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  1. I just purchased a case of Bard's Beer as a birthday gift for my father who has Celiac and hasn't had beer since he was diagnosed. I thought that this would be a great surprise, but I was surprised when two bottles (so far) exploded in my apartment, making a mess of glass and beer. I have the rest of them locked up in a cabinet, and I hear hissing, so I'm not going near it. They were sold off the shelf (unrefrigerated) so I didn't think it was necessary to keep them cool. UPDATE: I sent them an email the night of the explosions (3 occcurred before I got them into the dumpster) and one of the owners called me the next day. There has been a nationwide recall of the beer and I should not have been able to purchase it in the first place. Buffalo's city water, used during the production of the beer, had some contamination issues and caused problems with the beer. Rest assured that they are well aware of the problem and are switching to a different brewery. They expect to begin production again in 6-8 weeks. Frustrating now, I know, but it sounds like they are doing all they can to improve the situation.