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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. In case anyone is curious, and perhaps for my own need to think outwardly in a forum that understands... my allergist was not helpful. He did recommend a vit d level which proved I was deficient. I ended up seeing GI who did an IgA level which was normal, but was otherwise not that helpful. I started a strict gluten-free diet in January and my GI symptoms have resolved (minus some difficulty while traveling which was not fun). My fingernails are no longer shredding and my hair stopped falling out. My acne has improved and my overall rashy outbreaks have calmed. I'm now considering going back on gluten and going back to GI to see if maybe they can scope me... But I feel so much better the idea seems almost crazy. Also of note, both my brother and dad have extensive issues with inflammation of different parts of the GI tract. My dad's going to request a panel be done (he's also had iron def anemia, gerd, hypothyroid). I feel like there are some dots that need connecting and it's pretty frustrating.
  2. I started a food/symptom diary about a month ago. I have an appt with my allergist and with a GI doc in early December. I seem to do fine with dairy so far as I can tell (thank goodness, I LOVE CHEESE). I more or less stopped the gluten about 3 weeks ago with a lot of improvement in symptoms, but I am planning to start eating again in about a week so I have a few weeks of it in my system before seeing the specialists. My PCP only checked a IgA TTG and the gliadin antibodies. I wouldn't be surprised if I have an IgA deficiency due to my horrendous allergies, asthma etc. Even if it's all negative in the end I am pretty sure something is happening somewhere in there. Also re: oral allergy, when I was 16 my throat nearly completely closed when I ate an apple while in South America. Luckily I had benadryl on hand as well as albuterol since the closest hospital was 2.5 hours away! Not fun! The silly part about this is I am a RN and I feel like advocating for myself is so much harder than advocating for my patients! Argh!
  3. Waitingindreams- When I figured out I had a peanut allergy I was also surprised. However, when I took the peanuts out of my diet a lot of my GI symptoms resolved and I was simultaneously bummed/psyched. If you tolerate soy or sunflower seeds or tree nuts/almonds there are a lot of non-peanut "butter" alternatives out there with a good amount of protein. I also dislike meat. I just started eating chicken to try to balance my diet while I work on trying to figure out what is causing MORE GI issues despite all my avoidances... I just try not to think about it.
  4. Tylenol may help with the pain but it doesn't have anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Also I should probably note I have been treated for depression (which I think was related to working night shifts and has more or less resolved), ADD, back pain since I was in my 20s, acne which is worse now than ever... And probably other stuff I'm forgetting. Did you ever find symptoms coming and going? Should I ask for more testing/serum IgA... or to see someone in GI?
  6. They did the TTG Ab IgA, Gliadin, and Gliadin IgA. No IgG.
  7. Hi, I am new. I have had food issues for as long as I can remember and things have worsened in the past few months. I recently saw my PCP and had her check a celiac panel. The results were negative (but she didn't check a serum IgA). My TSH was also within normal limits. CBC was great. I have scheduled an appointment with my allergist for November... but I wanted to see if you knowledgable folks have any insight. As a kid I was a picky eater and had trouble gaining weight. My mom would feed me frappes (milkshakes for you non north easterners) to get extra calories in me. I would have frequent stomach aches. Things worsened as a teen (frequent diarrhea) and I saw a GI doc who basically recommended more fiber. It helped a little but I still had symptoms. In my early 20s I finally saw an allergist after my then PCP found my shellfish allergy on a blood test in addition to my chronic eczema, asthma and seasonal allergies. I had a scratch test and was basically allergic to everything except dogs. I have eliminated fish, shellfish, birch related tree fruits, nuts, peanuts, and green beans from my diet. About a year ago I stopped drinking beer because it made me so bloated and usually made me run to the bathroom. I am pretty on top of limiting cross contamination, but I STILL have symptoms. So what prompted me to see my doc was that in the past few months I have been chronically bloated to the point people at work kept asking me if I was pregnant and I stopped buying fitted shirts (luckily the trend is skinny jeans and peasant tops). I have also had an increase in the frequency of the big D. After I had the celiac panel drawn I opted to try cutting down on the amount of gluten containing foods and I have noticed a tremendous decrease in the bloating. I do still have digestive issues and started a food log to see if I can find the trigger. The other night I had regular (delicious) pizza and it resulted in stomach pain, immediate diarrhea, and diarrhea for three days after. (This might be TMI but it's almost undigested food/puke, sorry gross I know) Also of note I frequently break out in rashes and saw a dermatologist but they are so inconsistent I am lucky if they are times right for my appointment. I feel like they just called it a dermatitis even though I haven't changed anything in my environment. Zyrtec has helped a bit but they still come and go. My skin is also the driest it has ever been despite trying to drink as much water as possible and moisturizing. Also despite zyrtec my ear canals itch like CRAZY. I guess I am just kind of frustrated with the elimination of so many things in my diet and not definitively knowing. And also the digestive aspect of it. Any insight is appreciated as you seem like a solid community with similar experiences.