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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok - this might be way off - but is your child taking iron supplements? My son was recently diagnosed and was also very anemic. He was put on iron supplements as well as miralax after diagnosis.He was still complaining of stomach aches though and having diahriea....and I finally figured out it was the iron supplement giving the tummy aches and diahria! Just figured it was worth a thought to consider EVERYTHING.
  2. Good news! We went for his 2 week followup with the gastro (from last visit when he had the endoscopy)...and he's gained 4lbs! Still stomach distension (belly) but she thinks as he heals up and there is more food being absorbed the belly will decrease! Wants to rerun blood work in 3 months to verify anemia has resolved and other numbers have normalized. He is eating like a horse lately....I guess because the stomach aches are gone...so I'm not surprised he put on some weight - but 4lbs! sheesh! )
  3. Yes - I was going to talk to my childrens pediatrician about this (or gastro) as he has a 2.5 year old sister. She isn't showing any signs like he was even at that age (looking back now - pot belly, loose poop issues, etc.) but I worry about it as the house is gluten free now. She is getting gluten containing snacks at school though...so I think I can get her tested anyway. My husband was diagnosed with IBS 10 years ago. They tested him for celiac at the time and he came back "borderline" on the blood results. They told him he could try a gluten free trial to see if it helped...he did for a short stint and said it didn't....so that was that and he just took the IBS diagnosis and moved on. But - now that our child has been positivly diagnosed...I'm thinking he should consider being retested.
  4. Thank you so much! We are trying to be strictly gluten free but there is def. a learning curve. I didn't realize his gummy flint stone vitamins had it....so I replaced those last weekend....and then today he got a nibble off another child's cracker at school. He is still learning too - that he can't take bites off other people's food they offer, the snack table, can't have foods he used to have, etc. It's just so hard - as you want them to heal ASAP but there is this long learning curve too! We have removed all items with gluten in our house....but have to replace the toaster this weekend. I'm so happy we found out what was making him ill...and making the change to gluten free wasn't too hard (as I already cook/don't' eat out much, etc.) but the lifestyle change for him is hard. I've bought children's books about being gluten free, etc. to try to help him understand...but he just turned 4 last month...so the truth is the maturity of remembering not to eat other food without asking mommy first or given to him by the teacher (for snack) is tough. I just can't wait for him to feel better. My stomach just drops every time I find out he's been glutened a little bit either because I made a mistake or he did (learning curve). I know it just slows the healing down. Frustrating.
  5. Yes - the doctor has him on an iron supplement - adult dose.He is also taking a multivitamin. I just was curious - as I know it takes time for the gut to heal for him to even be able to absorb his nutrients/vitamins/iron. I was hoping he would start to feel better in weeks vs months. :/ But I understand this may be a long process.
  6. Hi, My 4 year old son was just diagnosed with celiac disease. We had blood work done twice, endoscopy with biopsy, etc. He has been on a strict gluten free diet for about a week. He is very anemic, has had very slow growth the last 2 years, has the typical "pot belly", etc. His stomach aches have already stopped...but I was curious when the anemia, pot belly, and growth, etc. might start to resolve. What was your experience? Thanks so much.