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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten-Related Muscle Pain/discomfort

    I know this is an old thread, and I've voluntarily gone gluten-free, but this describes the ache in my legs perfectly. It's gone down quite a bit since I've been gluten-free, but a super bad day on Friday (work stress, being told I needed to do $2300 car repairs on a car not worth it, etc.) I must have has something w/ Gluten in it (or cross contamination) and so I ended up getting all 3 bad things in one day. Suffering from the muscle aches today, so on day 2, and it'll probably go another 3 days.
  2. Question On Blood Tests

    Awesome - thanks to you both! I have done a lot of reading about all this, and your answers really helped. Blood test for me was negative, though prior to taking it I had been limiting my gluten intake. I have gone gluten-free in the last week, and am feeling better, so if I'm not gluten intolerant I believe I am gluten sensitive. My Vitamin D numbers are at 13 (range of 30-100), so I am taking a supplement for that (because the sun and I are NOT friends!). Also, I am in the process of changing doctors, and though I'd love to have the tests run again, I'm not sure I want to go back to eating gluten (since giving it up, less D and far less sinus congestion, but that's only the first week). Thank you!
  3. I've read about the specific blood tests that indicate ones issues with gluten. However, I was wondering whether anyone knows whether there are blood tests that might show results that are pre-cursors for gluten issues. For instance, if ones tests come back as low calcium then the doctor might prescribe calcium supplement to help build bone strength. Is anyone aware of other tests that might indicate a problem could be on the horizon, but not showing yet? Or maybe I'm not phrasing it correctly . . . let me know if I need to clarify.
  4. Beginner With Questions

    I'm overly cautious is all, especially as I'm extremely fair.
  5. Beginner With Questions

    Yeah, I try to avoid the sun at all costs. The pain, the time and the consequences are too much in my case.
  6. Beginner With Questions

    Yep, got them OTC but they weren't green - they were liquicaps. My dr said nothing about dosage except to either drink 2 glasses of milk, 3-4 glasses of Sunny Delite or spend 40 minutes in the sun - which after having a 3rd degree sunburn + chicken pox when I was 8 and the fact that my dad's fighting skin cancer I said the sun and I aren't besties. My liquid vitamin d is a D3 and I like it so far. But no dosage recommendations - again, my doctor is an idiot.
  7. Beginner With Questions

    I was taking a D3 capsule supplement, and have switched to a liquid version. I know that my blood work came back negative, but I still think with my symptoms, low Vitamin D, thyroid on the lower side that I'm going to see how I feel on a gluten free plan. I have had protein laden salads the past week for lunch, no sandwiches, and my hypoglycemia has been kept at bay. My mom says repeatedly that I've never been normal when it comes to health (always had lower than normal body temperature), so I'm taking the blood test results as just results from a particular day. I am still keeping my symptom journal, because when I go in next I want something to back up what I'm saying.
  8. Skin Help - May Be Dh, May Not, Not Sure

    Additional spots on my left inside wrist and left index . . . so frustrating
  9. Beginner With Questions

    I got a result today .... Tissue Transglutaminase AB, IGA of <1.2, standard range of <4.0 is negative I'm not sure I totally understand what the result means. Still researching and keeping my symptom journal.
  10. Beginner With Questions

    I got my Vitamin D test results back today (online) 2013: 13, range 30-100 2012: 15, range 30-100 So, continuing my Vitamin D supplements . . . still no word on my other testing
  11. Skin Help - May Be Dh, May Not, Not Sure

    Before I scratch, they get really red and inflamed. As I scratch the skin acts like it's blistering - it seems to get "loose" and I can pull the top layer away. Once the "blister pop" there is clear fluid, the skin turn whitish and red around it. I also have 2 little spots on my left palm, here's a small example of what they look like before it get scratched: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8376303@N02/10354529496/
  12. I know that others have posted pictures in here, and I'm just looking for some help. I've had these intensely itchy spots on my hands for about 18 years (I'm 36 now). Whenever I get them, I can wash my hands, use hand cream, cortisone ointment, hand sanitizer - nothing will stop the itch. The itch is stopped only by scratching, and it's a conscious thing - to scratch so much that the topmost layer of skin comes off. Once that happens, the spot goes numb. Day 2 is the most painful. Day 3 on, the wound is scabbed and healing. The bad part (you know, other than tearing my skin off) is that it looks like a burn. Here's a pic of my hand 3 days after the itchiness started: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8376303@N02/10354205753/ My "doctor" today told me it was "eczema" and "ringworm" and prescribed me a steroid cream from looking at my hand from 5 feet away. Has anyone else ever had something like this? I know it doesn't look like the typical DH and I realize it might not be DH (if not, mods feel free to delete). I'm just looking for some help because I've also had these spots on my ankles, wrists, arms and legs.
  13. Beginner With Questions

    Well, I think I may have the worst doctor ever. Without going into it, I had to remind him that I needed blood work done today. I asked 3 times about the full celiac panel, and I still don't think they did it. So, looking for a new doctor . . . (one that listens to me about my hands, abdominal pain, sinuses, etc.) However, I did get the thyroid panel done, and my results are: TSH: 1.21, normal range is .47-4.68 T4 Free: 1.0, range is .8-2.22 My T4 has stayed the same in a year, my TSH has gone down (from 1.68). Like I said, I am looking for a new doctor, one I hope listens to me.
  14. Okay, so I have not had any type of testing, but I am looking for wisdom of those who have come before me and know a bit more than do I. So, here's the nitty gritty "boring" details - 36 yr old female, was born 2.5 months early but no health issues from birth. I was diagnosed with a 7mm Chiari Malformation Type 1 in 2010 (my boss called me a freak), had severe vertigo and no diagnosis as to why other than "retaining fluid, so no extra salt/soda," had at one point a leopard-spotted rash on my neck (Summer 2009), have had an un-diagnosed version of allergic contact dermatitis off/on since college - on hands, wrists and ankles (so itchy that scratch until the skin is damages dand peels off, then the skin turns numb), diagnosed with hypoglycemia in college, vitamin D deficiency diagnosed in 2012, according to allergist no known allergies, chronic sinus infections for 14+ years (had endoscopic sinus surgery in 2011), always tired, always easily bruised, geographic tongue, occasional itchy scalp that I can scratch till it bleeds/scabs, sinuses congested after eating grains. I know, that's a lot, but that's the background for the next part and my questions. Lately I've noticed that I go through alternating C and D episodes, increase in flatulence, feeling of fullness/bloating, my anxiety/depression has returned, inability to lose weight and I had an episode in the restroom at work where I thought I might either pass out or puke. So, here are my questions: 1) Might the hypoglycemia/geographic tongue/sinus infections all be good indicators of either gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity? 2) Could the dermatitis issue I've had for about 18 years be another symptom? 3) The vertigo I've experienced off/on also for years has been attributed to salt and water retention - I'm wondering whether it might be a combo salt/gluten issue? I have not gone off gluten, and am seeing a doctor this Friday (Oct. 18). I am going to ask my doctor to update my bloodwork, and in addition to checking Vitamin D, I'm going to ask for the tests linked to gluten as well as thyroid levels. I'm wondering as to whether these "diagnoses" might instead be symptoms and linked to either gluten intolerance or sensitivity. I know I may be reaching, and that this is really asking for your educated guesses on all of this. If you have read all this, I sincerely thank you, because it hasn't been easy for me to write all this and put it out there.