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    I love cats (but no longer allowed to live with any due to son's testing positive for allergy to cat dander several years ago). I do tax returns for a living, but don't love it (don't hate it either). I am the mother of two (usually) wonderful children: 14 1/2 year old daughter (survivor of leukemia (ALL) dx 6/6/94, remission since 7/6/94) and 8 1/2 year old son (dx PDD 10/3/02, later amended to Asperger's Sydrome). Married since 9/23/2000.
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    Bethel Park (Pittsburgh), PA, USA
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hello To All

    Oops, your message posted twice somehow, so I had to choose one or the other to reply to! Welcome! I'm also new here, but unlike you, I don't have my definitive answer yet. As I've said elsewhere, I am seriously considering adopting the gluten-free diet for at least myself and possibly also my son (with not much hope of convincing my husband or daughter -- yet!) no matter what. Congratulations on your pregnancy! (And you'll also appear pregnant for the right reason!) So this is your second? How did your first go? Were you experiencing any problems or symptoms before or during that pregnancy? I wish I had some advice for you, but at least you are on the right track with the gluten-free diet. Good luck!
  3. Yes, please consider what "floridanative" just said. I believe you said you are in the UK -- I wonder if you might have access to the book "Dangerous Grains" by James Braly. I got a copy from my library yesterday and am only about halfway through and am convinced that many, if not most of us, celiac or not, symptomatic or not, can benefit from a gluten-free diet (not that this is any indication that it would be an easy task!). I'm just realizing how naive I was to think that celiac disease was the only reason one might want to avoid gluten. Good luck in your search for finding the solution to what ails you.
  4. Pf Changs

    Wow! I hadn't heard of them before reading this. I've rarely eaten Chinese in my days (whether gluten-free or not) and will definitely put this place on my list of things to try since I did an online search and found that there is one not too far from me(and I was thinking the entire time there was no way I would locate one)! Thanks to everyone for sharing your great discoveries!
  5. You're welcome! I hope you find the support you need. OK, it sounds like you live out (well, "out" for where I am!) around New Stanton or Greensburg? I have my favorite way to go when I go out in that direction, but it does sound like coming in on the Parkway would make more sense when you're going to Oakland and such (um, don't even ask how many times I've made a trip to Children's Hospital!). I'm originally from around the Charleroi and California areas of Washington County, not all that far from where I am now. Even though I'm not attempting to go gluten-free YET (for one thing, just in case more testing is needed, which I HOPE isn't), I'm kind of gearing up to start one of these days soon and need to get as much info as possible on sources. One that's not to far for me, but almost definitely would be for you (unless you enjoy a drive) is Sunnybridge Natual Foods in McMurray. They do have a website: http://www.sunnybridgenaturalfoods.com/ . You might possibly poke around the site sometime and find an event that you might be interested in. Well, I've got a 14 year old who is dying to get on this computer before she has to go to bed. Just shows you your fantasies of growing up to always be the boss don't necessarily come true!
  6. Hey, it's good to hear that someone appreciates Pittsburgh! (Although I've liked what I've seen of Lancaster Co. when I've been there. But I guess I like the excitement of having more "city stuff" around to do.) I lived in Atlanta for a bit over a year and missed the stuff around here (I'm a native of SW PA) (yep, the snow, too!). But now I find that I miss some things about living near Atlanta! So, you probably know, then, that I live practically next door to South Park. I think the lady who heads up the Pgh support group lives in that area. Good luck with the move, whenever that happens.
  7. Thanks for mentioning this. I think from now on I'll ask for copies of my tests. I've been testing high for cholesterol for several years now (and my doctor's office does always give me ALL the numbers, so at least I know my HDL isn't too out of line with my LDL or I'd worry more) -- I didn't know that could also have something to do with celiac disease. Well, it makes sense -- just about everything has something to do with how well (or not well) nourished we are. I'm not sure exactly what got me started looking into celiac disease as a possibility (I don't have any close relatives who have or had symptoms, but a first cousin who was only a year older than me had Crohn's disease for years then died of colon cancer a few years ago, so that made me more aware of intestinal problems). My doctor did get me to thinking along the lines of food intolerance and/or allergy after my last annual physical when I showed him how my eczema was flaring up again and he said the rash looked like it could be from a food allergy. When I had it really bad as a toddler, I know my parents were told to not let me eat chocolate. I guess maybe they thought it was a problem with milk, but I was still given plenty of milk throughout my grade school years (and had almost constant eczema, with maybe an occasional break from it during the summer). I don't know if I have fatty stools or not (don't really check all that much for it) and had read in someone's book (maybe Anne Lousie Gettleman's "Fat Flush") that it is GOOD to have your stools float (I THINK mine sink, but not always, and I'm not positive). One website described stools for one with the condition as sticking to the toilet bowl -- THAT does describe my usual experience (I need to clean the toilet bowl almost every time I use it, but I also live in a very old house that probably has an extremely inefficient flusher!).
  8. I'm not diagnosed (I seem to keep repeating that in my posts this evening) but have symptoms similar to yours that led me to go to my PCP and ask to be tested. He didn't put me off like the time I thought I might have insufficiently treated Lyme disease going back to the 80's (a whole other topic). Before asking, I was afraid he would tell me that celiac disease is actually pretty rare, but he did acknowledge that diagnoses (is that the correct plural spelling) for it seem to be increasing. He did think it odd that I could possibly have it without having trouble maintaining my weight. I'm so glad I asked (prefaced my theory with "I'm afraid you might think I'm silly for thinking this...") but am now on pins and needles waiting for the results, which will probably take at least another week or two because he's not always in that one office and likes to look over the results of all tests and sign off on them before anyone calls the patient. I say definitely go with your instinct that this could be what is ailing you. If it isn't, then you'll know. And if it is, you can take the steps to heal yourself and help to avoid even greater health risks down the road. Even if I find out I do NOT have celiac disease, all the research I've done has convinced me that it is grossly underdiagnosed and I want to lend my support to those who have been diagnosed and those who have it and don't know it.
  9. Swollen Stomach

    Good for me to read all this (not that I mean I'm glad you've all got the belly bloat!). Helps to know I'm not the only one and gives some credence to one of the reasons I sought a diagnosis (which is still pending). My hubby says I've had a bit of a tummy as long as he's known me, but it really blossomed a couple of years after I had my son in 1997 (did regain my figure somewhat after that). I used to be able to wake up in the morning with a somewhat flat stomach which would start to round out again as soon as I ate something (of course, I wasn't paying any attention to what it was). Now it's out there (yep, about 5 or 6 months pregnant looking) all the time. What a difference from when I was pregnant with my daughter in 1990 and I swear up until I was about 6 months that I could wear this one size 4 skirt and could spin it around me, it was that loose. Hoping to find the solution to deflating this thing soon!
  10. Hi, "Weasel"! I haven't been formally diagnosed but only this past week had bloodwork done after I approached my doctor with my suspicions (bless him for not just shoving my gut instinct -- no pun intended! -- aside!). Anyway, I do know of one group in the Pittsburgh area. If you're not already familiar with them, you can check them out at http://www.pittsburghceliacs.org/ . I do believe there is a $20 annual fee if you wish to become a member. I don't know if they have official meetings, but they do list some events on their calendar. I will definitely be doing more investigating if my tests come out positive, and even if they don't, since I may be at least doing a gluten-free trial (and more than a trial if I get good results, mainly the return of my missing energy!). I am in the Bethel Park area, more directly south of Pittsburgh than SW. Are you anywhere nearby? Best of luck to you, Debbbie P.S. Don't like driving downtown? I don't blame you! (But I have to do it sometimes and have gotten a little used to it.)
  11. I've been reading many of the posts after joining yesterday and am impressed with all the experience and knowledge here. I can't even remember exactly how I became interested in celiac disease (which I HAD heard of many years ago) and gluten sensitivity but began doing some research on the internet and even purchased a couple of books and became increasingly convinced of the possibility. I haven't been having the "classic" symptoms but over the past several years have been having a more bloated belly all the time (gettting tired of people asking me when my baby is due!) with various other complaints on and off, like reflux and lots of heartburn. My energy level is about the lowest it's ever been, and I'm extrememely irritable. I'm having a very difficult time concentrating on typing this at the moment, but that may have more to do with not being able to handle the noise level in the room with my 8 yo son and my husband arguing over whether to watch baseball or a Three Stooges tape while my son plays his own version of indoor baseball (he has Asperger's Syndrome, which is a disorder on the Autism Spectrum, and he is very high functioning, but has various developmental delays, mostly emotional). I finally resolved to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist and found one that accepts my insurance, which does not require a referral. When I called the office of the one I chose, they took my information and asked who referred me (myself) and the name of my PCP and said someone would call me back. Two weeks went by with no return call and I tried again after experiencing a couple of days of greater stomach discomfort, but got a busy signal. I gave up and dialed my PCP and made an appointment, which was this past Monday (10/3 -- exactly two years since my son's original dx with Pervasive Development Disorder, or PDD, at exactly 6 1/2 years of age). I found it very difficult to explain to him the vague and various and seemingly not connected symptoms I was having, including the rash I've had on and off since I was a preschooler (I'm now 48) and was always treated as eczema (went into remission for many years during 80's and 90's when I actually supplemented my diet with various cold-pressed vegetable oils). He was aware that I had been experiencing flare-ups of the rash but the ointment he had prescribed for it was not helping. I took a deep breath and said something along the line of "I'm afraid you'll think I'm silly for this, but I'd like to be tested for celiac disease." He did say that people with celiac disease usually have trouble gaining weight, which is the opposite of me over the past several years, though with my first pregnancy in 1990 I had much difficulty gaining weight and had always weighed between 85 and 95 from the ages of 12 up to about age 37 (aside from the pregnancy) when I began to gradually put on some weight, but I put the bulk of it on since 2000 (weigh around 125-130 now, which I think is too much for my 5'1" frame). Actually, it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for this basketball of a stomach I carry around with me (not "fat" anywhere else). Other possible symptoms I've been experiencing are achy joints that "crack," muscle aches and pains, and dull headaches that seem to last for days (I do often get those during tax season since I work as a tax preparer, but that's not going on right now). Now, some might not see this as being a problem, but I also miss being able to drink even wine without having a burning sensation from practically my throat all the way through my entire digestive tract. I used to be able to drink practically anything without any digestive system problems. I've neglected to get my eyes checked since sometime in the mid to late 80's (very bad of me, but my insurance won't cover it and there never seems to be enough $$ left over for it), but I really want to since my eyes have been very dry for at least 10 years (as a matter of fact, I can remember the last time I cried, which was in January of 1994!) and burn and feel gritty much of the time (yeah, could be all this excessive computer use!) -- I've been suspecting of Sjogren's Syndrome for even longer, though I don't seem to have problems with my mouth being dry. OK, just going a little crazy here waiting for results. My doctor indicated that the bloodwork would be conclusive and that a scope would not be necessary, though I'm afraid he might be misinformed on that point. In any case, if the results are positive, then I know what I must do diet-wise and how much work and stick-to-it-tiveness that will require, and if negative, then where do I go next? I'm considering going gluten-free in any case and possibly trying the same with my son since there is some research that suggests that a gluten-free diet can be beneficial for some autistics, though for different reasons (along with going casein free -- and we have been avoiding dairy products for years with my son since ingesting them seems to give him severe constipation). If my testing turns out to be positive, I'm considering convincing my husband to be tested based on many GI symptoms he has been suffering from. I have never yet tried going gluten-free (for more than a few days, anyway, and that would be accidental) but do know that I feel much worse when I eat certain wheat containing foods, especially Shredded Wheat with Bran (for one thing, I feel like I can sleep for the entire rest of the day when I have that, but a breakfast of something like scrambled eggs leaves me feeling much more energetic). I did try a lower carb, higher protein diet some months ago and actually lost several inches around my waist and abdomen while on it (while losing only a couple of pounds) -- I just couldn't stick with it because my carb cravings were so severe and I really don't enjoy very many high-protein foods. This was the "Curves" diet, if anyone is familiar with that, and was done with support of a group with weekly meetings -- someone there said I was probably addicted to carbs and suffering from withdrawal, and I don't doubt it! Will post later once I know. I feel like I can't really get on with the rest of my life until I know. I'm really sorry at how long this got. Thanks for reading if you made it this far -- it really helped to get some of this written down, even if only "on screen." --Debbie