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  1. Eeh bah gum, ta JMG! I find it fascinating that it has almost the same (or is it the same) colour label as Lea and Perrins? I wonder which came first? Hopefully they have moved from the building in the photo as they are selling so many bottles that they need bigger premises. Funny though - I thought you'd sent me a picture of a pub when I first saw it. Bet it was a pub before they took it over!
  2. Just in case anyone is visiting Yorkshire in England, don't leave without buying a bottle of Henderson's Relish, which is Gluten Free! I am sure it can be bought elsewhere in the UK, but I have never seen it where I live, so I bought a couple of bottles when I was last in Yorkshire. It is quite delicious and a good Lea and Perrins substitute, plus it is suitable for vegetarians. Delicious!
  3. Isn't it bliss to be able to eat normal food again! And yet - things can't be right yet, as like you, I pay for it later. The sparkling wine was a real surprise to me: I don't like alcohol normally and I drank it to be sociable - if alcohol has this affect on others with gastritis, I now understand why the last consultant I saw asked if I drank. She was obviously going to tell me to stop! What an irritant! I've got a month until I need to come off Zantac, so I need to stop these treats. Partly I upped my intake of normal food as I was concerned about weight loss. It showed me that yes, my weight will hold or go up if I eat more fat, so I think it is only that which is causing the weight to come off. At least, I hope it is. Still, at my age I don't want too lose too much - I have a fear it will make me look like a prune! Stress continues to be a factor for me which ain't helping. But I'm determined to beat this!
  4. How are you doing, Whitepaw? Are you GI symptoms continuing to improve? How is the rash? I'm feeling bloated, a mild discomfort still under my left rib some of the time, and although I thought my tum was better when I had a third of a glass of sparkling wine at a party the other day that burning pain came back for the afternoon. Hope you are faring better than me.
  5. Hello Awol Cast Iron Stomach - love it, your 'name' describes my former self. Thank you so much for sharing this, you have encouraged me no end because the last couple of days (probably since I decided chocolate and pizza were back on the menu) have been pretty rough. Just now I've had a little bit of bread and some Manuka honey, and just as I found your post was coincidentally eating a banana, so hopefully back on the right track. On the penultimate day of our holiday I had a drink called Vimto which contained, unbeknownst to me, barley. I had drunk half the can before I realised. I am quite sure that CC is another reason that I'm not feeling 100%. Plus a bit of stress flying around again. I'm going to need to learn to be more careful. Using your techniques, and I do realise we are all different, how many days (weeks) do you usually find it takes for a flare to die down?
  6. Hiya Whitepaw Back from a week in the North of England. It was an annual holiday and I can tell you, just having less stress made a huge difference. Most days I've been on 75mg of Zantac. Half the time I might have needed a Gaviscon tab once a day, or some slippery elm (a teaspoon) in the evening, but that was just when I was eating too late or eating badly. The hostess gave us loads of pillows so I slept pretty much sitting up - something I don't normally do, and now my throat feels so much better. I love the advice above, and I'd like to second what you say about seeing a GI sooner than later. My feeling is that if I get it again I'll try home remedies for just a few days - then if there is no improvement, see the doctor. Thanks so much for sharing. I am beginning to see how common all of this is - even our hostess (who by some extraordinary coincidence was a celiac and has epigastric pain in the same place as me) takes a PPI sometimes. I too ate some chocolate last thing at night - bad idea. No real pain but a feeling of trapped wind in my upper rib cage, which woke me and didn't go til I had some mint tea. I've just eaten some pizza. Whilst it's great to be eating normally again, I feel the odd twinge that makes me think I need to eat more carefully for a while. I'm on Zantac now for one and a half more months - let me know how your tapering went when you have finished, and I'll update the thread when I have finished mine.
  7. If I'm at home I take the liquid - they sell both forms here in the UK. That said, chewables are handy - I put them in my handbag for any attacks that happen when I am away from the house! One normally settles things. I hear you about the inconsistency of symptoms - I have this too. I'm beginning to wonder why that is. Sometimes I think it is down to stress. I also think possibly what one has eaten for several meals prior to a flare up affects things - maybe if on'es stomach has been producing more acid for a few meals.
  8. I think I could have become slightly intolerant of dairy again (I was around DX and have since recovered but it was slow). But I'm not quite sure because the side effects of Gaviscon can involve diarrhea. Even slippery elm affects my stool (sorry). It is hard to understand what is going on when the side effects mimic celiac symptoms! One thing I found with Gaviscon is for me it pays to take it (I only take about 10mg) straight after I have eaten. Literally after the last bite. I don't need it at breakfast time - the symptoms seem to be worse mid-afternoon or if I eat a late meal. I was so hungry last night I ate a mini banana before bed and thankfully all was well. You might like to try that. It was a suggestion I found on Dr MacGoogle! I also found on another website, Daily Strength, that gastritis sufferers were saying they felt better in the evening. They thought it was the stress of the day (work etc) and take that away one starts to feel better. I think that is the case with me. I also eat a good meal in the evening and perhaps it is a better buffer - so I'm trying to eat a better lunch now to see if that works! Over the next few days I'm going to carry on taking my ranitidine, on difficult days supplement Gavsicon, try to take 5 small meals and not eat three hours before I go to bed. And four cups of chamomile, and manuka honey on bread or in my fat free yoghurt. Oh - I've also discovered that my ranitidine works a lot better if I take it an hour before I eat breakfast. Let's see what happens!
  9. Thank you so much for all your help. Do keep me posted on your GI appointment next week. I've been reading about stomach ulcers (just in case I've got one) and chamomile tea seems to keep coming up. One website recommended four cups of chamomile a day which I'm going to attempt. https://draxe.com/ulcer-symptoms-diet-natural-remedies/ I've reintroduced no fat Greek Yoghurt as we have a family history of osteoporis and somehow need to get some calcium in - but I have had mixed results. Some days good, others not. I've a feeling I'm going to have to drop it though as there is a bit of a race to the bathroom in the morning. But that could also be the probiotics or the Gaviscon, which I seem to react to in the same way! I find now that I feel the best I do all day in the evening - I could eat a horse then, but the problem is I'd only get acid in my throat if I went to bed on a full stomach so I go to bed with an empty tummy. No wonder I'm losing weight - I used to be an evening meal and snacker person! I really appreciate your input, you have helped me so much. I'll update you in just over ten days time when I have completed my trial of Ranitidine.
  10. Whitepaw, I also meant to say that my friend who has been having extreme gastritis issues since the winter (now it seems to be getting better after tapering off Lanzaprazole and introducing more natural remedies) told me that she used to feel acid in her stomach first thing, too. But now finally she is feeling better. It is good to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope! Recovery from gastritis and GERD etc is not for the impatient!
  11. With omeprazole I never felt entirely good really - some time every day I felt off, but I think it might have been the bloating. Perhaps I never gave it long enough. Yet that nauseous feeling and diarrhea carried on for a few days after I stopped taking it. Now on day four of Ranitidine/Zantac. I did feel nauseous mid-morning but had to go on a few errands and found walking around helped it pass. Too early to tell yet - but perhaps I'm tolerating it better than omeprazole. I think I will take it four 14 days before deciding one way or another if it works. I have taken two teaspoons of Gaviscon after lunch, and the same before bedtime, and that helped too, I think. Thanks so much Whitepaw and C-rats for all your observations and help.
  12. Re: food diary. That is a really good way of keeping a food diary - I always thought it was a question of just scribbling everything down. But categorising things into what one can always tolerate, sometimes tolerate, never tolerate is such a good way of making things seem clearer. Re: medicine. It is weird because normally if one takes, say, a paracetamol for a headache, hopefully it will sort out the headache but other than that you wouldn't know you had taken anything. Whereas these gastro meds you take them for gnawing pain - which hopefully is addressed but often isn't and you end up with bloating and diarrhea instead. I need to get my head round this! Re: weird dreams. Me too! I can't recall having had such vivid or weird dreams in a long time.
  13. Hi Whitepaw I think maybe you are asking C-rats this question but in case you meant me too, I get acid at random times of the day - but usually towards the end; diarrhea with the Omeprazole (prisolec); constipation with RAnitidine; burping when I drink hot drinks (for some reason it brings it up!) and a feeling of bloating under my left rib - but this symptom waxes and wanes. Exercise is one thing that really helps - not sure why. But I can't walk 24 hours a day!
  14. C-rats - thank you. Did you pursue Prilosec for many weeks before things settled? I felt slightly off when I was taking Omeprazole but I was only on the full dose for three weeks, then started to taper it. Perhaps I should have tried it for longer?
  15. Hello Whitepaw - and commiserations. That is so interesting about Gluten Dude, I've read a lot of stuff on his website when I'm going through bad stuff and have always been encouraged. That thing about a dietary indiscretion rings true to me. My perfect storm involved aspirin, iron pills, stress, a possible glutening and a stomach virus - but before that I'd been eating cake for England. It was gluten free, but I'd baked several cakes for a party and there was a lot left, and so I ate slices several times a day for a few days. I could kick myself. I glean some comfort from the fact that this sort of thing is all to common in this modern age. I had had no idea how many people around me have trodden a similar path. Some people take pills that they never come off; others are fortunate enough to have taken the tablets and recover and never look back, and others try to use alternative old fashioned remedies with some success. I did hear of one old guy who took slippery elm all his life and made it to 99! Another thing that is odd is some people I've been speaking to suffered from it and then it suddenly went - almost without explanation. I do wonder if in these cases if stress (and its removal) had something to do with this. What I am finding so exhausting is trying to figure out all of this for myself. I'm also scared as yet another pound has dropped off in the last few days. Normally I'd be thrilled I'd lost six pounds, but I'm finding it kind of scary. Because my pain is sometimes in my upper left side, beneath my left ribs, I fear it is my pancreas, and yet I read gastritis sufferers get this sort of sensation. I know six pounds is nothing in six weeks - considering, like you, you I'm not eating normally. I now have a fear of eating in case it sets something off again. I hear you about Tuna! My friend that I mentioned yesterday told me that she is sure that the medication was making her feel off - so perhaps you and I have been contending with that too. I can't recall - what tests have you had so far to confirm your diagnosis? Did you have a scope? I'd dearly like a scope but I don't think they will give me one til at least another couple of months....