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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I bake my own bread as the bread I find in the store is basically just starch. However, the breads I typically make are pretty dense and a little much for a sandwich. A couple pieces are a meal. Today I found a great sandwich bread. Pancakes. Yup pancakes. I made a batch this morning 1/4 cup amaranth, 1/4 millet, 1/4 cup tapioca starch, 2 eggs, 2 tsp baking powder (or 1 tsp soda), buttermilk to proper consistency, no oil. I like amaranth as it is one of the highest protein and highest fiber grains; it is healthy. You can substitute flours and starch with what you have on hand but I would keep 1/3 starch and the other 2/3 whole grain. Anyway, I had a few pancakes left and used a couple for a ham sandwich tonight. Wow, they were not crumbly, I did not have to cut my sandwich into halves or fourths knowing it is going to fall apart anyway. The bread stayed together from beginning to last bite. It was not too much bread or too little. Truly the best gluten-free sandwich bread I have had. Quick, easy, fresh and just a hunch, kids might feel like they are getting a treat. I just put everything in a bowl and mix. If a person wanted fluffier cakes the egg whites could be separated, whipped, and folded into the rest of the batter; I am usually not that with it in the morning. Enjoy.
  2. gluten-free probiotic supplements. http://ecosalon.com/20-common-fermented-foods/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fermented_foods
  3. Probiotic supplements - kiefer (near yogurts), yogurt, kimchi (look in refrigerated items by frutis and veggies) , sauerkraut, pickles from the refrigerated section, soy bean paste (miso), hard apple ciders, kombucha... Of course all of these are better if you make them yourself. Most are fairly easy. http://ecosalon.com/20-common-fermented-foods/
  4. You can quickly brown/caramelize onions by sauteing them with a sprinkle of baking soda over them. Caramelize onions and add cream. Can of mushroom bits and pieces; saute and add cream.
  5. Jeanzdyn you answered your own question "My job involves a great deal of travel, and maintaining a gluten free diet is very difficult --- too often there is nothing I can eat that is nutritious and that tastes good to me." You have to get this part straightened out. Although you travel there are many items you can eat such as salads, yogurts, fruit, steaks with no seasoning from restaurants, home made granola, no oatmeal, MoJo Clif bars, Nature Made gluten-free nut bars, nuts,...you know the drill just follow it religiously. Truthfully with a gluten-free diet if you do not add a bunch of starch and sugar you will probably eat healthier than you ever have. Bite the bullet and do what you need to do to take care of yourself.
  6. There are more neural connections in the gut than there is in the brain. These connections control a whole host of biochemical reactions throughout the body and endocrine system. Any damage in the GI tract can manifest itself in other parts of the body and definitely will effect your health, the way you feel and how chemical messengers tell your body what to do.
  7. Bumps In Throat?

    If it truly gerd you may want to get a script for an acid reducer. Gerd can severly damage your esophagus which will present a whole host of new problems.
  8. I have pretty bad COPD and have never smoked. I was also diagnosed at 51 after I went in and told the gastro guy I wanted an endoscope with my colonoscopy and that I would pay since I had no referral. He knew I had Celiac immediately following the endo then tests and biopsy confirmed it.I had never even heard of Celiac until then. I had been go to a immunology doctor for three decades. Anyway, long way around I think Celiac caused my unexplained COPD. If you have not already, might want to make sure it is bronchitis as emphysema is similar in symptoms.
  9. Since a quarter of us take probiotics and supplements, we need to share experiences. I know Garden of Life advertised as gluten-free shows barley as an ingredient and does not treat me kindly. I have been focusing on getting my microbiome rebuilt so this news comes as sort of a blow. Does anyone know of a probiotic that is truly gluten-free, not just labeled gluten-free.
  10. I'm Always Tired.

    Could it be depression? Exercise might help. Are you eating out? If so stop and eat at home for a few weeks. See if it helps. Have you checked all meds and supplements for gluten?
  11. French Fries

    Take some potatoes, slice them up thin, Oil them up and lay them out on a cookie sheet. Broil them for just a few minutes on each side. Kaboom french fries. If you are eating out and not getting sick, you may not be celiac. Eating out is a crap shoot at best. Save you french fry money and go to Las Vegas. At least you wont get sick.
  12. It takes 1/200th of a teaspoon to set off an autoimmune response. Partner, those are worse odds than Las Vegas.
  13. Gluten Free Since 2010 And Still Suffering.

    It is likely that you are still eating out or are taking some medications or supplements that have gluten. Tighten er up partner and eat at home. It takes 1/200th of a teaspoon of gluten to set off the autoimmune response. If you remember that you can see the issue of eating out. If they have gluten fair it is likely that you are going to get some of it from an inexperienced cook or server. Eating out is a crap shoot at best. Frankly I would rather shoot craps, lose money than be sick.
  14. Fodmaps Vs Paleo

    Here is my diet. Call it Paleo if you want. I am a bit pale so I guess it might fit whatever it is. I try to eat real food. About the only thing I eat that is processed is occasionally I eat Blue corn chips from Garden of Eating. They are non-gmo, gluten free. I also occasionally indulge in a bowl of ice cream. I have a few rules I loosely follow but are predominated by: Make it real food. Make it food that is alive meaning it will naturally spoil fairly rapidly on its own. Live enzymes. Nothing with corn syrup, fructose, glucose. This is more of a rage against the machine. I don't believe our government should subsidize something that makes Americans sick and obese. No more than 5 ingredients if buying something pre-made. I don't trust gluten free fair from restaurants that are not all in. If a youngster that has not been properly trained cuts a wheat bun then cuts mine, the kid just got me. If they stir a pot of soup then serve my veggies with that spoon, they got me.
  15. I am fighting that now. I was pretty much asymptomatic. Now anything set me off. Like you, I generally have no idea what it is. It seems each time gets worse.