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  1. Really interesting point Kareng. In fact, my ttg went up this autumn (November), depressingly, and I saw a nutritionalist earlier this month and she doesn't want to retest til March. She felt it was too soon for those figures, too.
  2. https://www.twinings.co.uk/hot-chocolate-coffee-other-drinks/hot-chocolate-and-malt-drinks/twinings-swiss-chocolate-drink Have discovered this drink - it's great, labelled gluten free and is also fortified. I can't drink too much milk as I get bloated, but find it tastes really nice even made mostly with hot water and just a small amount of milk. Thank you Twinings.
  3. Sore tongue and nose

    Having had a horrid time with a sore tongue recently, I can pass on a bit of advice from one consultant. It is good to ensure that one's ferritin is up to at least 40 to deal with sore areas in the mouth. Might be worth getting a blood test. Also, B12 is another one to watch.
  4. Hi there KeriMary I think iron is something worth looking into on this one, too. My teenage daughter has been looking pale recently and has started using the wrong words for things - something that I do when my iron is low. It made life interesting when I used to have to give talks. One evening the audience was joining in as I tried to find the right word for 'lantern'. (I need to get my daughter's iron checked!)
  5. A quick update for anyone who gets these odd readings with their coeliac disease. My ttg was elevated - significantly - in November (86) and the LFT/LET they ran showed my immunglobulins are up yet again - three points above normal. So it seems to be that my liver gets angry when I get gluten in my diet. Two gastrenterologists didn't even mention it to me. Now I'm going to be ultra careful after a few slips this summer in the hope it comes down again.
  6. That's a great link Jmg. I often wondered. I have a funny feeling in 100 years, because language is ever changing, the 'o' will have dropped out of the English version. Like now it's all right to write alright, etc etc.
  7. Help!

    Might be worth a TTG test, Icey?
  8. Help!

    Interesting... I've just seen an incredible hospital nutritionalist about my recently elevated numbers. I thought I had gastritis with burping and upper bloating and burning over the summer. But it was gluten all along as my TTG went up to the 80s, and yet I thought I was being sooo good. Just goes to show. She reckoned a few glutenings in the autumn as I ate out in places that clearly didn't know what they were doing, plus some meds I was taking that contained gluten (my mistake) could be responsible. So, to get over all this my coeliac clock in terms of diet has had to be reset, in the sense that: I've been told my lactose intollerance is probably back, because of damaged villi, so stay off dairy for a while; no oats for one year (but I've never been able to eat pure oats since DX so I don't wish to try them again in a hurry anyway) and I've been told to avoid eating out for three months. Then I'm going to have another TTG test. Will report back.
  9. Just a thought... I had ongoing tingling etc and I think it was when I mentioned this to my gastro he added a folic acid test to my slew of bi-annual blood tests. It turned out I was borderline normal. I seem to recall, too, that someone posted on this forum who had these symptoms and it was caused by too much B6. So maybe a couple of other vitamins you could get checked out for. As this helpful article on folic acid points out - too much or too little are problematic, so rather than self-diagnose it is always important to have the test to see if supplementation is necessary. http://neuropathydr.com/why-you-need-folic-acid-to-combat-peripheral-neuropathy/
  10. Hi Paigey Pants I've not tried it yet but I intend to, once the Christmas gluten-free treats are finished. Probably a couple of days into the new year. I'm going to go down this road as I have recently been tested and have elevated TTG, yet I thought I was being good enough. I can see stuff is probably sneaking in from my shared kitchen; in the last few months prior to testing I dared to eat out a few times. I was unobservant enough to take an iron supplement that had gluten in it, that sort of thing. But I thought even though there could be traces of gluten coming in from here or there, this way will hopefully bring my numbers down if sneaky gluten is the problem. Radical but worthwhile. Since my diagnosis I've had all sorts of annoying symptoms (rib pain, neuralgia in my face, hair loss that comes and goes, gastritis etc etc) and if I feel a whole lot better in a few months I shall know that it is gluten. But being a wholefood diet I've also concluded that even if it doesn't bring my numbers down, it will be doing me a whole lot of good. I've recently had a big birthday and this way I trust I shall be as fit as I can to face whatever the next half century has in store! I do hope your diet goes well.
  11. Help with Not Feeling Crazy

    Hello there I was diagnosed in 2014 after experiencing a period of dreadful anxiety (phobias, mind racing in the small hours of the night, a feeling of impending doom etc, inability to function during the day, brain fog). Before I was diagnosed it was discovered I was low in iron (ferritin) at level 6, and just above normal B12. Supplementing with these helped enormously, but apart from that I found reading the following books so helpful. You might wish to google them - I think they can all be bought on line, via amazon. (I realise that they are perhaps not an exact match for what you are going through, but these issues do appear to have some overlap.) Paul David's At Last a Life (there is a website too, anxietynomore.co.uk) Dr Steve Llardi, Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression Dr Tim Cantopher, Depressive Illness, The Curse of the Strong. I also sought one hour of weekly counselling through a private registered counsellor because all through the diagnosis journey the doctors didn't know what was wrong and thought it might be cancer. It helped me to have a safe place to just vent my fears etc. In the UK it is difficult to see someone quickly when encountering such mental health issues. I'm sure if I'd had an MRI scan at the time it would have shown some interesting readings, I was not myself at all. But thankfully little by little I got well. I have however had relapses and that is why I am posting this to you. Is gluten the cause? In my own case I really don't know as I've only just learned that my TTG levels are still quite elevated even after being gluten free for years (or at least I thought I was). But what I do notice is that almost without exception these relapses occurr when I find myself in a stressful situation that I feel I can do nothing about. I think it is adrenaline, with nowhere to go, somehow sparks things off again. It could well be that it is gluten that is causing this stuff with you. It's never a bad idea to see a doctor at times like this in case you are deficient in something or there is some other root cause. But using the tips I have learned in the books I have read, particularly David and Llardi's books, helps me get back on track. I'm sorry if this isn't particularly helpful to your situation but I thought I'd share in case.
  12. RMJ - this is great. Thank you. Documented on another thread, I too have had the disappointing news that I wasn't doing enough because after four years of what I thought was being super strict it was not enough. I take heart that at least my numbers are on a downward trend. Come the New Year I'm going to do exactly what you are saying.
  13. Happy Christmas from another corner of England to all my friends on this forum.
  14. Well, having trawled through mountains of mince pies I have concluded Sainsburys and Costa deserve joint first prize for the standard type; Sainsburys for the iced type. But the problem is the latter sold out days before Christmas. I didn't get to eat a Morrissons pie, nor an Asda one (if they do them). What do you think, JMG?
  15. Trents - G'day and thank you. I've been on gastritis meds this summer but then the pain was to the left. All this trouble started with glutening, iron supplements, a virus and aspirin (I know, stupid) in July plus a shedload of stress. I have been 'out of kilter' since. the doctors prescribed omeprazole, then ranitidine. I came off these at the end of October, but was still left with left-sided discomfort. This new right sided pain is literally about 24 hours old. Oddly today I have a lot of bloating, a bit of reflux and keep burping so I think you maybe onto something with the ulcer - unless of course gall bladder issues cause this? My liver function was good when tested a month ago, so I think the'yll probably narrow it down to an ulcer or gall bladder. Thanks so much for the tip re: the Hida scan. The endoscopy too. I wish my poor overworked doctor was as accessible as you - not her fault, the NHS is a difficult field to work in at the moment. I hope to see the docs tomorrow.