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  1. Suffering In School

    hi: wish you had finished your school strong. i have been through the same thing. from i was born till now 25 years old. i always had issues with memory, focus, learning problem and etc because of gluten and dairy, i was a good student too. i thought i can relate to some of your concern and i thought that the worst situation could stimulate your maximum potential, if i was born without gluten or all sorts of other problems, the life quality will be better for sure, but i guess i won't be working that hard at school too. i work hard because i fell i am intellectually inferior to others. so translating to your case. try not to think about the diagonisis or treatment yet. but focus on your school work, calm yourself down. if you can't focus, force yourself to, can't remember things, try to memorize more. i remembered sometime i would run down the road to cry just because my mind is so stuck and can't function. that's what i was doing back then and i was striken hard with gluten not even knowing yet. in the end you will pull it through, because the high school is just starting of the phase in your life that quality learning starts. college is the most important thing, and the beginning stages of your work, so don't worry too much. you will get better soon. but don't delay any of your treatment too, get rid all the food trigger is the key for your long term success. i had days in school way harder than yours, till now i can't think how i pulled it through, and honestly i would die rather to relive any of these days. but i still performed well in coursework, scored high on SAT and got into an elite college, though the story afterwards is very depressing because the gluten sentitive got worse and my body eventually shut down in college. just remember there is a mechanism in your body that reacts to pressure and whatever situation, the more effect of gluten had on you, the stronger it will make you.
  2. i have gone to pyschiatric ward for some time too because they thought i was crazy. but it's actually gluten and other food sensitivity triggered problem i don't want to talk or share what i have been going through because it's much more severe than anything people would put their mind onto. it's very true that gluten could turn people into all kinds of craziness, and there is no fun with it. there is always deteriorating or severe damaging to your body functions accompanying those pyschological disorder. gluten changes people. pretty sure there is someone out there in the prison or mental facilities shares what i been through, whether they know it or not. and pretty sure too there is people who died prematurely because of the food sensitive, whether chronic illness or suicide. currently i havn't found anyone who could make me see myself, but sure there will be someone who could understand what i am saying. there is nothing to talk about, yet there is too much things to talk.
  3. that sounds right, I don't think I have this mast syndrome nor do I will never be getting diagnosed, I am tired with doctors already and swore not to go to see one again. but it sounds really like what could be an explanation of my sensitivity with food and chemicals. I was beaten up pretty bad by gluten for about 23 years to the point of nearly got killed, and then I got rid of it and whole bunch other food that graduately added to the list of triggers. eventually it goes down to a strict rice and chicken diet. it was frustrating as in the whole process when I am testing of adding food back or even eating a tiny bite of gluten which could set me back a million year in recovering to normal health. even more than that I don't know if I should share It with anyone is the experience I had just to picking out the right brand of rice or pot. my body response differently to different brand of rice , not just different kind but different brand. it all bring some degree of discomfort well nothing majorly wrong and way manageable compared to gluten or other grain. some rice will give me some trouble with breathing, some rice constipation, some rice joint pain some of rice a slight neronological problem etc, i havn't figure it out whether if its the rice variety or maybe the processing method they used where some milling powder is still attached to the grain or what. but anyway it's bemusing. so i bought from grocery all the brand of rice and had a painful time stick with one. also i have trouble picking out the pot cooking rice. i have reacted very badly from stainless steel pot which will give bad bloating and indigestion, i have been sent to ER couple time just because eating the rice cooked in stainless steel. also i have trouble to non-stick, some worse than the other. so i have tried out several more pots and it becomes a relentless yet useless effort to find cookware that suits me i can even react differently to different brand of chicken, some brand will bring me a low fever, some will cause insomnia, some will do other things like slowness in reaction and brain functioning. i mean chicken is chicken, how can that be different. i guess it has things to do with the water they used to soak them in to chill the chicken. so very weird i will say if i took anti-depressant, it will help me get rid of unnecessary concern over things and focus more energy on positive things. however i have fear of reacting badly to drugs which i have tried millions before plus i sort of have everything under control and figured out that i can just have to live with it with or without a normal condition of health, just need to handle the mood vacillation and ready if one day i could just pass out for eating the wrong thing. i thought if you still with a right diet for long enough time, i can graduately improve the health, but it has to be very very long time and we are not live in a chemical free world, so you will just to deal with it. it's sad to live a life like this and even sadder to see i have lived a worse life past 23 years without even knows why. when you are at this point and face the quarter life crisis and all the dismayed past experience and struggle, and a unknown future, it's frustrating but well got to live day by day and make it count. i am at the end of searching for some magical pill that cure it out, still i am dreaming about it everyday that i woke up eating pizza, but to say the least, it is unrealistic right now. maybe in the future it will be actually happening. but so just be happy with the fact that the worst nightmare which is gluten is past me and i am sort of going on the right track and kept reminding me i have still need to live a life just like every other person. so just sum it all the right thing to do is get a correct and simple diet and focus your attention to something else in your life.
  4. you sounded really like me, i am boggled with the fact that i seems reacting to every food, and having trouble to keep my weight up. it was frustrating to acknowledge the fact that you can't savor any of the delicious food other people do. but there is no cure other than to find out the food you are most comfortable with and stick to it, not even thinking about venture into trying other things for me it's rice, the simple grain, however i am really sensitive, different rice i can react differently. but i know it's already the best i can got, it supply me with the energy to get by. when comes to rice, pick those without nutrional enrichment, so that comes down most calrose rice from california and imported rice from thailand and india. i have tried lots of supplement which will only make things worse, since it will certainly trigger some immune response because of its artificial systhesis component, i have tried l-glutamine, digetive ezyme and vitamines probiotic, none works, so forget it, we don't even need it, supplement are the fancy invention of modern world which doesn't have much practical use much at all people who said supplement works are those whose level of severity of sensitive is not high enough. think about it if your body rejects natural food, will they happily accept something foreign and full of artificial ingredient? i have tried eating red meat or fish, but that just trouble me more. i thought those meats first is hard to digest, second they are more likely to cause immune problem. paleo diet is the most ridicilous thing ever. it may work for people who want weight loss or thought it was cool, but other than that, it will just kill a otherwise healthy person. we need grain for a reason. our brain won't function and handle the intensitive and load of modern work without carb. it transform us from cave men to a highly intelligent species. all the elite people of our society are eating high carb diet, altheltes, scientists, so are the digestive weak people who finds carb to be most easy absorbable source of energy. for me if i didn't have rice everyday, my weight will drop to a scary low level, simple fact, we need grain, ignore all the paleo none sense. avoiding all the cooking oil, that's the trouble maker for me too. i tried all cooking oil, all will make me feel like death. especially soybean oil. that's why i never eat out, the cooking oil is devil, my fat source is only chicken fat, which from chicken my only comfortable meat to eat. so my diet is chicken and rice and some veigge like onion pepper, i tried to avoid leafy veggie like kale which makes me sick too. i think that's the diet which i can benefit most from. right now at least i feel much more energy than i used to. i can relate to your feeling,ibecause of gluten, i lost lots of hair, i had growing problem, brain function problem, fatigue, depression, social problem, my weight loss so severe, my organ is damaged and has to be hospitalised. gluten free for two years. most of the time, i will question why i am not able to eat like normal person, why my body is so sensitive. but sadly you are born with it. nothing can change it. i am fortunte to live another day. you only live once, so make every day count. find what suit you the best and don't get too fancy. don't worry about nutrional difficiency, trust me if you can find your source of carb like rice, protein like chicken and some veggie don't have to be too much, you will be perfectly healthy. only thing will cause healthy problem is putting the wrong food or tons of supplement which irritates the body and negatively impacted you. hope that help, and stay positive, i am willing to share more if you would like, after all i thought we are pretty close in sensitivity.
  5. no worries, they all exaggerate things a lot. i do pick those rice without nutrition enrichment, like calrose from california with low arsenic as they told us , making sure cook it thoroughly, it will turn minerals and stuff into more absorbable form. good luck. i never eat brown rice. my body reacted to that. white rice is sufficient to provide the carb need everyday.
  6. Hi , i just joined the board, i dont know i am celiac till 24 years old, and i am down to 95 pounds with 5,9 male last december, and has to be put into hopital for 2 weeks because of severe weight loss, the thing with me is, whatever other people considered to be high calories weight gainer food(red meat, cooking oil, milk, chocalate, gluten definitely) will lead to weight loss for me and make me feel uncomfortable in the meantime, it is all because with a weak digestion system, your stomach and intestine is extremely picky about the food you ingested, it wont matter how much calories you put in, if its the wrong food it wont absorb a tiny bit of nutrition energy from it at all. so for me, the only grain i can eat is white rice, so i take advantage of that and play it to my limit, i will eat rice like crazy everyday till my stomach can't handle it anymore, i eat like 2 lbs uncooked rice maybe everyday. i also eat chicken which is only meat i can eat, and some veggies and ocassionally fruit. you need to forget about the bad things people throw onto rice, just because this is the society which rice is still considered much to be foreign, oriental and etc, people are biased most of the time against rice in favor of meat. just because they thought it is cooler and our ancestor did it this way. but when it comes to food intolerance patient with the goal of gaining weight, nothing compares to rice. right now i am 150ish pounds, in great shape and condition, i ran 10 miles everyday. and just last month i walked across death valley from pathrump nv to ridgecreast CA, the whole week i just ate rice and drank water, and i felt great. hope that helps
  7. How Do I Gain Weight Fast

    Hey, i got the same situation, gluten almost just killed me, i am not knowing being celiac till 24 and i have down to 100 pounds 5,9 last despite a gluten free for couples of months or so. and have to be hospitalized for 2 weeks, the thing with gluten is that it makes the digest system extremely poor, not only being picky with food eat but also it can barely absorb the nutrition and the energy, all the high energy calories food (milk, red meat, milk, oil ) other people consider to be weight gainer will very lead to my weight loss and kill my intestine as well. poor digestion is poor digestion forget all the delicious various foods to form your beautiful so called nutrionally balanced diet, you simply wont absorb the calories if the food is wrong and it will further worsen your symptom so here is how i tackle the problem, a lot or rice, yes very sadly i have to admit that the only food i eat without much problem is rice. basically you need to east enormous amount of rice everyday, i can't tell you how much depends on individual cases, but i will eat till my stomach is exploding.(about 2 lbs uncooked everyday ) though it sounds like bad for your system, but guess what, when it comes to the fact that rice is only thing my stomach take, you just have to take advantage of that, play it to the limit. also add more meals will help if you cant eat too much in one setting, you need to forget about all the bull s$#& people saying about rice, blood sugar and crap, this society is biased against rice in favoring of meat just because it was this way thousands of years ago(western society always considered rice to be an oriental thing) however it never been proved to be the heathiest way of eating especially for weak individual like celiac disease suffer. also to mention its white not brown rice, brown rice is extremely hard to digest, so besides rice, i also eat chicken which is probably the only meat i can eat, and some veggies like onion peppers and ocassionally apple, now i am 150 pounds and in great physical condition, i just participate in the long distant walking, i walked through death valley from pahrump to ridgecrest, and the only food i ate during the week is rice, and i walk 20 miles a day at least . so here is some of my stories to share, hope it will help