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  1. You guys do know they put WHEY in ice cream, especially the soft serve type??????
  2. Hi, don't know if this was discussed previously (somehow lost my old sign in) but I feel the need to share that I had a Gluten Free pizza (small $13!!!!!) at Dominoes the other day and payed with sickness for almost two days! I wrote Dominoes about the way their pizzas are prepared.....no one there seems to take any precautions.....and what I got back was a simple *sorry*, but they don't recomend their Gluten Free pizza for folks with Celiac or Gluten allergies. What's up with that????? Anyhow, just a warning to anyone who gets a craving for a pizza :-). Attached is the email I got <<<< I'm very sorry for the unpleasant experience you had while eating a Domino’s pizza prepared with a Gluten Free Crust. We developed our Gluten Free Crust as an option for consumers with mild gluten sensitivity, not those with celiac disease. Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgment in consuming pizza prepared with this crust. Our goal is to ensure that all consumers are provided with the appropriate product information needed to make an informed decision about consuming a pizza made with a Gluten Free Crust. While there is no gluten in our crust, no gluten in our pizza toppings (except for Philly Steak and Alfredo sauce), and no airborne flour in our stores, we do understand that by preparing pizzas made with these crusts in a common kitchen with the same equipment that there is a risk for gluten exposure. Therefore, Domino’s DOES NOT recommend this pizza for customers with celiac disease. We do our best to communicate this to customers through a variety of public disclosures in printed materials, online communications and by our store team members. We regret that you were not aware of these disclosures prior to ordering and consuming a pizza made with our Gluten Free Crust. At Domino’s, we take food safety issues very seriously and will continue to work on educating customers about our Gluten Free Crust. Again, we regret that this experience did not meet your expectations.>>>>>>>
  3. Gluten Free In Washington State?!

    Hi there fellow Washingtonians I'm Dani and I live in Roy right now, but soon moving to an even smaller town down by Centralia. I hav been dealing with lots of health probs for the past 18 years, was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and later the docs told me I have IBS, due to my stomach problems. They got worse and worse over the years, until I finally had daily bouts with masive cramps which would last for hours. A friend suggested looking into Gluten sensitivity and I was shocked! As soon as I started cutting out wheat from my diet, I started feeling better. I have been Gluten free for several weeks now, other than when I accidentally had some steaksauce at a restaurant a while back. That one really made me check EVERYTHING in the food I eat! Now it seems to be good. Had no cramps for 3 weeks -yay-. Wort part is going out to eat. I start off telling the waitress about my allergy. Can't believe there are so many unknowing people in the food business!!!! I get the weirdest responses. However yesterday we went to a little Thai restaurant in Eatonville and the owner cut me off in midsentence to tell me, she could prepare whatever I wanted GLUTEN FREE!!!!! I was so so happy!!!! The food was delicious and not expensive either. And I didn't have to hold my breath as usual, waiting to see if something I ate would affect me. Ok, so there's a little about me......oh yeah, I'm 54......I work as a live in caregiver on weekends and don't get to come here that oftne, but check in whenever I get a chance. Hope to see more folks from the area here soon
  4. Hi, because of my workschedule I don't get to come here as often as I wish. However I was just looking for some previous posts of mine, with answers from others, but the search told me there weren't any. I wonder what happened to them? Also I'd like to mention, that there's been several times that this page 'cannot be found' by any browser I use :-(
  5. Hi all. My first signs that I was Glutened are, I can feel all my blood rushing from my extremteties to the center of my body. First time I had this -several years ago- I thought I was finting or something, now I know to just get me to a save spot -ie home and bed or something-. Then I can feel the pain coming. My gut will blow up like a balloon and the cramps are unbearable!!!!! this lasts for three to four hours, with or without throwing up. I read alot of you saying you get the runs......that doesn't happen to me until prob the next day, when the cramps are gone.
  6. Does It Ever Go Away?

    ....I forgot something: I have no constipation, rather diahrrea and am not losing weight. Does this mean something different?
  7. Does It Ever Go Away?

    Oh....my.....gosh....THANK YOU soooooo much for all your heartwarming responses!!!!!! It's good to know there is a place I can can come to and at least talk to people who understand me. I am checking everything, prepare my gluten-free food first (this morning I made some toast and even used differnet utensils....it's so so scary!) Then tonight I made a mushroom stew and was going to thicken the gravy with corn starch; luckily I read the label firt and there it was: "may contain wheat"!!!!!!! I almost threw out the unopened package. But I think I will just return it..so there lol. Luckily I had bought some Xantham Gum (for baking) at the health food store -expensive $9.00 for 6oz!!!!!! BUT.....I only needed 1/2 teaspoon and in good faith sprinkled it directly in the boiling stew; it disolves marvelously and the gravy was perfect. I forgot to mention above, that I also take Probiotics and peppermint to soothe my tummy and bowels and it helps. Thanks again to all of you :-) . I won't be able to check any posts until next monday, cause I work as a live in caretaker and have no internet there. You all have a great weekend and I'll see you next week
  8. I'm new to this and am wondering, does Celiac ever go away? I've had Fibromyalgia for 17 years now and was on countless meds, which I have all quit beacause none of them help and I was tired of subjecting my body to chemicals. Now I have this! The problems with my stomach started years ago already, but doctors only told me it was IBS. From searching and talking to others with IBS, I know now that I have a Gluten intolerance (since I've watched my diet, the symptoms have gotten better) and the stomach cramps have gotten worse and worse. I feel really stupid when these cramps set on, cause I feel like I'm no good to anyone -most of all my partner- kind of like getting on their nerves (?). The symptoms started years ago, with a feeling like my intestines were actually knotting and I coldn't move, until they did sort of a 'plop'......I could actually feel this.....and then it felt like a charly horse in my gut. Then came the diahrrea and then a couple of years ago the cramps which now -if I eat Gluten- get so bad, that I feel I'm going to die of pain, which can last up to three hours. Staying away from Gluten does help, but I'm always scared that I accidentally subject myself to hidden Gluten. SO........does anyone know, if this illness ever goes away, or am I stuck for life, will it eventually kill me? I know I probably sound hysterical, but believe me, I don't wish these pains on my worst enemy!!!! Oh yeah, a couple of years ago my daughter -who was visiting me- called 911 cause it scared her so bad to see me all huddled up, crying and moaning in pain. They gave me a massive pain cocktail in the ambulance which didn't help the pain really, rather made me panic and had me feeling like I was in a lighted tunnel slipping away.....sooooo scary. I woke up in the hospital with my daughter crying at my bed, cause she was so afraid. The docs had found NOTHING! I keep reading what the symptoms are, but nowhere does it describe these massive pains I have. Anyone? Please don't suggest going to a doc :-( For one I don't have medical, and my income is very, very limited. Besides, I've lost all faith in most practioners, all just prescribing meds which never work.......in my eyes a waste of money. Can a few of you maybe please deiscribe the symptoms you have? Thanks so much for letting me vent to you, Dani
  9. Thanks to all of you :-). It's great to have finally found a place where I'm understood! I share the anxiety when eating at a restaurant, always break out in a cold sweat when my companion suggests we go out to eat. He is very supportive, even read my new book I got today 'Living Gluten free for dummies', but he thinks I am talking myself into having something I don't :-(. I understand this, cause I also run into people all the time who 'think' they have a desease if they have a little diahrrea *gruml*. My symptoms have escalated over years and since I've learned about the Gluten and taken it out of my diet, I really feel much better (other than the episode yesterday). so I spent nearly $100 on gluten free bake goods today (money I really don't have) but I am a bread junkie and paying 7+ dollars for a mini loaf of bread at Walmart is just out of the question in the long run. I love to bake and have a breadmaker (no worries, it's squeekie gluten-clean lol). We'll see how it goes from here and I'm glad to have a new place to vent and get information. Thanks again....hugs, Dani
  10. Hi, I'm new and found you all by process of elimination. I was diagnosed with IBS several years ago, but the symptoms got worse and worse. So I started looking for answers. I am not under doctors care, have a ver limited income and no medical. My symptoms were to begin with constant diahrrea, then such severe cramps that I thought I seriously had to go to the ER (which I can't afford). So when I learned about Gluten allergy I went totally Gluten free -which I found to be a big chore- and was feeling really good for 2 weeks. Yesterday we went out to eat and a couple of hours later I felt the cramps coming on again. However at first I couldn't figure out why and was crying, cause I thought I had been wrong about being Gluten allergic. While I was laying in bed, massaging my gut and wracking my brains what it might be, I remembered eating Heinz 57 sauce on my steak and had my friend google the ingredients. So that's where the problem was. It scares me now to eat anything not basic enough for me to know it doesen't contain Gluten! You can't believe the pain -which by the way lasts for hours and leaves me totally drained and weak- and I just want to have it stop for good. Oh, I also have Fibromyalgia, which I've read is also a symptom of the Gluten allergy. The FM symptoms were much better when I deleted Gluten from my diet. Does anyone here have any tips for me, what I can do or has anyone experienced such massive pains? Thanks, Dani