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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. A 4 Year Old With Dh?

    Thank you for that !! Can you have DH but test negative for the celiac genetic test ?
  2. Aczone Causing Bleeding

    I was using Aczone on my 4yr and it dried her skin up too, to the point where I stopped using it. however i tried a few weeks later and applied it with a bit of coconut oil and it worked a treat , it dried up the wounds and closed up the punched out holes in her skin which were very deep. I used a lot of coconut oil virgin unrefined (from trader Joes in a jar ) on her skin to keep it hyrdated 4 times a day.
  3. A 4 Year Old With Dh?

    Can someone please point me in the direction of the full Celiac blood panel info, I know I have seen it here but I can't find it thanks hmitchell
  4. A 4 Year Old With Dh?

    I just wanted to give a quick update So we went ahead and did a celiac panel blood test which of course came back negative even though I started giving her gluten for 10 days prior, our Dr seemed to think that was sufficient time.... 5 Days on Gluten and there was no change in the 'spots' but on day 6 they flared up and new patches appeared all down the back of her legs .... is that the usual time span so being Glutened ? the dermo wants to do another biopsy, a DIF and EBA which I refused as they messed up the first biopsy so badly. and we are now on topical Dapsone which is not working the miracles i was hoping for (the rash keeps coming and the spots are getting deeper ) so our next test is a genetic one to see if we have celiac gene ..... its a cheek swap i just don't understand why no dr in this area (kansas city) can tell me what the hell this is and if it is DH how can i help my little girl This disease is so hard to cope with thanks in advance for any advice super worried mom
  5. DH Photo Bank

    Every dermo we have been to just prescribed Steriods (or eladel, protopic or other crap )each time stronger and stronger ones, and no one knew what is was and one even thinks its papular eczema..... I have not given her oral steroids as she is too small for such aggressive drugs which is why I don't think I can give her oral dapsone. which is why i was asking about the topical, if it helps etc .. but for now we are gluten-free, Dairy free, soy free ,Low iodine, and corn and nut free. she was drinking almond milk but i noticed she is better without it wishing you all good health thank you again !!!
  6. A 4 Year Old With Dh?

    That does suck! I am consedering a celiac blood test just so i know for sure, the not knowing is too hard with little ones who can't tell you how they feel once you have fed them so you don't know if you are making it worse of not. i wonder how long i have to give her gluten for before the testing? Thanks again for all the info.
  7. A 4 Year Old With Dh?

    Thank you again Squirmingitch, your info is very helpful. Mendylou, the spots are definatly craters, like the skin is eating itself and making a deep hole, and instead of healing its working in reverse getting wider and wider punched out hole (they start off tiny holes and get huge) when I put cream on her I "fill in" the holes, its painful to see. This is what lead me to research autoimmune diseases as it looked to me as the skin was eating itself, her body was attacking herself... They do take a very long time to heal, and there is always a scar left behind but its not purple like other people have mentioned, and there is always a rim to the spot too like its been outlined in white. have you beed diagnosed ? I'm asking as want to spare her from seeing even more Drs... and if you know for sure that would help me a lot many thanks worried mum
  8. DH Photo Bank

    Thank you so much for replying , thats all great information. We have been Gluten free but I have only recently learnt about Iodine so we are going to try that too. Reading all the info on here I know now that her biopsy was a joke as they took a sample from a young blister, we were gluten-free....and now she has a scar on her arm for nothing :-( How long do you think it takes the Antibodies to get out of the skin ? Has anyone tried topical Dapson? is it worth trying on her ? at the moment I'm using a strong steroid cream on the very inflamed spots. reading the horrible side effects i don't think i will ever put her on the drug but maybe try the topical, is it just as bad ? We are also about to receive the results of a stool test and the dr said there is something not right going on there (our appointment is on Tuesday) Thank you all again for replying and for the wealth of information you are sharing
  9. My 4 Year old has had these spot for 2 years We have been to see several Dermatologist and all said they don't know whats wrong with her skin , we did a biopsy and it came back inconclusive. The allergists we have seen did not know either as the blood tests were negative for allergies too. She scratches so much at night, (even with antihistamine) if she had dairy during the day. We have been Gluten free for 18 months but the spots keep coming especially a day or two after she eats dairy or Soy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ethanhobbs/10848604843/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/ethanhobbs/10848415764/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/ethanhobbs/10848312076/in/photostream/ is this DH ? can someone recognize these spots, they start off as tiny red circles and then expand and grow wider and wider and sometimes get infected. worried mom
  10. DH Photo Bank

    These are pictures of my 4 year olds blisters Do they look like DH? We have seen many Dermatologists and Allergists who said they don't know what it is but it looks like DH so we had a biopsy which came back inconclusive. We have been Gluten free for 18 months but the spots keep coming, When she has Dairy or Soy she scratched all night even with Antihistamines. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ethanhobbs/10848312076/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/ethanhobbs/10848415764/ > I have been reading many posts and it seems the members here know more than the doctors we have been seeing. if anyone can help me identify these spots I would be so grateful and relieved as the past 2 years have been super hard living with the night scratching and bleeding. worried mom