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  1. Hi Icelandgirl Can you recall what the figures were when they wer lower? I'd be interested to know. C
  2. I'm so glad you are making such good progress. It sounds like you'd make a good detective - sometimes the cause of symptoms can take so long to work out it is not surprising people give up trying to find the cause. I thought I'd post a progress report. I believe I am now in my third week sans Zantac. I came off my 75mg pretty much cold turkey but it was a small dose. However, I did get rebound. For about a couple of weeks I had moments when it felt like things were going downhill fast again with that soreness under the sternum and the pain in my left ribcage (I think it is bloating in my stomach) that all started when this began. However, I believe I am getting a lot better now and am putting on weight again. I am still getting the odd twinge etc but manage it with regular antacid/heartburn otc tablets. I'm still not back on my usual diet which leaned too much towards curry and chocolate... I find light rice pudding is a very good buffer if I have to eat a meal on the go - it keeps the stomach lined methinks. I have discovered that I was taking an iron supplement when this all happened that contained the dreaded gluten (Floradix in the UK is not Gluten Free - I should have been taking it's sister product, Floravital). So I do wonder if this was one of the contributing factors for my continuing pain.
  3. Glad you are feeling so much better! I am also in the waiting room for ttg results. Believe it or not, for some reason my usual consultant hasn't been giving me an annual test - although he has always tested liver enzymes which were wonky at diagnosis. I saw another guy who thought it was high time to have the test again and so now I'm waiting - I think here in the UK it takes a few weeks to hear back. What I'll be interested in finding out is if the fact that I've been taking an iron supplement with gluten (unbeknonwst to me) will have affected my figures badly. I'm so cross with myself as I take the gluten-free diet so seriously. Anyway do give us your news. Hope things continue well for you.
  4. Hi Icelandgirl - thank you. I am just so surprised the packaging is so similar! Shows how important it is to read the labels! x
  5. SORRY! I have just posted something under a new topic - Floradix/Floravital. I've just discovered that I've been glutening myself taking Floradix. There is a gluten free version I should have been taking insted called Floravital - make sure that if you have this range in your country that the version you are taking is gluten free. I'm sorry for any confusion/harm caused. The confusion arose as the product packaging is so similar.
  6. I can't believe I've been diagnosed for nearly five years and have managed to gluten myself for weeks without realising it. Completely my fault as one should always read the labels and I didn't. Here in the UK I've been buying an iron supplement from the Floradix range and taking it daily, not realising that it contained gluten. Only yesterday I realised that on the shelf there was a product from the same manufacturers called Floravital. I wondered why so read both labels and discovered that Floravital is gluten free. The packaging is so similar though - I think that is why I made that mistake. I thought I'd just put this on the forum in case someone is wondering about these supplements. Just make sure it says gluten free on the front! http://www.boots.com/floravital-liquid-iron-formula-500-ml-10181793?cm_mmc=bmm-_-Google+Boots+PLAs-_-BAU-_-C=(GB%3AWhoop!)+Boots+Shopping+-+Category+-+Health+and+Pharmacy+-+Desktop_(GB%3AWhoop!)+Floradix&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxczj387D1wIV6grTCh3ahwpQEAQYAiABEgIZHfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  7. Thank you. I think I am now on the road to recovery but it is strange, my system still feels not quite right when I'm hungry. It is a different version of 'feeling sick because I am hungry' than I had before. I don't know, perhaps it's nothing to do with the gastritis, probably old age. Nowt a mince pie and some Hendersons Relish won't fix!! As regards Costa Coffee, is it safe? A while back their allergy listing indicated there might be some CC but thinking about it that was the hot chocolate I wanted to order. I don't know about the coffee.
  8. Ahh... mince pie season again. I had a very pleasant experience at our local hospital the other day. I was waiting to see the gastroenterologist and decided to call in at the hospital Costa for a mint tea (still being careful having had gastritis all summer) and couldn't resist something to eat. When one recovers from gastritis, one shouldn't have an empty stomach for too long, you know... Costa didn't have any gluten-free Mini Bakewells in but they did have a newly delivered batch of gluten-free individually wrapped mince pies. The Costa mince pie is a triumph! (As are the iced mince pies at Sainsbury's, by the way). JMG - update about the Cadbury's Individual Chocolate Chunks that you will recall were in Tescos last Christmas. I have a horrible feeling that this year they have joined the ranks of 'May also contain wheat' - I read something worrying to that effect on line. Let's hope I'm wrong!
  9. Mine was 6 at diagnosis and has been as high as 40 since, but has recently gone down to 12. I've had gastritis over the summer so have been staying away from supplements as iron hurts my stomach. I wonder if you have any symptoms? I find that my hair thins when my iron reserves are low. I also get itchy skin, and a sore tongue. A consultant said I should try to get my iron up to 40 again and I may well feel better. So that is what I'm going to aim for by taking Floradix with food (I can't take it on an empty stomach as it hurts too much). The problem is my haemoglobin is high normal so they need to monitor that I don't overdo the iron, as that can be dangerous.
  10. A friend of mine had some serious neurological symptoms going on. She also had a rash. I don't think anyone ever thought the problem might be gluten (apart from me!), but she is a great baker and spent a few months baking stuff for a friend who was told to go gluten free. So she kept this friend company, eating all this stuff. All the symptoms went away! She then went on the gluten challenge so the doc could test her for celiac disease and the results came back negative. The return of the symptoms when she did the challenge was enough to tell her that gluten was bad news for her and she has kept off it ever since. NCGI is real. But I agree with Matt - the full panel is may well be worth following up. I never took notes but my gastro said some of my figures weren't at all convincing, but one was absolutely sky high. If the whole panel hadn't been done I'd still be wondering, I guess.
  11. Its interesting you should say that. I don't normally drink alcohol, I've always felt it tasted like medicine - no idea why! - but drank some sparkling wine recently out of politeness. Oh the pain! At my last appointment my gastroenterologist had asked me if I drank - she never told me why, but if that's what alcohol does to people with gastritis it should be the first thing to avoid I reckon. Also interesting that you had that as an initial diagnosis. I too had what I am sure was gastritis pain before I was diagnosed. I was on omeprazole for a month which took the pain away but omeprazole seems to cause D for me. The strange thing was after I stopped the omeprazole the D did not. That was why I ended up having the scope. In a way, I wonder if I would have ever been diagnosed had it not been for the gastritis and the omeprozole.
  12. Hello everyone Thank you so much for all your contributions and tips, I'm sorry for my absence but I've had a big project deadline to complete. Over all, I think things are on the mend for me too. I was quite cynical at the doctors' approach at first. I'd have much rather had a scope to find out what was happening, instead of being prescribed three months of omemprazole or zantac to see if it helped. Unfortunately the gen on the zantac contraindictaions list stipulated that zantac should only be prescribed if your doctor is sure what is wrong with you, as it might otherwise be covering up cancer! Those aren't the things a hypochondriac wants to read! Anyway, during this that time I've taken one months of omeprazole (20mg) and as that gave me D I changed to two months of zantac (most days only 75mg a day, but doubling the dose on odd occasions when the burn seemed to come back). During much of this period I've tried to keep my diet low in fat, spicy food, drinking very little caffeine, drinking strong camomile and slipper elm, and I think a key help has not eating for a 12 hour stretch overnight because I think that really helps the stomach heal. I hope my system is finally recovering and hope to come off the zantac towards the end of this month. It is hard to phase these things out slowly when you are already on the minimum dose, but all the tips about marshmallow, licorice and slippery elm etc will no doubt come very helpful then! I have come to the conclusion that this is a new weakness in my system and I'll have to be very careful to avoid gastritis in the future, by no longer taking asprin (unless the doctor ever tells me I have to), not over doing fat, greasy food, etc. The last time I drank some sparkling wine or fizzy drinks was awful, so I shall avoid them too. Throughout this time probiotics have helped me with the C, upper left quadrant pain and wind that the zantac seems to have produced! And of course all the help from you guys. Will keep you posted Whitepaw on life post-zantac!
  13. Lower back pain

    Also, carrying heavy weights. Try not to! I find heaving heavy shopping bags, especially carrying them on one side, causes dreadful pain. It is difficult but if you possibly can try not to carry heavy weights. I even find if my handbag (purse) gets over-stuffed with heavy things it can set things off. x
  14. Lower back pain

    Hi Victoria Looking back, I've had it for years too. To be honest, magnesium, vitamin D (fish oil capsules), B12 and iron are the only supplements I take on a regular basis. I think if you get a diagnosis of SI problems you may be able to find some exercises that will help. Oddly enough one big thing that happened which reduced the pain almost overnight on one occasion is I acciently jarred my leg coming down some very steep steps. Initially the pain was excrutiating but I went to bed to try to sleep it off and it pretty much went for a very long time after that! No idea why. Are you stressed? I find that when I am stressed and focussed on the pain it is a great deal worse. Viscious circle. Easy to say try to reduce stress in your life, I know, but I do think it helps. Also, loose fftting clothing - try not to put any pressure on the lower abdomen if you can, whether by waistbands or foods that bloat you and make your clothes tight. Avoid high heels. And remember, don't sit around too much. I'd try to find out first if SI is a problem - then get some advice from a chiro or physio on exercises. C