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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm Back And I'm Sick

    It wasn't Blue Bell ice cream was it? They've recalled all of their ice cream because of listeria contamination.
  2. I understand many here have symptoms with very small traces, but celiac disease isn't always just about gluten. There can be other intolerances at work - dairy, soy, corn, legumes, nuts... And really, even non-celiac people have issues from time to time. Scientific studies that fed various amounts of gluten to celiacs and measured changes to the villi put the limit at between 10-50mg gluten per day. That's roughly 1/500th a slice of bread, or a small crumb if my math is correct. Invisible amounts that might pop up on your scrubbed pans etc are probably not the cause of your problems. I'm still not convinced I needed to buy that new toaster, but it was a better safe than sorry step. Most products from major corporations that are testing their share facility products are going to be below the ppm limit to be certified gluten-free. However, the FDA rules can be broken and there isn't a lot of oversight. Stick with brands that people here trust - Glutino, Udi's etc. looks for the certified gluten-free label. Be wary of any ingredient that could have wheat but isn't specified (eg. Soy sauce without the wheat-free designation). A diet with abundant servings of gluten-free foods below the ppm limit should be safe, but in general these will be processed foods. A diet filled with processed foods is not a healthy diet. Stick to mainly whole foods - fresh fruits, vegetables, meats - and you will be even safer and healthier. It's not to bad, really.
  3. After my diagnosis, my first trip back to visit the family began with me coming straight from the airport, having not eaten all day (or for a few weeks, really - I hadn't figured out what to eat yet) and being greeted with a pizza dinner. Oh, but they got me a sad, sad gluten-free pizza which I couldn't eat because I was off dairy, too. Not that I would have touched it, it looked disgusting. My sister tried it later and said it was awful. I got pretty good at going hungry.
  4. Omg Nefarious Gluten!

    Thanks Bart (hug) back.
  5. Omg Nefarious Gluten!

    Thanks bm - it's not embarrassment. It's fury. I've been struggling since September 2013 with this, trying to figure out what I can and can't eat after going 47 years never having a single problem eating anything until this suddenly all hit me. I've eliminated dairy, soy, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, nightshades and now, thinking I'd discovered another one, red meat. Now I have no clue what is real and what's the salsa and god knows what else I've missed. I'm so tired of this, I really am. I don't honestly know if I can continue this way. I'm really tired of being sick all the time.
  6. I'm so SO so so so ANGRY at myself! I am an IDIOT!!! After badgering the few restaurants I go to to make sure my meal is gluten free, after reading every f$#%ing label in the entire grocery store, I have been continuing to use this amazingly delicious salsa from time to time. I got it at the local tienda, and I swear to christ that I read the ingredients 1000 times. But they're so small, so very tiny, that I can barely see the letters. Today I had my computer glasses on and after putting it on my eggs, I insinctively looked at the label. THERE IT IS - in tiny, barely legible letters, fourth ingredient: WHEAT FLOUR. FML. FML! FML!!!!!!!!! I'm going to go cry now. I'm an idiot. A stupid, stupid idiot. I can't even take care of keeping gluten OUT OF MY OWN HOME. How can I expect anyone else to keep me safe. Idiot. IDIOT.
  7. I got my results back, finally - it turns out my bad cholesterol is down 10 pts since the last check, and my good cholesterol is up 9. So I guess all that bacon isn't a bad thing after all. Indeed, it's a "whole food", right?! I'm definitely not getting enough calcium but my supplements don't agree with me AT ALL. Chalky diarrhea, no bueno. Does anyone have a brand that is gentle?
  8. I Had The Gluten Dream...

    Oh I have treats I like enough, it was more the dream itself than a real craving. Last night I dreamed I was told I'd been sleep-eating, going out to fast food places and eating gluten and not knowing it, and that was why I was still having issues. I wish it was really that simple. I'd definitely prefer being locked in my room at night to never knowing if I can leave to 10m orbit around the bathroom that day or not.
  9. I had this vivid, very vivid dream. I was in a ethnic food festival, and was at an exhibit where they were demonstrating how crackers were made in various countries throughout history. I could taste the delicious buttery goodness of the samples that were still warm. The crunch, the mix of air and grain that simulates fat, the light saltiness. Then, in a panic, is realized I could never eat any of it and was suddenly so profoundly sad. You'd think that after a year and a half his would stop. But no. I still mourn. It's not that I don't have great food in my diet, but what I wouldn't give for a proper saltine. One without xantham gum, or tapioca starch or some other crap alternative. Maybe it's just pms, but man am I having a pity party day.
  10. Have any of you seen your cholesterol go up after going gluten free? I hate to keep complaining about my doctors here, but I just can't help it. Are they all complete idiots or do I just have really high standards?? I saw my GP for a physical, I wanted specifically to make sure the limited diet I have to have because of celiac and microscopic colitis wasn't giving me high cholesterol or dangerous vitamin insufficiences. Currently, my food insensitivities ranging from all dairy, all fresh vegetables, most fruits, cooked greens (though I eat them anyhow, I need something, dammit), onions, garlic and peppers, as well as fructose. It means I have diarrhea on nearly a daily basis, and my normal BM's are a minor miracle when they occur. My doctor said to me that people with inflammatory bowel disease don't have problems with cholesterol. That we all eat way too much of everything, and that what I'm absorbing would be equivalent to the diet of someone in India (or some other place where people are starving). That this is better for us anyhow, and even if my blood cholesterol was high, I shouldn't worry about it. WTF? My mother had triple bypass in her early 60s. she's had cholesterol up to 300. she's had a stroke, she's had her carotid artery unclogged, she has COPD. My paternal grandmother had high blood pressure, my grandfather had a stroke. My maternal grandmother had heart disease. And I'm not supposed to be concerned because I'm eating like an ethiopian famine victim? All of this was in the context of me being taken off the Enterocort that made my able to eat normally, because steroids are bad long term. I wanted to find out which was worse, slowly starving or taking steroids? I guess starving is better. Either way, I feel like the doctors would just rather I went away and died in a corner somewhere rather than got well again. FML. <rant over>
  11. Hey Firsttimemama, I hope the Pepto did the trick for you and continues to work. But you should be aware that microscopic colitis is very common in us celiacs, and they dont' really know why. Some suspect it's another immune reaction, some suspect it's food intolerances - lactose and gluten are the most common, but soy and fructose intolerances can also trigger the big D. Obviously you have to eliminate gluten, but also get rid of dairy. If it's just in the morning, look at what you had at night as the cause. Do you take any supplements? I can't even take calcium without getting D. Another thing to think of, do you have caffeine in the morning? It will stimulate the bowels. If it's MC, you'd probably be going a LOT more than once in the morning. Chance are you're just experiencing changes because of your new diet. try to nail down foods with a food diary, as others have suggested, paying attention to lactose, fructose and soy first, then the other FODMAPS (google it) if eliminating those doesn't help. Best of luck, I hope to god you don't have MC. it's a right pain in the ass, literally!
  12. Thanks - the side effects were abnormal menstrual cycles, which I didn't see with Uceris. The budesonide is supposedly absorbed more into the bloodstream than the Uceris formulation, and Uceris also works farther down the GI tract which is where I need it. The PDF that RMJ posted shows very little side effects even after 12 months straight use, so I don't know why my doc wont' let me try it for a little longer. She suggested biologics, which have far more side effects and are only about 50% effective. Why do *I* have to know all this? Shouldn't the expert know this?
  13. It's been 16 months since my diagnosis with celiac disease, and I'm still struggling, as are many of us. I'm on my third gastroenterologist. I haven't had any follow up blood work done in a year (I was way down on the celiac panel a year ago) and have no follow up endoscopy in sight. Is this normal? I also have microscopic colitis, and the GI had me on asacol (failure!), Bentyl (FAIL!!), budesonide (great but had side effects), then uceris (Awesome! Perfect!). Now I'm off the uceris because she refused to keep me on it long-term (I was on it for 2 months). My symptoms are all back, and now I have an extra super fun one: I had a massive bleed from my rectum the other day. Boy was THAT a shocker! It was a horror show in the bowl - I probably lost half a pint of blood. It stopped after a couple hours. She called me back, finally, two days later and didn't seem concerned, didn't want to schedule an appointment, just said to call back if it happened again. Should I be expecting a better level of care? Or is it normal to be neglected this way? Just wondering.
  14. "gluten Free" Creperie A Charade?

    I've put a review up on FMGF. IT's the Creperie and Cafe in Weaverville, NC.
  15. I went on a brief getaway weekend with the hubs this weekend, and we stayed in a place with a kitchen so I could have safe food. But when we got there I googled a bit and found a nearby crepe restaurant that purported itself to be 100% gluten free. I decided we should patronize the place just because! We went, I had some crepes, they were decent enough. Then I met the owner and thanked him, asked him what inspired him to open a gluten-free place. He admitted it was because of the trend, and nothing else. RED FLAGS flew up in my mind, especially when he couldn't say what was in the mix other than rice flour. The next night, I was up half the night with gut wrenching cramps, diarrhea, chills, nausea. The next day I was so tired. Now, I'm super depressed and really just do not want to go on living in a world where someone would take advantage of people like us just to make a buck, and not even get it right. I know I was glutened by this place, because I only ate my own food for days before and after eating there. I feel sick in my body, my heart and my soul over this.