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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Called the doctor and they said to call the pharmacist, pharmacist doesn't seem too concerned but never looked at the list of excipients.... Frustrating
  2. K so Ive been exhausted for like 2 months. The only thing ive changed is my ADD medication (Teva-Methylphenidate ER-C) the ingredients are :methylphenidate hydrochloride 54 mg. Nonmedicinal ingredients: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol- polyethylene glycol copolymer and colloidal silica, simethicone, stearic acid, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide red, polyethylene glycol, and titanium dioxide. Ive been on google for over an hour and cant find anything other than the non generic form is on the safe list (Concerta) Does anyone have a link to share or some insight on this.
  3. OMG this is amazing I used the coconut milk like you said, the heavier kind did great. I didnt really feel the need to reduce it as I wasnt even sure if it would anyway. used all the same vegetables but I added okra and some shrimp. Its a nice change from my salads thanks nonnarae
  4. Whoaaa!! This sounds like my next new main dish. I wonder what I can use to sub heavy cream? Dairy gives me migraines for some reason. I love earth balance butter but I dont think I can use sy or almond milk... Is it true that people with lactose intolerance can drink goats milk?
  5. pepto bismol dosent work, gas x either, I drank all kinds of tea and im eating white rice...how long till I go see a doctor? im going on day 3. Im taking a probiotic to see if it helps. and im avoiding pills as much as possible to avoid stress on the stomach. so im crushing them
  6. Thinking about giving blood now for a little while Does being gluten free aftect your blood? If a celiac recieves blood from any joe does it affect them?
  7. Im gonna start out by saying I am not celiac but gluten intolerant. I sometimes think its worse because instead of damaging my body I like to tear other people appart when glutened. I say hurtful things and even fear i'd loose my job due to spiteful behaviour.... Lately ive noticed a change in symptoms when glutened I end up in the bathroom and in this case have been in pain from gas for 2 days and bloating medication doesent work....I havent slept or eaten in these 2 days because it hurts too much I am strangely happy about his because where my symptoms are more visible I feel people will take me more seriously including myself. So my 2 questions are, am I becoming celiac, and what can I do to aleviate the sypmtoms? Surely lying around in pain is not the only option Ive been gluten free for 2 years with the occasional accident but never had physical reactions till now
  8. If you are autistic it dosent surprise me at all that you have such violent reactions. That being said you need to start getting real anal about what happens in the kitchen. I am anal enough I think I will be single for the rest of my life, lol If the person next to you is eating bread, crumbs will fall. never share a cutting board. same with the dishrags (I am eternally grateful for my dishwasher) Did you drink herbal tea, condiments, I drank a bottle of wine last week and was speecheless when i noticed it said "contains sulfites and eggs" Since when does wine contain eggs????? the list is painfuly intensive and frankly depressing You mentioned something about your dad not really caring...My mom does not either, I am 31 and refuse to eat in her house because she still thinks bread is gluten free. he might be cc'ing your food unaware of anything. Also many ppl who have celiac also have other food intolerances susch as corn, dairy, soy etc. Autistic ppl do not do well with dairy (but im sure you know this) My doc put me on a food holiday once. This might be the way to go for you. He put me on this "safe liquid food" (his wife has multiple allergies so I trust his judgement) then I was reintroduced very slowly to different foods starting with bland white rice until I worked my way through every allergy prone foods. It also gives your body some time to heal and a much needed break from whatever your battling Anyway, perhaps you already know all this. This is my rant for today.
  9. Iphone Mobile Site

    when I follow that link I get redirected back to this page?
  10. If I have to count calories it will never happen. With my lifestyle I just don't have the time or will to do it any advice on portion control? I can measure 5oz of meat, but I cant take the time to google caloric intake
  11. is smoked salmon safe to eat
  12. So you find if you put coconut oil in your coffee you can go farther without being hungry? my budget has been very tight since I had to start paying a lawyer for my custody battle. I like the Costco chicken trays but I don't trust why their vegetables last so long...
  13. ok so im allergic to a bunch of other environmental stuff. one of them is grass pollen me and my 2 daughters went and played in the field yesterday (I mostly sat on the ground). now at this point in our area the grass is just starting to grow. there is no pollen since no flowers have come out. in the evening I noticed I was itchy all over and my youngest too without the pollen is it possible that im allergic to plain grass itself? I was sitting in the grass with full length yoga pants on and a short sleeve cotton t shirt
  14. I love perrier water. I havent had any inclination to chocolate since ive been taking zinc. I seem to get by on popcorn for snacking and plenty of water behind it. im just tired of eating salads once and awhile. I dont eat potatoes, very little rice and nothing baked or substitues. I dont even eat quinoa or any type of grain I do good and have plenty of energy. I made a pot of ginger parsnip soup from the jaime oliver cookbook but its getting old really fast
  15. I find it hard to find any recipes that arent deserts or loaded with carbs? right now my main meals are salads, soups and chili Is there anything else out there?