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  1. Was just diagnosed a month ago, and was glad to have some answers to all the symptoms I've been having. I have been running multiple half-marathons over the last few years, but not well. I haven't had any energy to train. It's all I could do to get out of bed to go to work and sit through a day there. I had 3 broken bones in two years, and couldn't put the pieces together. But now that I know what the culprit was...it all makes a lot more sense. Still getting energy back to run like I used to, but I'm hoping that will come. And still figuring out what to eat now to get all the protein/carbs I need. I did learn that the Power Bar Energy Blasts have gluten in them (but the gus don't). I ran a half this past weekend, wasn't fast, but was more to get out and enjoy the weather and the crowds and just enjoy the day. Never seen life through the eyes of someone with Celiac before. All the post race foods at this race (with the exception of a half of a banana) had gluten in them - the beer garden, slices of difference kinds of bread, pizza, chicken noodle soup cups. Learned to put snacks in my car (or checked bag I can eat after the race). Best of luck to you!