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  1. Jerseyangel, thanks a ton. In your experience, are the chains you've listed ones that have gluten free options or are they also ones with good separation of foods/kitchen practices that reduce the possibility of cross contamination? Thanks! -J
  2. Thanks so much Kareng. I feel kinda dumb I didn't web search gluten free Philly to begin with but... Anyway, much obliged!
  3. Hi everyone. New to the boards and site, this is my first post. One of my best friends has Celiac's Disease and her reaction is extremely severe. She's mapped out acceptable places for her where she lives in CA, but is coming to visit here in Philadelphia near year's end. I was hoping that someone might be able to tell me some of their preferred gluten-free/celiac-safe eateries in the greater Philadelphia area so that when she's here she doesn't need to stress about possible contamination. Thanks in advance for any tips. -J