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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I will try to adjust my sleeping pattern wasnt really for any reason just was when id fall asleep, i did gym alot so took afew pre workouts which was a big energy buzz so itd keep you awake
  2. Ill start the story from the start maybe someone here might know more then some "doctors" Im 23 male start of the year i started doing alot of gym, Id start at 7pm till 8 30pm id end up sleeping around 3am - 5am an sleep thru till lunch time anyways one day i woke up and was constipated and my vision was weird it felt like i wasnt here kinda like thru someone elses eyes week being constipated then started having bad stomach pains an headaches then couple times after acouple pieces of toast my left arm started feeling really numb and weird started going to the doctors on an off an none could work it out had ct scans top an bottom, anti acid tablets nothing worked, after about 5 months of problems finally looked up gluten symtoms and most of mine was there, so i started a gluten free diet within a week the headaches, stomach pains all went now still hanging out is the vision problems, concertation problems, if i look at something for too long ill just start day dreaming..... i have had the anti body test but already went gluten free before that, then recently had the gene test which came back negative also, Have been gluten free 7 weeks now question is could i have gluten ataxia? Is this something that should repair over time? Could any of this be because of the sleep habits ?
  3. Has anyone else get a pain in the chest, right in the middle hurts when you push on it seems to come and go, Also anyone with gluten insensitive notice nerve damage seem to have muscle spasms in my stomach muscles an arm muscles
  4. i have just been tested for celiac disease but it has come back negative but since going gluten free for 4 weeks now all of my symptoms which included constipation, stomach cramps and migraines are all gone all remains is always feeling tired even tho sleeping 9 hours or more a day, The Main problem i still have is trouble focusing driving is hard since if i look at the road too long i just day dream my question is has anyone had the same problem that has gone away or is this unheared of please anyone need help its effecting my life alot
  5. Sleep

    Has anyone else started having trouble sleeping? month free of gluten and still havnt had a decent sleep yet since it started eyes always feel heavy, if i look at something for to long i just started to day dream and have trouble concentrating does anyone else have these problems and found any way to make it better?