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  1. It may sound harsh, but consider another option ......... with me, it went undiagnosed until I nearly died. My intestines are a total mess. They are incredibly sensitive to almost anything I eat now, and I am pretty much in constant pain. If it wasn't for pills to deal with the ulcers, I certainly would be dead. But what the heck! I am still alive. Harsh reality time. Please be thankful you are alive, and can lead a relatively normal life. If it were not for your diagnosis you would be a lot happier right now, but it wouldn't last. Believe me, you don't want to find out what happens if you keep eating gluten. Chin up solider! It could be worse.
  2. No, not angry. I was relieved. I had been suffering badly from various issues for the previous two years. Although I am a little annoyed that my doctors took such a ridiculous amount of time to diagnose my condition, I have to say that overall I was relieved to finally find an answer. Lets be honest though, my father had it and he was never diagnosed, so I am doing better than him! At least now, even though my intestines are rather wrecked, I have some chance of a normal-ish existance after this. Yep, I'm relieved. Six months ago I honestly thought I was going to die.