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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you all for your kind replies, it was not my intention to create any controversy on the subject, at the end of her interview with Doc Mercola, she mentioned clearly that that celiac disease is not an incurable condition once your gut is fully healed and sealed? No big deal, I just want to make sure Im doing the right thing, beside gluten-free diet, first thing first. Im positive following the GAPS Diet or Paleo/SCD would be beneficial, the only thing that I'm somehow afraid is eating such a big amounts of animal fat, specially for my mild osteoporosis. Adalaide tks of the yoghurt tips, unfortunately there aren't yoghurt cultures starters that Im aware down here, I'm thinking on experimenting adding my capsules of probiotics Bioflora and start experimenting? Probably won't work? I can find Kefir which I don't think is the something.
  2. Hi, Greetings from BA, I recently start with the Gaps Diet? Seems very promising? In aha alla...! My concern is that nothing that Im buying in terms of meat (all kinds), eggs or dairy only to prepare homemade 24 fermented yoghurt is organic? there is really not such a thing in this part of the world, unless you live in the country farm!! And since the diet is basically eating lots and lots of meat, broth stock, tons of fats etc etc, Im somehow scare If it really work and I can outrage the benefits? Any feedback from any members? As well Im supposed to add homemade fermented yoghurts Lactose free, Im waiting for the GAPS Book and need to start preparing it, Im able to find raw milk, but not sure what type of bacterias to add there aren't only buying a commercial yoghurt and added to the raw milk? According to Doc Natasha Campbell Mc Bride, she has irrefutable evidence that once the gut is heal and sealed, Celiac Desease can be overcome probably after several years on the Full Diet? Hmmmmmm and somehow skeptical..! Any enlightening would be highly appreciate. Gracias.
  3. Thank you very much dear gluten-free in DC! I will follow through all your suggestions! Sincerely and with gratitude
  4. Thanks for the advice Bell, I really hope thats not the case, I have no problem with soy but with fruits and veggies? That will be a total disaster!! Whats going on with this decease.....everybody told me I was going to become another Djokovic shortly? and so far it getting worst..! Pathetic..!
  5. Wow! So I must assumed that my ongoing diarrhea is due a not been 100% Gluten free, even if I think I am doing it well, except for the Polen and RoyalJelly? It has nothing to do with the apparent withdrawal symptoms? Im afraid to cut on the Polen or RJ, since in the past every time, i go down on my body or eating there is something with my immune system and organism that get really unbalance and start having all type of word symptoms? Eyes, skin, mouth ulcers, hair loss, shakes, night sweets more fatigue and the list goes on!! Apparently it is a rare autoimmune decease, but I haven't any medical evidence whatsoever y spend years going from doctors to doctor with really no good results, except for corticoides which I hate, So I been treating this weird malady for the past 8 years, with a very decent alternative doctors with bee therapy that means applying my self thousands of bees in my back and but, painful at the beginning plus lots of honey, pollen, propoleous it did work for me, because, my body did get somehow stabilized, less symptoms more energy, bla bla, however hi has very natural products but there aren't any 100% certified bee products down here! yeah a new dilemma. (not sure if it is the right place to post this thread? I do have millions of questions, my Doctor down here is very plain and basic, just do the diet, get all Gluten free products & vaya con Dios, more o less attitude? On the other side after reading the welcome post of Kareng, by the way fist class, I was looking into Probiotics and Enzymes, however there is only one in Argentina, call BIOFLORA but is not on the national celiac list as approved for Celiacs of gluten free? So the my question even is not Gluten Free, is it worth it to used until the diarrhea goes away? I know there aren't Doctors in this forum and maybe is not wise to follow all people advise, but so far what I've read is somehow scary but the truth which I hope set me free, some how from all this unpleasant symptoms and be able to regain somehow my life and move on!
  6. Thank you very much for your kind words and prompt reply, I guess I will have to be patience...as far as the Royal Jelly and Bee Polen, i don't think my suppliers could really asses if there is any gluten or cross contamination, shame ehh it really help getting started, but since I don't feel that well, is someone tell me to cut one arm in order to feel better I will do it! Maybe Im exaggerating a little bit..! But just to be graphic enough. I will have to start educating my self more and doing trial and error, in Argentina we don't have yet a very strong gluten free culture, what i don't really know is if there is a way to speed the recovery process? Ive heard about probiotics, vitamins and supplements and things like that. Deep inside, (but very very very deep I do feel grateful for at least knowing what I have, even if there hasn't been any miraculous changes for me as many people describe almsost as been a really new super creature? Or even knowing that my other type of disorders Bechet ++++ will eventually disappear? I supposed I will have to take it one day at a time and by faith. No more drama for today... All the best...
  7. Hi greetings from Argentina, I hope this mail finds you well! After several years of so so so many health issues and with wierd rare autoinmune deseases, Ive been diagnosis with celiac disease, I just hope my son test will not be positive, in sha alla..! I start the diet by stages almost 10 days ago, however it seems Im still on denial, i did cut almost everything, dairys, grains coffee today only, eating extremely healthy no processed food whatsoever, it has been 10 days with mild diarrhea, reflux and having sound in my stomach al the time, I was continue taking my pollen and royal jelly even if i doesn't say gluten free? not sure if that could be the problem otherwise I don't have energy for getting out of my house....I see my doctor once a week he told me it will take time to adjust to the diet, The Polen, coffee and Royal Jelly may be doing a cross reaction? that what I've heard, there is so much information out there that I don't know what to do? So my question to any expert is that if it is normal to still have those symptoms even on a 97% strict diet, except for the pollen and RJelly? Could it be the withdrawal symptoms.....! Im afraid of having Celiac refractory decease? Any insight or enlignthing would be highly appreciate. Im sick and tired and somehow anger of having to give up almost everything in my life, everything is a new surrender it never finish.. Tks for reading me.