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  1. FYI. The veterinarian is gluten intolerant like you and I. His site is full of great informations for humans and animals. He has been gluten free since 2000. So he has 13 more years of experience in dealing with this. . Tere
  2. Hello every one. Gluten and casein intolerance have ruined so many lives. My dad used to beat my mom... Couldn't help it. Ate food, got angry. I have forgiven him for it . My dad was diagnosed as schizophrenic...nope.. Gluten/casein intolerant. My brother diagnosed as bipolar......nope... Gluten/casein intolerant.. My sister... Angry.. Yells all the time... Gluten and casein intolerant... Me.... Anxiety/ depression.... Gluten/casein intolerant. I had myself and my brother tested IgG from mymedlab.... My celiac test from blood was negative... But my IgG testing..wheat casien gluten and many more... Please do no just go off of the first test... Please go to the celiac Chicago research. 200 symptoms are related food intolerances. Look up "brain allergies" if you have been diagnosed with any type of mental illness. Also look up functional medicine doctors... These doctors know all about gluten and food allergies.. Also, I found a a veterinarian that had mental issues and was gluten affected ... Www.dogtorj.com. So much great information.. Tere