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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Broken Leg

    make sure he is not eating any spinach..it causes bones to not heal fast. we have a lady at church who broke her leg and was ina cast for 19 weeks. shes now in a walking cast.
  2. have your sinuses checked because they are all upper teeth..i highly suspect sinus infections or stuffed, could be causing hte tooth pain.
  3. blood tests came back slightly high, they said it was borderline, but they would consider me not. this was with a dr i wasnt too keen on (he said because everything is normal, its all in my head). i see my GI dr tomorrow so ill get some more answers. but i know how my body feels with gluten (like the gluten i ate yday from bbq sauce...ugh).
  4. biopsys of stomach and intestines came back negative for celiac (and several other things!). i cant tell you how happy i am (okay im sure you understand) but i still am showing a glucose intolerance, so i hope noone minds if i stick around.
  5. for me it cuts down the stomach cramps..but doesnt phase the nausea part..which sucks, but it makes things a bit more bearable.
  6. Biopsy

    i am so glad you asked this question. i was just reading the other post about having to have the gluten. i have a biopsy on thursday and have been gluten-free for a week...okay im not completely..i know there are lots of hidden glutens im still ingesting. ill just keep going the way i am..since im still sick, until after the biopsy.
  7. thanks all my D is very sticky, and explosive (you know..i dont mind describing what my childrens looks like...but its rather TMI with me lol). sometimes it looks like hair mousse..only not the pretty white colour! im having a rough time finding a dr that knows anything about celiac. its very annoying. im calling around to find a GI dr in my area that will take my insurance. and just go to that route. i did atkins for 6 months. but i didnt eat all the high fat that people seem to think you can eat. i did a lot of chicken and shrimp (can eat fish as im allergic), i also didnt do the cheese (lactose intolerant--yes im allergic to a lot) all the time. i ate tons of salads and broccoli. fruit wasnt allowed at first, but when it was, that was my sweet. i tend to stay away from any frankenfoods like the chocolate bars and the mixes. though a few were nice for those days that everyone was eating cake, and i wanted some too when my dh did atkins he ate more veggies and salads then he ever does when not on it. so i cant complain there. and i should say that those 6 months were wonderful! normal menstrual cycles, no sores in my heads, my stomach wasnt upset (well it was if i ate some of those frankenfoods the sweetners in them get me! but i bet there was other things in there also). and i lost 30lbs. of course ive gained it all back, and then some (if i eat several servings of breads, cookies, anything floury... i can gain 10lbs overnight). now to just figure this all out!
  8. Scalp Problems

    someone else that has the same thing i have!! what a pain. though never been diagnosed as DH. it starts itching super bad, then comes the oozing, then the thick skin and dandruff. no dandruff shampooes or remedies have ever worked. i do have some luck with all natural shampoos..but even then if i dont watch what i eat, i can count on a full blown breakout in my hair (like now!).
  9. i hope im posting in the right place. i have not had a formal diagnosis, but in reading everything...well... i dont see how my diagnosis could be wrong. not like i want to be sick. my background... for the last 3 yrs i have had sores on my scalp, an upset stomach and diarrhea. my first dr blew it off as stress from having 4 children, my second dr said it was heartburn and prescribed pills for that, yet another dr said it was from my blood sugars being out of whack, thus putting me on on the american diabetic diet and also changing my thyroid meds. followed the diet to a T and only got sicker, and gained 10lbs from it (gained 20lbs while on weight watchers). took myself off the diet, because the dieticians couldnt promote not eating gluten. in paying attention i was figuring out just what was making my stomach upset. went to another dr, he did the blood tests for the celiac and gluten intolerance. all came back negative. gave me some pills for when my stomach is upset. what id idnt realize before he had me take the test was i have been very limited to no gluten...now im reading that can mess up the test, but insurance and the dr will not run the test again. so sunday and monday i decided to do a test (as i read above) i went no gluten and felt absolutely wonderful, only using the bathroom once instead of always running to make it. no cramps, very little upset stomach. wide awake, actually got the house deep cleaned. wasnt hitting snooze after 10 hrs sleep. so last night i have 3 bites of a muffin and a bite of lasagna...30 minutes later i was cramping so bad, ended up throwing up what i had eating, and had diarrhea. bedtime came early for me and i was feeling very cranky and grumpy (compared to my very happy mood earlier). this morning i still have the diarrhea and the upset stomach..but i noticed i usually do for about 24hrs after i eat the gluten. my head is full of sores now too. oh boy do i hate those sores..itch so bad! those will take another 3-4 days to go away. i too said because all the tests came back negative, then this isnt what is going on. yet the gluten sends my body into a rollar coaster ride that i hate. trying to get those around me (especially my dh) to understand that i cant control this is difficult at times. but he is starting to notice the days i eat gluten and the days i dont. why is it going to kill someone if they go on diets like atkins or south beach, yet when you say im gluten intolerant or celiac they are like...oh well in that case its perfectly safe. not sure what the difference is but find it interesting. and i did atkins for 6 months, but slowly started adding in the glutens (not on purpose, just stopped paying attnetion), this time i wont stop paying attention!