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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Welda in reading your post you talk about the enterolab and testing that they do. My Lily's GI doctor told me that there isn't a test to test for dairy protein defifiencies is this not true? I'm just curious? We eliminated her dairy and Lily has maintained a low iron level but it hasn't dropped to transfusion level so he said going by the process of elimination he was pretty sure that was the cause. Then she was sent for the celiac blood panel which came out positive GI doctor told me that it also can come out possitive if there is a dairy issue. I found this to be inconsistent and thought perhaps you had some knowledge of this? Heather
  2. Thank you so much everybody for such a warm welcome We are not gluten free as of yet. Lilianna will be getting a biospy done then we will be. I also have two other children Madelynne 4 and Camden 10. Should I get them tested as well? It's funny b/c as babies and toddlers they all had what I and doctors thought, acid reflux and now I can't help but to wonder if it wasn't that at all. Has anyone else had infancy acid reflux diagnosed and then come to find out it's been celiac all along? Heather
  3. Hi everyone My name is Heather. My daughter Lilianna, was diagnosed this past June with celiac disease with a positive blood test. I have been postponing getting a biopsy done b/c she also has a milk protein allergy as well. We were hoping that it was just that causing her illnesses. Well, in the meantime my neice and brother in law were diagnosed received that information last night. I had done lots of research and asked them to get checked b/c they seemed symptomic unfortunately they both have it so now I'm heading to make some calls to get my Lily in to have the biopsy and need to get out of DENIAL A little about my Lily, she's 2 1/2 years old. She has been in and out of the hospital for blood transfusions due to IDA RBC of under 4 SHe's been a sick girl. We have removed all dairy from her diet and she's been maintening a low iron count but mangable. The problem we are having now is she isn't gaining weight she has held at 23lbs for over a year now. I'm devestated by her having this and as you all know it's a hard diet for a child to have to live with especially a very picky eater and with the addition of no dairy it's very challenging. Anyway I'm thankful to find this board and meet parents, share stories, and find interesting toddler friendly foods lol. Support is what we all need and I'm sure at times this is very overwhelming and it's nice to come to a place where other moms and dads face these daily challenges. Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting all you