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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello everyone. I'm new here and was just recently diagnosed, but I'm feeling better for the first time in five years. Something I've noticed is as I get healthier, more and more foods bother me. I started with removing gluten and felt a lot better, but then started noticing other foods were making me feel sick. After discussing it with my doctor and allergist, I first removed casein, then eggs, then soy and and finally corn. With each removal I felt better and better (aside from accidental glutenings). I'm just wondering if anyone experienced this at the beginning and as they healed they were able to add some foods back into their diet ( I really miss the variety).
  2. True enough, though I never thought products would change that quickly (still new to this). And this post is the top link for vitamins and celiac in Google, so I'm sure more people are stumbling on this post looking for a gluten free and soy free vitamins. I didn't want anyone else to have a very bad few days like me. Lol
  3. For anyone looking at Freeda vitamins, many are NOT soy and corn free. I used this thread to find the information, but after a wicked reaction to the vitamins, I contacted Freeda directly. Many of their vitamins are made with soy and corn, though they state the manufacturing process rremoves most of it. But they do state if you are intolerant or allergic, you may have a reaction to many of their vitamins.
  4. Not to necro an old thread, but I used this information when I bought vitamins recently (just recently diagnosed with celiac, soy intolerance etc.). Long story short, I had a wicked reaction and contacted the company. Unfortunately many of the vitamins contain soy and corn, so watch out anyone buying these vitamins. They do state that there isn't much soy and corn left after the processing, but it is still there if you're sensitive like me or have an allergy.