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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sleeping Disorders Linked To Celiac Disease?

    You should get a blood test done to figure out exactly what your allergic to. In my case I found out that I have a moderate intollerance to wheat, and a low intollerance to dairy and yeast. However, its how my body decided to react to these that is important. My throat swells up, which actually isn't a problem until I go to sleep. Your throat relaxes even more when you are sleeping, and as a result my breating way is blocked. I only suggest this to you because all of my doctors were strongly suggesting that I have sleep apnea, but after cutting the alergy foods out of my diet and taking a sleep apnea test they told me that I definatly don't have sleep apnea. They are all just quick to push people into that catagory because of the connection with sleep. Mine was so bad for a while that while I was walking around durring the day, I would feel a little chocked up here and there, but didn't alarm me cause I would just swallow and clear my throat and not think much about it. I just never made the connection between what was sometimes happening to me durring the day, as also being the same thing that was heppening to me at night. I have a MODERATE intollerance to wheat, yet its bad enough that if I eat a mcdonalds burger in the day, I will be waking up at night not able to breath. I have a LOW intollerance to dairy and yeast. Pizza kills me, the only thing on there I should be eating are the toppings, no crust and no cheese. You might think that a moderate intollerance would allow someone to eat a little bit of it, but it would appear that my body has chosen to react to these in a very rare way. Having anaphylaxis from food alergies is RARE, and its hard to me to explain to people that even though there gluten free food should be safe for me, what matters if wheather or not it has wheat, not gluten. Mine is life threatning, so I have to take an epi pen with me and stab my leg in an emergency.
  2. Sleeping Disorders Linked To Celiac Disease?

    The whole conversation struck me as very interesting, so I had to but in. It's like I wish I had the know it all answer for your dilema, but I don't, which is frustrating. I wasn't sure if you already got a blood test for food alergies, if not, do it. You may also want to get checked for parasites, it just seems like something is taxing the hell out of your life. Just to show you how off doctors can be, I wanted to share with you, what happened to me in March of this year. I started to wake up in the middle of the night with anaphylaxis. It seemd to upset me more than scare me because it was like once I was up, I could breath ok. However if I just laid there, there was something wrong with my nasal passages that was chocking me out. All I would have to do is cause myself to swallow, then I could breath again, go back to sleep for a couple hours. I got my tonsils checked out, and they were fine. It was my only possible guess cause my girlfriends were so bac that she would sit up out of bed like a zombie and kick her arms and legs while sleeping, without knowing that she was doing it, and it turned out her tonsils were chocking her out, so they rushed her in for emergency removal. Now she sleeps like a baby, even on her back. I realized that I have always had a problem even just resting on my back, its as though I can't breath, so for about the last 20 years of my life I have always slept on my sides, and still do from habbit.. DR/s were all pushing me toward sleep apnea, and I refused to believe that because I didnt have a problem EVERY NIGHT. I cut the culprits out of my diet that I was alergic to and went in for a sleep apnea test and the results revealed that I am more than 10x away from being burdened with sleep apnea. This confirmed what I already knew, my throat was swelling up from food intollerances, and because your throat relaxes more when you sleep, it was only a problem when sleeping. Now I can even lay on my back. But doctors couldn't figure this out, and even after all the tests confirmed it, they still didn't want to believe it. I'm alergic to Wheat, Dairy, and yeast. So I can't have bread but I squeek by on getting wheat free bread. Pizza just kills me. My girl friend will wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me I'm not breating. I can't have beer. An odd one is Soy Sauce, I love to bury a medium serving of rice in Soy Sauce, and haven't had problems unless I eat it twice in a day. Soy Sauce is apparently made from wheat, but has very little traces of wheat. Every time I go to a gluten free store resteraunt, I ask them if a product has wheat in it, and they say no its gluten free, but I know for a fact the store I shop at sells wheat spagetti noodles that are gluten free. I can't eat them, even though they are gluten free. People always assume I have celiac disease, I have tell them nope, mine is much worse, I don't just get tummy trouble, or rashes or headaches, my throat closes up and I can't breath, so mine is life threatning