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  1. Dairy is definitely the thing to put on hold for a while - you may eventually like to introduce some hard cheese like cheddar which I could tolerate for months before I went back to drinking milk again. Best to avoid tight waistbands if you can because even four years after diagnosis I find that I still get quite bloated at times and tight belts are painful in a way they never were before. Peppermint tea helps some people if they are suffering from trapped wind. Walking helps too, I find.
  2. We could be onto something here - maybe we should do some research and publish a paper! Thank you so much Icelandgirl, Cyclinglady and Gemini for your kind words.
  3. Thank you all - had the scan. Wonderful news - the nodule is fine, in fact, they know it isn't cancerous as it is now smaller than it was three years ago - so I seem to be going the same way as you, Cyclinglady! My glands are now normal, the lovely doctor thinks it was just residual swelling from the infections. I could have hugged her, she checked everything so thoroughly. So thank you all for your support - I really didn't think it would go this way. So glad I had the scan though - better than worrying.
  4. Icelandgirl I think if things look amiss tomorrow I'll have good grounds to ask for the full panel. It is a source of frustration for many in the UK at how difficult it is to get beyond the TSH and T4 tests, helpful as they are. Maybe this will be the beginning of getting my other odd symptoms sorted! Thanks so much my friend. Cxx
  5. Hi - sorry - the range is 9.0 to 19.0. I'll try to edit the original! C x PS My ultrasound is tomorrow.
  6. Hi thyroid friends.... Just found my September thyroid results. Serum TSH level 1.0 miu/L [0.35 - 5.0] Serum free T4 level 14.3 pmol/L [9.0 -19.0] These are the standard NHS tests. I think I'd only be able to get the full panel done if I failed these - which I haven't. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing! Can anyone tell me if I could still have a thyroid problem apart from multinodular goiter syndrome with these results? If I have any symptoms it is tiredness and feeling colder than I used to. That said, my ferritin is always around 9 at the moment so maybe that's why I feel tired? Oh - I also get v. erratic periods - some months terrible, and other normal.
  7. Thank you friends, I don't know what I'd do without everyone on this forum. xxx
  8. Yes - I can't really feel any discreet hard lumps but I guess the more that one digs around (not a good idea) the more weird stuff one finds - no wonder my neck hurts. I did have a severe mouth infection just over a month ago and then colds so I suppose it is likely things just haven't settle down yet. Thank you for that suggestion about waiting - it's comforting to think it might just be these infections. I've never had swelling there before so its all a bit new to me - apart from really bad mumps when I was little!
  9. Hi Icelandgirl Thanks so much! I hope it turns out well, too. Here in the cash strapped NHS system they do two particular thyroid tests - I haven't got my readings on me just now but I felt shortchanged when I got them back. That said I was told if something was amiss it would have been detected. I'm going to probably ask for a proper referral to an endcrinologist if I can get one. Unfortunately the health care system here seems pretty reactive rather than proactive so I should really see if I can get my symptoms monitored more closely.
  10. Hi ironic - thank you so much for sharing, what it is not to feel alone! But that said I'm sorry you are in this fix as well. It is so interesting that you have had pain. I do feel sorry that you've had to wait around like this, wondering what on earth is going on. I always imagine something else is going on with my thyroid other than multi-nodular goiter, although so far my TSH readings have been normal. But as my friend icelandgirl and I have often remarked, it seems there is always something going on... Something to be wondering about. That in itself can be pretty exhausting. I was told by a dentist a while back I ground my teeth - but my husband has never said anything about it, I imagine that's something that someone else would hear? Is it a thyroid symptom or just stress?
  11. Hi gluten-free Thanks so much for your post - your previous post way back in '14 helped reassure me greatly, and it was good to re-read it earlier. I also feel better that you didn't have another round of testing for four years and all is benign. Was your throat at all swollen? I guess I'm panicking a bit because a friend of mine told me before Christmas she could see a lump in my throat. But I went home, asked my husband, and he couldn't see or feel anything, nor could I. However, recently I've had a lot of neck/ear/shoulder pain and something feels as if something is catching in my neck when I move sometimes. The front of my neck, to the right where I imagine my thyroid might be seems, puffy. Of course being an Olympic Gold Medalist (in hypochondria) I've put all these symptoms together and I've got myself in such a state. I keep looking at my children and thinking why on earth wasn't I more proactive. Reading your commonsense, reassuring posts helps a lot. I've got the u/s on Wednesday and then if the nodule looks dodgy I can have an aspiration but I have to wait another week for that procedure. Oh well... I guess I need to lose some weight. This sort of waiting game always puts me off my food!
  12. Hi Cycling Lady Just one more question - sorry. When you said that you had enlargement, did your neck feel rock hard or just a bit puffy. My health anxiety is taking over now. That side of the neck does feel puffy and squidgy, if that makes sense. I just don't know what multi-nodular goitres are meant to feel like. xx
  13. Wow! Gone! That's amazing! Thank you so much. Hoping for similar here, then - maybe it is just my cold!
  14. Hi Thyroid Nodule Friends Opening up this old thread that I started in 2014 - feels like yesterday. I've just been told by my GP that she can feel a nodule - thinks it is the same one I spoke of previously - but I have to get another u/s to check all is well. Since I started this topic I've had two u/s, with two aspirations and nothing found. Then I dropped off the radar - I was never asked back. Just wanting to know, for those of you have nodules, how often do you get them checked? Or do you? I feel I've been negligent not to have been on top of this but the hospital never suggested follow ups so I assumed I didn't need one. My current issue is a slightly swollen neck, but I have had a cold virus, so might have nothing to do with it. And neck and shoulder pain - but I'm hoping it's just coincidental. Thanks!
  15. Hi! In the UK an endoscopy is usually done with a sedative but believe it or not, not always. My coeliac friend was not even offered a sedative when she had hers done on the NHS. She told me she gagged a little when they were putting the tube down but that was all. I had a sedative (I had no option - I went private and that's the way they do it at the hospital I used) but to be honest it was over in a flash. I think I'd recommend a sedative but it just goes to show - it isn't strictly necessary if my friend's experience is anything to go by!