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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Are sonic drinks & slushes gluten free & safe for kids with celiac to drink?
  2. I'm sorry to ask what many might find as a silly question.. I am having a hard time figuring out if the members mark zoo animal fruit snacks are gluten-free I have called the 800 # & they said all of there products say gluten-free on them if they are in fact gluten-free. I am just wondering what I missed can anyone tell me if any of these ingredients contain any gluten in them? Corn syrup, sugar, apple puree concentrate, water, modified corn starch, gelatin, contains 2% or less of: citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), natural and artificial flavor, color added, coconut oil, carnauba wax, yellow #5, red #40, sodium citrate, blue #1.
  3. Need Help Please

    So far I have been lucky & she has found more foods she likes than dislikes
  4. Need Help Please

    I was talking about the block of velvetta. Annie's mac n cheese with the squeezy cheese is actually what I made last night & neither one of my kids liked it, even though I ate the same thing & it tasted fine to me. I am making gluten free dinners for all of us right now but my husband isn't to fond of going gluten free. I am one of those people that LOVE to bake & cook I would make everything homemade but everything I made pretty much had gluten in it so it is a big transition for all of us.. I am sure it is going to take some time to get used 2. The good thing about it is since my daughter (& son) are 5 it is not as "hard" on her/ him as say me or my husband because we have been eating gluten for years. It is difficult since some of the snacks she used to love she cant have. But we took her to a health food store & she had a blast picking out all of her gluten free foods
  5. Need Help Please

    I have been hand washing her dishes separately from the others with a clean washcloth every time, no sponges! & just hand drying them & putting them in her tubs(I am not comfortable using my dishwasher for her stuff) at least not right now. Yes it is a lot more work but I worry enough more than enough & I would rather not take the chance of CC & have something else to worry about. Thank you all for all of your advice & for answering all of my questions!
  6. Need Help Please

    Already have the emergency stash for school & I talked to her teacher about her taking an extra treat(s) for days they have parties (which I go to all of those) & for just days when they have a birthday in the class room. Thanks for the advice
  7. Need Help Please

    Thank You! I will defiantly get a cheat sheet started. That's one thing that terrifies me, since I know there are more words than just wheat to look for! I worried since I am new to all of this & reading labels if I buy something that doesn't actually say gluten free on the package it might have gluten in it! I know this will come easier with time but I am a naturally "over worrier" anyways! Thanks again for all of the help
  8. Need Help Please

    When I called Kraft that just told me to read the label :/ I will try again with the package in hand. Thanks!
  9. Need Help Please

    DOES ANYONE KNOW IF KRAFT VELVETTA IS GLUTTEN FREE?? She doesn't like the annies rice mac n cheese. I did buy some plain gluten free noodles so I am hoping its gluten free so I can mac her some homemade mac n cheese which is one of her favorites!
  10. Need Help Please

    Thank you!! & I am trying, it is overwhelming at times especially since she isn't happy about not being able to have fast-food right now. She is complaining saying she wants "good food" even though she is eating the same fruits, veggies & meat she was before. Me & my son had the same dinner she did, but she is still mad. Thanks I will have to find some of those seasonings! Do they say gluten free on them? & is canned veggies such as corn, green beans & beans gluten free? Is ketchup ok?
  11. Need Help Please

    Oh & is it ok that her separate fridge stuff (butter,mayo,jelly,ect..) lunch meat, cheese is marked & in a separate tub in the fridge on her own shelf? does the tub need a lid or is it ok just in a tub? We had baked porkchops, with mac n cheese & corn for dinner ( gluten free) & it was a success with both of my kids Does anyone know any seasonings that I can use that are gluten free besides salt & pepper?
  12. Need Help Please

    Thank you all so much for your replies! I am going through & reading all of this great information that you all have provided for me! It is greatly appreciated! Finally I can post again.. So I do have a couple more questions. So I did go & got tape to put on all of her stuff ( even though it's in separate tubs on a separate shelf) But you cant be to safe! She picked out hello kitty of course. So as I have read I did go out & buy her new pots n pans, silverware, cookware (potato masher, slotted/unslotted spoons, ladle, ect..), strainer, cutting board, toaster, plastic tubs to store "leftovers in/lunch items". & I also have all of the silverware & cookware in a new plastic tub with a lid so it wont get mixed up, Is that safe? My other questions is I read somewhere on here that you cant use wooden spoons? Is that true?? even though they are new? I separated all her foods in to plastic containers & put them on a separate shelf. We have made her feel "special" to kind of help her though this saying stuff like " awe you get new pans & plates" "your so lucky she loves it lol Is this all ok? I did go out & buy wet wipes for her to put in her backpack to keep at school! I was telling her that she needs to wash her hands before & after lunch! & 2 keep her lunch on her napkin & 2 not share food with anyone/ only eat what I give her for now.! Anything else?
  13. Need Help Please

    Thank you all so much! This reply is going to be kind of long because it says I am only aloud one more post today :/ Ok so I am a mom of a set of 5yr old twins (1 boy 1 girl). My daughter has had GI problems since she was born. She sees a GI specialist. & is on 6 daily meds, has no energy, is always sleepy, says she is hungry takes 2 bites then she is done (because it hurts her stomach),constipated, ect… She was just recently diagnosed with Celiac disease (Thursday) Reading up on celiac disease & everything I need 2 do & keep separated & all the millions of ways to cross contaminant is freaking me out a little! We already bought her new pans, dishes, silverware, plastic wear, toaster & all her food is in separate new containers on a separate shelf! I also cleaned of a shelf in the fridge & put a basket (new) for all of her stuff! But I'm still worried!! This is all new & a little scary! What if someone touches her stuff that had a gluten product & didn't wash their hands? Is it safe for me to reheat her food in the microwave? What if? What if? What if? I’m so worried! :’( & please don’t say well if everyone in the house goes gluten free you wouldn’t have to worry because I would & there is several reasons at this time that isn’t an option for me. 1.) I still have to worry about school {as her school has no gluten free products) & I am providing fun lunches & snacks for during school time, & everyone else’s house. 2.) I can’t really afford to make everyone in the house gluten free. It’s expensive & I am making sure she gets the foods she wants as long as there gluten free trying to make this as easy on her as I can! ( I might not be able to do that if everyone was gluten free) 3.) If she doesn’t learn what she can & can’t have it might be harder for her as she grows up because not everyone is going to be as careful & safe as I am! & I still want her to be able to have sleepovers & ect in the future. Another thing does anyone know if drinks (tea, juice, caprisuns, ect) are gluten free? I do have a class with a dietitian that specializes in celiac disease but that's not for another week. I will be taking my daughter with me because I feel like it will benefit her to hear everything & maybe she will understand why we are making all of these changes.( She is a smart little girl) I’m only a few days into all of this & I have tried calling the 800#s for food products & stuff but they are absolutely NO HELP! Sorry it is so long! Any advice you can give me or help ease my mind would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!
  14. Need Help Please

    Is there a list of words besides "wheat" that I need to look for? Or where could i find a list. I have been reading all the labels on everything. Do i only buy food products that say gluten free?! Or can she have them if they list nothing about "wheat"? & can she still have all drinks? I am taking a class with a dietitian that specialise in celiac disease but that's not for another week.
  15. Need Help Please

    Colgate, Crest & Aqua fresh we're the toothpaste approved by my daughters DR.