom of the 'normal' scale at 9 and my hemoglobin is 12. As I find oral supplementation so hard to stomach (literally!) I have been offered an iron infusion. It will equate to three months worth of iron, apparently, in one go. I'm going to check that its OK for me to have this as only months ago I was being told I had to stop supplementation when my iron was 40 and my hemoglobin was 15, at the top of the scale. Has anyone ever had an iron infusion? Sounds like a cup hot water with iron shavings in it!!
  6. I've got low ferritin and when this happens I get itchy skin and canker sores. My consultant tells me I need to have my ferritin above 40 before I'll see any real improvement in my canker sores. Just thought I'd throw another possible deficiency into the ring, Hope you get some answers.
  7. Good to discover Manomasa's Range of Tortilla Chips are all Gluten Free! http://manomasa.co.uk/#home
  8. Hi posterboy and Fbmb Thank you so much for taking the time to reply - and such comprehensive replies, too. I will look into these things properly as canker sores continue to present (and I think I have other non-oral health issues which are probably caused by deficiencies). A couple of sharp teeth are aggravating the situation too - I need to have them seen too. I thought this was a problem but my consultant confirmed it. The white sore turned out not to be an ulcer at all - it was a tiny benign lump, which was removed during the biopsy. What I learned from this which I'd like to share with anyone following this is if you do see a change in your mouth the three week rule is a really good thing to follow. Get anything that has been around that long checked out. Even here in the UK, where I often find healthcare more reactive than proactive than in the States, they encourage this rule and dentists and doctors will then refer you to a consultant if they are at all concerned within two weeks. So from start to finish it is possible to have the change seen to within just over a month - even under the NHS. I panicked when I was referred in such a hurry and imagined the worst. But what I have learned is if this happens to you, DON'T PANIC! There is a very good chance that all will be well. But the reason they like to refer so quickly is that if it is cancerous early detection is so much better. There are so many benign conditions that can cause changes - but how much better to be sure. Thanks for this, too - posterboy. 2 Timothy 2: 7 My health is taking up too much time and I need to wisdom to know how I can improve things - if indeed I can.
  9. Its a lovely place isn't it! I remember my sister telling me about a survey where a group of young adults were asked which their favourite holidays were when they were children. The seaside holidays in the UK won hands down, even compared with the more exotic destinations. There was something so special about seaside holidays - even if it was raining!
  10. That's the one. In fact, it's a terrific range. There are some great Baxters soups out there that are gluten-free too, and it even says it on the can. Baxters are very gluten aware - I'm currently eating a jar of their Simply Delicious Organic Garlic Mayonnaise and although nothing beats the freshly made stuff it is very good. And on the side is the gluten free tick. I am constantly amazed and encouraged at how our horizons are broadening here in the UK. A great suprise last year was to visit a tea room on the Isle of Wight and when I asked do you have any gluten free cake the lady replied 'All our cakes are gluten free'. I don't know if it was just a good day to be there or whether all their cakes are gluten free all of the time, but isn't it great to be able to just sit down with a cup of tea and slice of cake and feel normal again! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g190925-d1673739-Reviews-The_Old_Thatch_Tearooms-Shanklin_Isle_of_Wight_England.html
  11. Definitely worth getting the guide by becoming a member of Coeliac UK - it will pay for itself! I've just discovered, by the way, that Amy's Gluten Free Soup Tomato Flavour makes a very respectable base for a bolognese sauce if one has forgotten to buy the base ingredients for one (or a pre-made sauce). We've also used it as a tomato pizza base in an emergency. It really packs a punch flavour wise.
  12. Just one point on this - I'm no expert but I wonder if UTIs can present differently, depending on which section of the tract is infected? Mine tend to be lower down in the urinary tract so I don't feel like I need to go to the loo a lot when I have one, but when I pee or afterwards it hurts, and then I get that feeling of my insides slipping out - as you put it. My point is you may have a UTI in a different part of your urinary tract to normal. Just a thought? 1. Diffuse pain sounds like it might be bloating. Are you drinking/eating dairy? 2. Sacroiliac joint inflammation can come about for all sorts of reasons - what you are suggesting would cause it. However, I tend to find my pain transfers to the side of my groin and pelvis - not centrally. Here is an interesting article which shows how it refers. http://www.massagetoday.com/mpacms/mt/article.php?id=14394 3. I'm thinking perhaps it might be worth having a pelvic scan if you can? Internal and external. 4. Ditto - tight clothes are a distant memory! 5. I'm no longer seeing a chiropractor. I was in pain for months, then one day I underestimated the height of a step down and jarred my hip. Agony! Went to bed for four hours to sleep off the pain - but the strange thing was my SI joint was much better for many many months after that! 6. I agree - all this sort of stuff is highly ambiguous. I remember when I was really concerned about my pain - which was before I had had my scan and then sigmoidoscopy - I did a lot of online research and it seems that a lot of women get unexplained pelvic pain. So it appears we are not alone. If I were you I'd be inclined to pursue this with a GP, it might be a long journey but you should get some answers and peace of mind. I find unanswered medical questions only ever add to my pain - I think I must tense up with anxiety. Cx
  13. Hi again Victoria - I've just read your other comment about your insides feeling like they might slip out! Poor you! But yes - I can identify with that. I actually get that exact feeling when I get a UTI - are you sure you haven't got a UTI? x
  14. Third trimester pain is a good way of describing it! I know someone with another gastrointestinal complaint - diverticulitis - which causes this sensation too - so it could purely be down to our gut. What I would say is what side is you pain on? Is it pretty diffuse or is it on the left or right side? For me, it was the left side, rather as if when I was pregnant a baby was standing on my hip/groin area. As it was on the left a sigmoidscopy was indicated to make doubly sure nothing else was going on, after an internal pelvic scan u/s ruled out other problems. (I note you have had a hysterectomy but have you had any of the above scans recently? - might be worth doing to give you peace of mind). If you want to find out if it is your sacroiliac joint causing you problems, a physio or chiropractor will be able to put their finger on it (literally). My left sacroiliac joint is very tender now but before I was shown where the joint actually was, I wouldn't have known otherwise as the pain refers in a great part to my groin. I nearly shot through the roof when my chiropractor touched the sacroiliac area. The cure for that is rest and the right type of exercise, not carrying heavy loads, wearing comfortable supportive shoes etc. Another thing that pelvic pain can be caused by is pelvic congestion. I'm not sure if this would affect someone who has had a hysterectomy. One radiographer told me I had a lot of veins (like internal varicose veins) which might be causing me pain, although when the gynaecologist looked at me she said they were normal. Personally, I think in my case it is a mix of sacroiliac issues, bloating and possibly pelvic congestion! A bit of everything in the mix! One thing I cannot do any more is wear tight waistbands or other tight clothes. For whatever reason this makes things so much worse. If you are wearing tight waistbands, definitely give that a miss. Sorry - this is a bit of a ramble, but it might throw some light on your situation.
  15. Hi Victoria I hope you get some replies as some of these people are still on this board. Is this something you are suffering from? I thought I'd just let you know that I had this very badly at diagnosis, and it went on and on for some time. I had pelvic u/s and also a precautionary sigmoidoscopy - all was clear. In the end what really helped was giving up all dairy for a few weeks. It pretty much stopped - I missed my dairy though, so reintroduced it. But it was good to know it was bloating that was causing it. But the pain was also due to something else. I still get pain to the left of my groin/pelvis when I've been carrying heavy bags and doing a lot of walking. I have an issue with my sacroiliac joint. Look it up - it is a common problem for coeliacs. The pain transfers to the front of the groin, and also to the buttocks. If I touch my left sacroiliac joint now it is really tender. But with it I have an accompanying feeling of pain and pressure in my left groin/pelvic area, which reminds me of the time when I was expecting a baby , a simliar type of pressure. I hope you hear from others but maybe this will help? Cristiana