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  1. Its great - it tastes just how I remember Marmite used to taste - but then again, after four years of eating gluten-free bread which is beginning to taste like I remember glutenous bread - think I'm just getting used to it! - I'm not sure if I'd trust my sense of taste these days.
  2. I've not been a member of C UK for a couple of years now but I thought Snickers were OK in their last book? I think I need to join again. However, changing the subject, I have just discovered Tesco's own yeast extract spread, unlike Marmite, does not have gluten listed in its ingredients. Hooray!
  3. Come the Revolution all Lindt will be Gluten Free.
  4. This is great! Good of you to share (and nice of Coeliac UK to make the list accessible to those who are not members). Isn't it great, too, that we can eat Dairy Milk again for a while without gluten! Sooner or later I hope the penny will drop at Cadbury's that they don't need to stick gluten in their chocolate bars.
  5. I wonder if you have had your ferritin levels checked? It's important to do if you haven't. http://www.livestrong.com/article/478084-iron-levels-peripheral-neuropathy/ Also, I've just discovered I have low folate and I'm going to see if supplementing that might help - for some reason all my supplements contain very little and so it is the one vitamin I know I'm low on. I gather low levels of folate can cause symptoms, too.
  6. Wow Alwayssomething - so I'm not the only one! I have had this problem with elasticated and tight waists too. I had to stop wearing certain clothes too. Any pressure on my waist or hips was a disaster. I think it pressed against my SI joints, but also added the pressure of trapped wind to an already painful area.
  7. I had inflammation of the sacroiliac joints which felt like lower back pain, and sometimese referred to my groin, abdomen and thigh. It was a burning sensation which showed up a few months after going gluten free, hung around for a while, then left me. I still get it midly from time to time, especially when I've been carrying heavy weights. It is apparently quite common in coeliacs. You might want to look it up. As regards neuropathy, two other things to consider: I recently tested low/borderline normal for folate. I hadn't been supplementing it to the extent I have been taking B12 and I'm pretty sure it could be a contributing factor. Also, how are your ferritin levels/hemoglobin.? Again, this can cause tingling. I'm borderline anemic again (perimenopause thing) and again I think its part of my problem.
  8. Ah ... so that's why I've got a sweet tooth! Now I understand! Oddly enough I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or eat fast food either (although I did have a Gourmet Kitchen Burger the other day - did you know they did gluten-free? It was amazing!) So before I leave the doughnut question behind I'd just like to say, if a food manufacturer is reading this, please take note - there is a hole in the UK Doughnut market.
  9. I can't help feeling this thread is flying in the opposite direction of whole food eating advice that seems to flood the rest of the forum. Us Brits are letting the side down! And yum, those apple filled iced doughnuts were soooo delicious.
  10. They look good and if I manage to track them down I'll let you know ... but I haven't seen them either. BTW I'm sorry I reminded you of something you didn't realise you missed! What I really miss at the moment is one of those doughnuts with icing on them. I think I spot a hole in the market! Tee hee!
  11. Has anyone found or tried any gluten free doughnuts in the UK? Something I really miss all of a sudden.
  12. Hi Mermaid's Mom I used to always feel very hot and found it very difficult living in a hot country, which I did a few years ago. Since my diagnosis and adopting a gluten free diet I've felt cold in a way I never have before. I don't know if it is a coincidence, but it seems to me a bit too much of a coincidence! I think the first port of call is to check if your daughter has a thyroid issue. I assumed that was my problem but the TSH and T4 tests say things are good, but my friends on this forum say I need to have other levels looked at so possibly I do have a problem lurking. Problem is that here in the UK it is difficult to have 'a full thyroid panel' under the National Health Service. If you can get one for your daughter it would be worth a try, I'm sure.
  13. Dairy is definitely the thing to put on hold for a while - you may eventually like to introduce some hard cheese like cheddar which I could tolerate for months before I went back to drinking milk again. Best to avoid tight waistbands if you can because even four years after diagnosis I find that I still get quite bloated at times and tight belts are painful in a way they never were before. Peppermint tea helps some people if they are suffering from trapped wind. Walking helps too, I find.
  14. We could be onto something here - maybe we should do some research and publish a paper! Thank you so much Icelandgirl, Cyclinglady and Gemini for your kind words.
  15. Thank you all - had the scan. Wonderful news - the nodule is fine, in fact, they know it isn't cancerous as it is now smaller than it was three years ago - so I seem to be going the same way as you, Cyclinglady! My glands are now normal, the lovely doctor thinks it was just residual swelling from the infections. I could have hugged her, she checked everything so thoroughly. So thank you all for your support - I really didn't think it would go this way. So glad I had the scan though - better than worrying.