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  1. Does anyone else feel like they are driving themselves crazy trying to figure out what causes their stomach issues? At first I thought my issue was just chocolate milk and ice cream since I ate dairy on a regular basis and those two were the only ones that caused immediate symptoms. I still often got chronic and urgent diarrhea but didn't connect it to dairy since I probably had milk products at least three times a day and grew up in a house where we had a glass of milk with every meal. Fast forward to this year and I decided I was sick of being sick so I decided to try cutting ALL dairy, my issues improved immediatly. No more unexplainable running to the washroom, no more sitting in the washroom with my stomach spasming uncontrollably... I've found the problem I thought. But realized although my symptoms were 80% better I still was experiencing loose stools 3-4 times a week, and major bloating. My sister suggested getting tested for celiac and at first I thought she was crazy until I looked it up and read the connections with lactose intolerance and celiac. We do have two cousins who have been diagnosed so it wasn't a long shot. After looking at celiac symptoms I also realized that perhaps this was the solution to my adult acne, fatigue, and daily mild headaches. It HAD to be celiac, well the test ended up being normal. Now a friend who HAS celiac (blood test diagnosed) has told me to try going gluten free anyways and perhaps I still do have issues with it. I'm tempted to try this however I am starting to feel like a major hypochondriac. Although milk definitely doesn't agree with me, maybe the rest is all in my head? My husband thinks I am overreacting and yet gets annoyed with me that I am tired all the time even though I sleep a solid 8 hours every night. And WHY do I have acne at 25 years old when I eat NO processed foods, why does my stomach look great in the morning and then pregnant by evening?
  2. So after a lot of trouble to get my blood test results I have learned that they are negative and I have mixed feelings. Likely not celiac - great I don't have to worry about every single crumb of gluten. But now I am back to square one, what is causing all of this for me? I still feel strongly that it is food related considering I have a flat stomach in the morning and slowly thoughout the day inflate. Other symptoms: -chronic (almost daily) diarhhea -periods of constipation -undigested food in stool -HUGE bloating (flat stomach to a few months pregnant by end of day) -Trapped air feeling and air cramping -daily mild headaches (no migraines) -daily fatigue despite 8 hours of sleep every night -mild adult cystic acne -lactose intolerance I am waiting to see the gastro and will in two months. I know it is possible to have celiac with a "normal" blood test and be diagnosed with an endoscopy but now I am having my doubts that it is celiac at all. What would you suggest I do in these two months while I wait? Should I try go gluten free and see if I feel better? I have a feeling if my doctor DID want to do an endoscopy that I would have enough time to do a gluten challenge before the test date (and that is assuming he even decideds to). I have tried keeping a food & symptom diary but there were no obvious triggers since the symptoms occured daily. So what would you do?
  3. I agree Porcelina, I will be especially grateful for the gastroenterologist referral if this does not end up being celiac since at least he will know the next step in figuring this out. What frustrates me is that three years ago when I told him about all of my symptoms he just said "probably just ibs" and didn't even ask if I wanted to look into it. Because I have experiences these symptoms for so long they seems normal to me, however looking back on it if a 22 year old girl tells you she gets abdominal pain, extreme fatigue and 80% of her bowel movements are diarrhea that is NOT normal or something to be brushed off.
  4. I won't stop eating gluten until I have gotten satisfactory test results. Which to me means at LEAST proper blood test results. I has been ten days since my blood was drawn and no word yet. If the result is positive I will speak to my dr about endoscopy but may or may not have it done depending on how long the wait will be. If I have a positive test and feel better gluten free then that is all the answer I need. If my dr pushes for endoscopy and the wait isn't too long I will do it to make the diagnosis official. I my blood test ends up negative I will likely try gluten free anyways just to see if it does make a difference in how I feel. If I feel much better then great, if not then we are back to square one. Although celiac sounds like the perfect match to every symptom I have experienced, there are still other possible causes and perhaps it isn't gluten at all. I am keeping my mind open but would really like to get to the bottom of this. As difficult as it is to go gluten free I much prefer the idea of a dietary change to solve my problems rather than some of the possible alternatives such as crohns or the dreaded "we don't know what is wrong with you"= IBS
  5. Thank you to both the answers. I'm well aware that it could be simply the moisture revealing the area that would react simply due to a possible change in texture on the paper or who knows what. It is hard to see in the pictures especially, but there is no doubt the line did exist. From my experience reading pregnancy tests I know that often people would think they had a faint positive due to a situation like this, however I also know from my own experience that a line this faint can really also be a faint positive ( my husband thought I was imagining things when I showed him the test for our daughter, it looked very similar to my biosure test lol) Nvsmom, I too had issues getting enough blood into the tube, it filled to about 70% despite having more blood ready on my finger. I have actually emailed the company about this and requested the possibility of receiving a retest since the purpose of purchasing this test out of pocket was to GET answers not to raise more questions. The line did start to develop about 5 minutes in and I was able to see it at the ten minute mark. My husband and sister both agreed that they saw the line however they looked at the test an hour and two hours later when the line had darkened even more (you are not supposed to read it after 10 minutes, so them seeing a line that late is not really that helpful.)
  6. So I caved and decided to get the biocard celiac home test sold at Rexall. I followed the instructions and within 5-10 minutes (proper reading time) there was an EXTREMELY faint line in the positive area. I mean so faint that it was hard to pick up on camera and you can only see it in proper light. I have uploaded a picture and would like your opinions. The instructions do say that even a faint line is positive, but this one you have to practically squint to see. Anyone else experience a super super faint positive, so faint that they were questioning if it was actually there? (hey this happened with my pregnancy test and it was positive lol) Sorry it is very pic heavy. A line in the FIRST box indicates positive.
  7. Sorry BAD TYPO, definitely did not mean glucose. It said (Celiac) in brackets too:) ....Wow. I'm a registered nurse, I definitely know the difference but feel pretty stupid that I can't spell properly tonight.
  8. Thanks Porcelina, its too bad people have to pay out of pocket even when technically Canadian healthcare should cover it. I know it IS covered in Manitoba and I delivered the requisition to the lab myself and clearly read that "Gluten Sensitivity". It is so frustrating that doctors don't seem to care at all. Do you think I am asking for a blood test that will likely lead to an endocospy because it sounds like FUN? Do you think I WANT to stop eating bread, pasta, pizza and countless other things just because I FEEL like it? The only reason I have been pushing so hard for this test is because I know what I am experiencing is not normal and I'd prefer Celiac over Crohns, Colitis, Colon Cancer or anything else and I know that it is a smart first step in figuring out the cause of all this suffering. "Oh It's probably just IBS" has got to be the laziest excuse ever, sorry I just told you I have gotten diarrhea (among other symptoms) nearly every day for 10 years... thanks a lot. Sorry for the vent but I am actually that the very system I work in is so inefficient, it is the frustration talking now.
  9. Does anyone in Canada have tips for streamlining the process to get tested for Celiac in Canada? I have experienced stomach issues for about 10 years and not thought much of it, I assumed diarrhea 4-5 times a week was normal. It is amazing how you can cope with something for so long that it seems normal. 3 Years ago I told my GP of my stomach troubles including undigested food, incredible urgency, diarrhea nearly every day, stomach inflating like a balloon every single day, painful cramping and spasming, the works. His response? "Oh you probably have IBS" and left it at that. This seems to be a very common thing for doctors to say. Fast forward to this year and I have paid close attention to my diet and the consequences of some of the foods I eat, I realized that lactose causes huge issues for my and eliminated it from my diet, solving about 60% of my tummy troubles. My sister suggested that I should get tested for celiac considering I still have troubles despite eliminating all dairy ingredients completely and because 2 of our extended family members have been diagnosed with Celiac. At first I brushed off my sister's suggestion but then started looking into celiac disease and realized how many MORE symptoms I have that I never associated with my tummy troubles including incredible fatique despite healthy diet and sleeping patterns, muscle cramps, and adult cystic acne despite eating little to no processed foods. I realized I had to get tested..... and figured great this should be easy, just a blood test to start. WAS I EVER WRONG: I went to see my GP, told him I suspected celiac and told him exactly why it was a good idea for me to have a gluten sensitivity test. He isn't one for words and said "fine, I will refer you to a gastroenterologist". They do blood tests right in my doctor's office but he did not order one. I figured a referral to a gastroenterologist was a good idea and decided not to push for the blood test since I had already asked for it and he decided not to do it. Now I find out that I will not even get to see the gastroenterologist for over two months so I asked the Canadian Celiac Society if there was any way to at least get a blood test in the mean time. They were very helpful and informed me that my province covers the cost of gluten sensitivity tests and that I could go to a quick care clinic and ask for one. I did as they suggested and specifically stated I WANTED A BLOOD TEST, so the doctor ordered it for me thank goodness. Fast forward a week and I am waiting for results. I called the lab to see if my results were in and they informed me that the requesition sent with the sample was incomplete and that the clinic where the blood was drawn needed to contact them, they realized I was the patient and refused to speak to me any more regarding the issue (they do not handle patient inquiries). I called the clinic where the blood was drawn and they said that they had not received any notice that there was an issue with the requesition (it was sent 7 days ago), so I suggested that maybe they should speak with the lab directly and they refused saying that if there was an issue with the sample the lab would contact them. HELLO ITS BEEN A WHOLE WEEK since they received your sample, is it that hard to speak with the lab and get the information sorted out? Although a registed nurse myself neither the clinic nor the lab will take me seriously because to them I am "just the patient". I am getting incredibly frustrated. The lab has my sample but refuses to run it due to missing information on the req and they refuse to RE -contact the clinic about this. The clinic refuses to speak with the lab saying "if there is an issue they will contact us". I have a feeling this test is going to get lost and never get run. I know some pharmacies sell an at home celiac test for $50, but we are strapped for cash right now and it seems silly to spend money on something that is covered by my province anyways. Anyone else have frustrations with Celiac testing in Canada?