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  1. Does Dh Ever Go Away?

    My DH went away within a couple weeks of going gluten-free in June. My evil future FIL put wheat flour in my foods several times about a month later and DH came back with a vengeance. In September, I began dapsone and it cleared up perfectly. At the end of my first month, I couldn't afford the second box. Two weeks later I was CC'd. I got the second box and it began to clear again right away. This past week I was CC'd several days in a row. The rash is worse than ever and my doctor says since it's back, he won't prescribe any more dapsone. I just want this gone. I can't wear a bra or long pants. My nipples and hands are bloody. The spots on the backs of my legs now look as though something has chewed on me. I'm as strictly gluten-free as I know and can afford, and it makes me so depressed when I read this might just get worse or that it might have other triggers. It's been great to see the success stories as well. Gives me a little hope where so often I feel there is none.
  2. I hate to bump an older thread, but I made an account specifically after seeing this post. I understand the issue of gluten in the dishwasher is a cleanliness issue, so I must share this. I recently used my mom's dishwasher bc my sink was leaking. My house is strictly gluten-free, hers is nowhere near it. The only change that could have triggered my reaction this week was dishes washed in her washer. It is an OLD machine and I forgot to check or rinse the plates before putting them away. I know this must be how I was glutened. I examined a plate on the bottom of the stack and sure enough, there was a thin patch of grime hidden by the design on the plate! The hot water and high pressure just didn't cut it this time. And just bc you cannot see smudges on your plates doesn't mean they aren't there obviously that sounds paranoid, but paranoia is sometimes justified. This could have been avoided if I'd been more careful. I'm extremely, severely sensitive and am still discovering just how serious this is. I don't expect many people will have the issue I've had.. but if you're reacting and you've examined all other possible contaminants, and you still share a dish washer, it is certainly something to consider! Is there an introductions sub forum?