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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I send in a package of her favorite gluten-free cookies and the teacher disburses them when they have a birthday party. My daughter is fine with that (2nd grade). I know the nurse offered her refrigerator to store things in too but she's fine with cookies.
  2. My daughters 2nd grade teachers gives me a heads up when they are having a class party. When they did gingerbread trains I brought in her own special foods. She also has a box of gluten-free cookies at the teachers desk so that when they celebrate a birthday she has a special treat as well. If they are literally giving her foods that have gluten they are extremely irresponsible. I am sure someone in the school bylaws that they have to accommodate kids with allergies. Go over their heads for sure. And shame on them.
  3. My daughter (7yrs) was diagnosed a year ago and is in the 95% in height. She is the tallest in her grade. Only when she was 10 months old and vomiting very often did her weight drop percentiles. Since that age she has been on track with her growth. Everyone seems to have unique sets of circumstances.
  4. Take it from the beginning. I took a huge list of ingrediants that had gluten in them food shopping with me - alone. I checked all the food my daughter liked and ate and determined what she could keep eating and what had to be substituted. I spent a lot those first months trying all sorts of different brands to understand what she liked and what she didn't. Buy her her own toaster and her own condiments (butter, PB, mayo, nutella, etc) and I label them gluten-free so no one else uses them. I bought cooking mats to prepare her food on. I did not take my family gluten free - shes the only one. I didn't because even if you don't have celiacs and go gluten free - eating gluten will make you ill. So why do that to the other members? they cant enjoy pizza at a friends birthday party bc their sibling is gluten-free? Some things we all eat gluten-free like the pasta (now Barilla makes one that is fabulous and cheaper and I found it at BJs club) We also all use rice crumbs to bread our chicken and make meatballs with (we like Schars) we all east gluten-free pancakes bc they are good! we use pamelas baking mix. BUT, we eat regular bread and bagels and pizza. You will find your groove. Take a deep breath and make lists and read read read....Ask questions on companies websites, make phone calls, ask for coupons. You will find it will all come into place. Eating out is still hard, but its getting better as awareness grows. And try making your own things....cookies, granola bars, corn muffins etc. good luck!
  5. I have never heard of a classroom where the kids can eat all day long and carry food around with them. Sounds very distracting. How are they doing their work if they are eating all day long? Is this just in this classroom or is that permitted through out the school? If its just that classroom Id ask to switch teachers. If its a school rule then Id meet with principal and explain how this could be harmful to your son and others with different allergies. Perhaps you can be the voice of change.
  6. I believe almost any symptom can be part of Celiacs. We live on Long Island where joint pain is almost always a symptom of Lymes disease. It first and mostly effects the knees, then the ankles. My Son has Lymes. My husband recently has joint pain in the ankle and it was cellulitis from a spider bite or psoriasis infection and caused tendonitis in the ankle. Chronis join tpain can also be Rhumetoid Arthritis (hopefully not though) Just some other ideas for you. Keep your eye on it and check with the doctor if it doesn't go away. good luck
  7. Thanks all - she has been sassy since birth!!! Could be a combination of all - her personality - hormones or minor CC. Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. yes - I replaced the toaster for my daughter. I also use those plastic cooking mats to prepare her food on so it doesn't touch other things from our food. You need your own package of things you dip back and forth into - like mayo, peanut butter, butter, nutella etc..and be sure to use different utensils for cooking gluten free foods.
  9. My Daughter is 7 and was diagnosed almost a year ago. Since then she has been gluten free with a few accidents that result in massive vomiting, stomach cramps, irritability and mood swings. My concern now is that she seems to have mood swings quite often. She's seemingly content and happy and at bed time especially, her mood turns on a dime. She's angry and mad at the littlest thing then apologizes and hugs me the next. Then back to moody then back to I'm sorry - I'm sorry. I am not sure if this has anything to do with Celiacs? or if shes getting glutened without my knowledge? Has anyone had this problem? thank you!