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  1. Lisa! Help! Hi! I noticed your response to someone asking about Fibro and symptoms, I googled...Can you outgrow Celiac's...I got my answer ! But I also noticed this website. My husband Randy was diagnosed about 7 months ago, we changed his diet and yes he does feel better; no cramping, diarrhea, etc. But he is STILL having joint problems, sometimes dizziness, blurred vision, brain fog. He is very active works a physical job and I keep thinking maybe because he's starting to get older, he's 36? We've been to EVERY Doctor imaginable. Your symptoms and knowledge sounded so much like his, I am wondering if your joint pains stopped, did you have chest pains at all? (he had stress test also). We are learning everyday, everytime we food shop it's an education and a lot of money AND an hour or more, lol. If you could help me out at all you seem very informative! Thanks in advance! Theresa