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  1. Thank you all so much. I'm still not feeling quite right today, but not as bad as yesterday. I hate how easily we can get sick as it really wears you down. Fortunately, it looks like this gluten reaction will only last 2-3 days before I'm back to where I was on Saturday.
  2. That's what I'm starting to think as well. I have a feeling it may have been the knife they used to cut the ham, or the cutting board or any number of small things. I want to be with family because we're close. And Karen was also right. My family is the type that will complain on one thing or another, i just happened to be the focus yesterday. I've found some amazing gluten free meals/snacks I could take along, so I'll be sure to do that in the future. That said, I am curious. Those of you who take your own dish, do you keep away from items that need to be heated? Or, do you risk using the microwave?
  3. Before going gluten free, I had nausea and horrible abdominal pain multiple times a day. It took weeks for that nausea to pass. However, in that time, I had a few tests done and found I had gallbladder disease as well as ovarian cysts which could be causing the nausea/pain as well. That said, when I get CC or accidentally glutened, the nausea and pains return just as bad as they were before. It could be an underlying issue for you, but like others have said, take care of the gluten issue first, then look into others.
  4. I know folks say it a lot on this board, but I feel it has to be said once again. I have a very big meat and potatoes kind of family. They do most things homemade and if you don't eat, feelings are generally hurt. I was really nervous about yesterday, but I hadn't been to a family function since I went gluten free close to 6 months ago, so I decided to go anyway. I did eat before I left, but upon my arrival, my aunt (the hostess) was slightly annoyed when I said I couldn't eat most of what she made. She assured me the ham was gluten free, and it was the only thing I touched (I maybe ate 3-4 bites before handing the rest off to hubby). Later, she brought out her first ever homemade carrot cake, and once again I was asked if I'd like some. When I said no thank you, she got pissy about it and gave me a look that basicaly said 'it won't kill you.' The rest of the family had cake while I sat playing with the dog. Family members made a point of telling me how wonderful it was and, once more, someone asked 'you can't have one bite?' At this point I was frustrated and sorely disappointed. I looked at them and said no, I can't just have one bite. You know that peanut allergy this uncle has or this allergry you have? You get really sick from a little bit, right? Well, so do I. That got them to shut up until I was getting ready to leave. Folks were commenting on how nice dinner was and I agreed. My aunt got moody again and said I couldn't say if the dinner was nice or not since I hadn't eaten much of anything. I guess she was right, because the company wasn't very good either. In any case, by the time I got home, I wasn't feeling well. This morning, I feel even worse and am certain I got glutened somehow. I asked in advance if I could bring something, but she said no. This is the aunt I expect to understand me the most. I'm not sure if it was ignorance yesterday or what, but I now know family functions aren't for me. I'll go to barbecues and something that's outside, but I won't go in a house that has gluten. It's too big of a risk. So, while I may end up hurting feelings, I can't afford to risk my health. Not anymore. Your health is more important than keeping others happy. If they can't understand that this isn't some fad, then it's on them. You're the one who will be sick that night, the next day or even days after. Don't risk your health.
  5. Six Months Gluten Free--New Symptoms?

    Noglutencooties, that also sounds like a possibility. I'm realizing months after going off gluten just how long I've had symptoms. GFinDC, I don' think I'm necessarily allergic to red meats, they just have more fat (usually) and cause me to have gallstone attacks. I can still handle the rare pork, burger and such, but I'm so used to sticking with poultry and fish that it's esier for me to just drop most beef from my diet.
  6. Six Months Gluten Free--New Symptoms?

    Thanks, Gottaski I've been keeping a foods, digestion and health log since October. I avoid nightshades as well as most fatty foods at all costs since I also suffer from gallstone attacks and I noticed how much indigestion I got from the nightshade family. I went to the doc again yesterday and this time was seen by a hand specialist. They believe it's tendinitis as well, so I'm asked to wear my brace for 4 weeks, 24/7 (aside from showers). If it doesn't improve after that, then they want to get an MRI and do more tests. I'll have the ask about auto-immune at that time if this pain continues.
  7. Six Months Gluten Free--New Symptoms?

    I am so sorry to hear about this! It is possible it could be something not related to Celiac, but I think we tend to look at everything as a possible symptom because of it. I've never suffered weak joints until just recently. I did used to have tingling in my hands and feet which would go numb, but not this kind of pain which keeps me from doing my work.
  8. Six Months Gluten Free--New Symptoms?

    I haven't had a hida scan as the tech and surgeon both felt it wasn't sever enough. They mentioned possible wall thickening, but the biggest stone was under 4 cm. I'm supposed to get another scan in June or July to see if things have gotten better or worse. I don't have attacks much anymore since changing my diet from fatty foods and gluten, though it does happen occasionally if I'm not mindful. For example, I had one last Monday because when we cooked down our turkey to make stock, we didn't remove the skin. The broth that it made had more fat in it than I could handle (even from just one helping). I stopped eating it after that and have been fine since.
  9. I haven't posted since October, but a lot has changed since then. I was never formally diagnosed as my doctor told me to go gluten free for 2 weeks BEFORE getting tested. I didn't want to gluten myself again, and when many of my issues improved, I decided I was okay not knowing if I was celiac or just highly intolerant. That said, the pain in my lower right abdomen has continued. I had 2 ultrasounds done. One showed I had gallstones but the surgeon said unless I was having back-to-back attacks, he didn't want to remove it. The second ultrasound showed a complex cyst on my right ovary. I can handle both through diet and knowing that every month, I'll have stabbing pains from my cyst as I've been told I have endometriosis. One thing I have noticed in the last 1-2 months is very weak, painful joints. A few weks ago, I was opening a juice bottle. I was in the process of twisting the cap off when there was a pop in my wrist. There was no swelling, only pain. It's been having moments of weakness and pain ever since. I've tried following doctor's orders for the usual tendinitis cures such as rest, ice and muscle relaxers, but they haven't helped. Even though I've been gluten free for close to six months, can it still cause weak joints? I've read here symptoms can appear and last 18-24 months later. I know my diet has changed drastically since going gluten free. I don't eat much meat aside from chicken as it's the only thing that doesn't make me sick. Anyone else suffering from weak joints or tendinosis (degeneration of tendons)?
  10. Waiting On A Dx

    I am using the same toaster. I'll stop for now until I get a new one. I did have a different brand of gluten-free waffles a week or so ago, and din't have this issue, so I wasn't sure. I feel like maybe I should've waited a while before I made my first post here. Feeling a tad overwhelmed. I did read the newbie thread and have a lot bookmarked between this site and others. I guess the point of my original post was to ask if it sounded like I was on the right track or not. Since I've been gluten-free for a month now, I'd have to go on gluten for 2 months to get tested, right? I think it was 2 months. If so, how do you function while eating gluten? I'm out of work, and couldn't work at all until this is cleared up. I'd like to get back to working at least part-time, but going back on gluten would mean staying out of work even more. Sorry. I'm flustered, and in pain. I don't mean to rant or complain. I'm just looking for answers that I may or may not get from a healthcare professional. Most of the PCPs around me are clueless. Not quite sure who to go to next.
  11. Waiting On A Dx

    I've had bad experiences with the doctors here. The urgent care are actually the same price, so it isn't too bad. The holistic will be a little more, but I prefer natural vs. getting more perscriptions. I want off the Prilosec (among others) and so far, most docs want me to take something else. I'm actually not planning on getting it tested at this time. I've been so sick the last 6 months, I honestly don't want to go bad. What gets me is why the doc would tell me to go gluten free, then say if symptoms go away, gluten was it. He said there was no way to test for it. I'm planning to do more brown rice as it does seem easier on my stomach. I do have a somewhat random question. I got some of Van's gluten-free waffles the other day. I had them yesterday for lunch, and felt sick soon after. I wasn't sure if that was the cause, so I did it again today to make sure. I feel sick again. I also noticed no matter how long I cook them for, the center is still...gummy? Not sure how to describe it. They have soy flour in them, but I never had an issue with soy before.
  12. Waiting On A Dx

    Looks like I need to go out and buy a few things. I used my collander almost every night, which probably explains the slight nausea I feel sometimes after eating. Our cutting board is plastic, so I'll be replacing that as well. What about the ceramic part to a crock pot? It seems fine to me, but it is old. Still safe to use?
  13. Waiting On A Dx

    Hubs has gone gluten-free with me. However, I haven't changed our cookware as it never occured to me. So I suppose that could be the reason then?
  14. Hey all. This is my first post on the boards. My story is a long one, and the only reason I'm here is because it's one of the last 'possibilities' on a very long list. Sorry for the long post. I just figure the more info I share, the better. Back in May of this year, I had things going on in my life that made me feel very stressed and caused large amounts of anxiety. Shortly after this, I removed myself from my stressors, but the feeling of anxiety remained. Symptoms such as gnawing and burning pains in my stomach coupled with nausea (especially at night when I would lay in bed), no appetite and burping almost constantly made me think I had a stomach ulcer. I also lost ten pounds. I went to my primary, who agreed, and said I should have an endoscopy done. Now, I don't have insurance. I've tried, but because I'm sick, no one will support me (yet). I was told to take prilosec and to avoid spicy and fatty foods. I did as I was told for two weeks. Once I ran out of prilosec, I went on Omeprazole to save money. When I was off prilosec, I felt very, very ill. I had stabbing pains in my abdomen and couldn't eat. Sadly, omeprazole made me ill as well (big D) so I went off it. By this time, it was a month or two later, and I wasn't feeling any better. I was barely eating, and had close to no sleep. I slept during the day and suffered major bouts of depression and anxiety. One thing I did realize was that, whenever I felt nausea or had the gnawing pains in my stomach, eating something usually made the symptoms go away. This only lasted two hours at most, then I'd have to eat again. Hubs and I changed my meal routine so I was eating multiple small meals throughout the day. But I was still suffering from the stabbing pains in my abdomen, nausea at night as well as C and D every two to three days (one and then the other). In September, I decided to stop with the dairy, caffeine as well as most sodas (aside from Sprite). I also went to a local urgent care because I couldn't stand waiting for health insurance anymore. The woman I saw checked me out, prodded my abdomen and told me I had Gastritis. I was given a med for my nausea and was told it should help most of my symptoms. I waited a few days, but the meds only helped for three days before my health went downward again. The stabbing pains were worse, my mind was foggy, my hands shook, and I can barely concentrate on the smallest things. So, I went back to see her, and she still insisted it was gastritis. Bloodwork was taken for liver, kidney as well as H. Palori. All tests came back negative. I didn't go back for a week or so. We decided to remove wheat and most other gluten as a possibility. I was starting to have very pale stools. This was a concern, even though the bloodwork for my liver was fine. We went back to urgent care, saw a new doctor, and he assured me it was probably because of my diet change. I had to eat more protein. So I did, and the pale stools slowly went away. The only thing that was left to check on a possible diagnosis was a stool culture, which the woman at Urgent Care told me during our first visit as a possibility. Fast forward a few days to get the culture, followed by going to UC (again) to have it tested. They did a hemocult, which was negative. The doctor on call saw me, but didn't listen to what I had to say. He asked questions, then kind of assumed my answers. He said I had IBS as well as Colitis, wrote up three scripts and sent us out the door (not a good experience). Hubs and I read up on colitis before filling the scripts. We didn't agree with the diagnosis. This was in the middle of the week. By this point, I was still off dairy, caffeine and gluten. On the weekend, we went to the new Urgent Care closer to home, and what a difference! It was clean, organized, and the doctor sat with us for close to an hour, going over my history. Once we finished, he looked at us and said that I either had a gluten intolerance or something was wrong with my thyroid. He told me I had to go completely 100% gluten free to see if my symptoms cleared up. He asked me to do this for two weeks, with no cheating. I hadn't cheated before, but he said sometimes even rice (which I was eating) can be contaminated. It will be two weeks this Saturday. Last week, I went to see a holistic doctor. By now, I'm out of options. I still have the stabbing pains and slight nausea at least once a day. I went over my history with her as well as what I'm eating now. My staples currently are chicken, ground turkey in place of beef, gluten-free pastas with either rice flour or corn flour in them. She advised me that corn is harder to digest, as is quinoa. She also agreed it could be celiac, which I may find out tomorrow during my first full visit (the last one was a consult). I've been keeping a food journal for almost two weeks now that includes food, reactions as well as bathroom visits. This past Friday, I made something with gluten-free pasta. I didn't look at the ingredients until I starts to feel sick and bloated. It had quinoa flour in it (never had quinoa before). By the evening, I had sharp stabbing pains, which got even worse come morning. I was constipated, and the pains kept moving from left to right, then left again. Three days of pain and being curled up in the chair until it passed. Early the next morning, I had severe diarrhea. So, I now know quinoa is a big no-no for me. As for why I'm here now, even though I still have the feeling of being unwell, I have seen improvements since I went gluten-free. I have suffered mood swings, loneliness and depression especially. I'm also tried, restless and have muscle fatigue. I'm hoping to get closer to a definite answer tomorrow, but I'm also scared. I've been frustrated since most restaurants around us don't offer gluten-free, and if they do, it's only one item on the menu. I realize eating out is a thing of the past, and that it will take time to get used to it. With everything I've said though, is it similar to what others have experienced? I've had stomach issues for as long as I can remember. Not to the point of being homebound (until this past year) but going two or three days without a bathroom visit has been my 'normal' since I was a teen. Any bit of advice or encouragement is appreciated. I'm trying to stay calm, but inside, I'm pulling my hair out and looking for a way to escape. Edit to add: Oh, not sure if it matters or not, but I was also tested for anemia. Which like all my other tests came back negative.