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  1. Need Advice For My Next Step

    Well well well! Think I'm on the right track now, thought I would post what's happening. As some of you mentioned, pretty much all of the food I've had bad reactions to are high in histamine. Thank you those of you who told me to look into to (aswell as the PM) I would never have found it out otherwise. So I'm now avoiding high histamine foods, eating stuff that's only got low levels of it, as well as adding in some anti-histamines into my diet. I'm sure this is what's been troubling me. I've only had trouble with high histamine foods AFTER going gluten free and starting to make a recovery. Do you guys think this is happening possibly because I was unwell for a long time before being diagnosed (2 years) so now my gut is a bit damaged and is being hypersensitive to foods? I guess I'll have to just wait and see how things go.
  2. Need Advice For My Next Step

    Cheers for all the food ideas. I'll be trying loads of stuff hopefully in the future once I can tolerate them. Surely though its not right that I had a bad reaction to taking Digestive Enzymes (Pancreatin)? I'm sure there is something else going on. Just can't figure out what.
  3. Need Advice For My Next Step

    Gluten free oats. Not sure what else id be able to have for breakfast otherwise. What do you have? I've never had a bad reaction to the porridge, but I'll probably cut it out just to be sure.
  4. Hi guys, I posted recently about how I was struggling to get better and how lots of different foods were making me ill. Well unfortunately I'm still struggling and need some advice over what to do next. My background: recently discovered I have a gluten intolerance after being housebound for 2+ years. Had severe fatigue, anxiety, hot flushes during that time. Went gluten free and started to feel better instantly. (Had a celiac blood test which came back negative). First month or so I started my energy started to pick up, but now I'm almost 4 months gluten free and feel awful. The rest of my family have gone gluten free, and we've overhauled the kitchen to reduce risk of CC. I only eat very plain basic food (porridge with water, plain tuna salad, rice and chicken/salmon). Recently I've had bad reactions (constipation, mild diarrhea, anxiety, fatigue, etc) to so many different foods.. gluten-free bread, Bacon, fruit, tomatoes, cheese, nuts, cereal bars, chocolate, butter.. I could I go on. Also last week I went I my doctor and he gave me some Pancreatin to see if it helped things. It didn't agree with me at all, competely stopped my bowel movements for a week, and It made me very groggy and unwell. Sorry this is so long! But I need some advice over what to do next. What tests should I be asking from my doctor? Vitamin levels? Thyroid? I'm getting so frustrated. Sparky
  5. Hi guys, I've changed my diet now. Only eating extremely plain foods, and will be doing the elimination process that's been mentioned. Only been a few days, but the severe grogginess I've had for the past few weeks seems to be lifting which is good. Thanks for all of the helpful info. I got tested for Celiac a month after I started the gluten-free diet, so came back negative as expected. Doesn't really matter much to me though, I know I can't eat gluten and that's that! Thanks again, I'll no doubt be chirping up on this forum over the coming months. Sparky
  6. Thanks for all of your replies! Very helpful indeed. Comforting to hear other people going through similar things, and I'm not the only one. Coming off dairy is a good idea. I've had bad reactions to chocolate, cheese and butter so that could well be one of the issues. I'm hoping that the reason I can't cope with anything that's processed is because I'm still quite fatigued and have a lot of healing to do. Guess my body just can't cope with it at the moment. My doctor always told me my illness was M.E, so I'm just hoping that my energy levels eventually improve and I make a full recovery.
  7. Hi guys, Newbie here in need of help. From September 2011 - September 2013 I was very unwell, completely housebound with chronic fatigue, anxiety, and loads of other stuff. However 3 months ago in September this year I went gluten free and started feeling a bit better immediately (big woop!). My fatigue was better, I stopped getting groggy hot flushes whenever I exerted myself, and started sleeping better. I got tested for Celiac Disease but came back negative. I definitely have a gluten intolerance though. Also we recently found out my Dad, sister and brother are all gluten sensitive aswell. However 3 months in to being gluten free, I've made little progress as I keep getting ill. It seems that any food that is processed makes me 'ill' how I was in the years before. Gluten free bread, curry, chocolate, cereal bars, pineapple, cheese, dry herbs and spices, to name a few. As i said, the rest of my family have recently found they're gluten intolerant aswell, so there is only gluten free food in the kitchen. We've also replaced all cooking utensils to reduce the risk of cross contamination. I don't know what to do. Has this happened to anyone else?? Any help at all would be really appreciated. Thanks, Mark