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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. See thats what I understood! Your post was very very helpful. I had take diatomacious earth before and am going to start back because its supposed to help rid of bacteria and parasites. I will get some probiotics and go more cave man diet (meat and veggies). I really do wish it was overnight to heal because I am so over this! Your right tho, Thank you!!
  2. Thank you everyone! This has been super helpful! I am glad to hear that the bloating pregnancy blow fish feeling has gone away for most of yall. I am hoping I am on the shorter end of that time frame but will happily welcome it as soon as it wants to resolve itself! Juliebove- I am in the middle of reapplying, long process but it'll get there! Hard to ask and accept help! But thank you for your encouragement! 1desprateladysaved- Interesting it sounds like the heart thing is alot like POTS so its interesting that vitamins and supplements helped! I need to get those test done but unfortunately I am having an issue with money. I am trying to get disability and medicare only so I can get the help I need so I can get back to work! Did you get the magnesium over the counter or with a perscription?
  3. Wow well sounds like its been hitting you hard too! Well I can defintally relate. I have graduated but while I was in school I would have periods where my brain was so fogged I couldnt think straight or I was so fatigued that I couldnt get out of bed for week or two. The doctor told me it was just anxiety and I knew there was more because I wasnt anxious. I later had other small signs and new something was wrong but made it to graduation and was sure that I would get better once I get a job and could get a diagnosis. So I became a teacher which was super stressful as a first year teacher. I spiraled and went to the hospital the first week and by 3 months was bed ridden and out of work. They told me I had chronic fatigue syndrome and also POTS. Recently they told me possibly celiac but since I didnt have the money to get a diagnosis I stopped eating gluten. Even tho since I have stopped eating gluten I have had alot of stomach issues I am beginning to feel better. I am unsure what this means. I know all my symptoms could be celiac so maybe its resolving itself or maybe I am psyching myself and there is a crash coming, which has happened all to much in the past year. So proper diagnosis I am unsure if I will ever get but I am trying to still have hope! Good luck and just remember that when you get a job those issues only escalate so find a way to make it work! Thank you for your input!!
  4. Yeah I have taken two pregnancy test in the last few months because i felt the same way! So when did this get better for you?
  5. That makes sense. Thank you! I will keep it going! Is the feeling like a blow fish normal too?
  6. Thank y'all both for your feedback! Very very helpful. Okay so further looking I can find a lot of people who are gluten intolerant that have the side effect to the gluten diet to have lactose intolerance. But do you know of anyone that has? I mean I did not have the issues I am having until like day 3 going gluten free. I swear I still have been eatin so little and feel so fat and bloated! I do seem to be handling lactose better pain and gas wise but I am sure that's what is making me feel like a blow fish!
  7. I am still trying to get disability. I keep telling myself I'll be better and not have you use it, but a year later and still on the couch. I did apply once and got denied and of course I need to do it again. It's hard asking for help!
  8. Completely new to this! I have had a very very bad year! I was no longer able to work I am 26 because I was completely fatigue and all kinds of other problems. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Which is way more than just fatigued. Also they found I may have pots. I have to wear a heart rate monitor and when I stand up my heart goes crazy and if the alarm goes off I am supposed to lay down, which is usually within minutes. So my last phone conference with my doctor she recommended I get tested for celiac and go gluten free. Well I have no job no insurance and no money so to say the least the test aren't going to happen! But I have been gluten free now for 2 weeks. I do feel overall more healthy with more complications. What I mean by that was I always have ate dairy no problem but now even the littlest amount of dairy gives me all kinds of stomach issues. This started with the diet. So I have read that can happen with celiac. So my wonder is does that suggest I am indeed celiac or do normal people who go gluten free have this lactose intolerance problem as well?! Also I am stressed if I ever want answers I may not be able to get the test done because I have gone gluten free, which I am okay with if I have celiac but if not I would love to be eating cookies right now! Feedback guidance please