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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm Hungry!

    Last time we went to grill with friends, I took my own chicken and a piece of foil to grill my chicken on so that it didn't touch the grill surface. Also took my own dip and my own chips and told them how sensitive I was. She got out new butter for the potatoes and it was a great evening! Your CC could've come from anywhere - the eggs, the BBQ sauce, it's just hard to tell. It could've come from a pot or even the grill. I get awful abdominal cramping and then nausea and D for days. My stomach burns, my left eye swells and my foot hurts. And I'm dizzy/off kilter. And I can't complete a thought or a sentence. This is a short list - everyone's symptoms are different. If you know gluten is making you sick then you either have to do a gluten challenge for the test or tell your doc NO NO NO and then stay off of gluten. No way could I do a challenge, but that's just me!
  2. I Need Help Dealing

    So glad you're going to see someone. It always help to work through the anger. I talk to someone too. I realized how much I resent everyone who can eat whatever/whenever. In short, I was being a real witch. I hope your visit went well and that you liked the person!
  3. I take 100 mcg of Synthroid and have for years. Since my celiac diagnosis last fall, it's the only medicine that the manufacturer won't guarantee as gluten-free. I spoke with the company today, and the rep confirmed that they do not test and would not guarantee the medicine to be gluten free. She told me to speak to my physician about it. DUH. Yes, I'll call my doc tomorrow BUT....for those of you who take Synthroid, does it seem to bother you? Have you switched to another medication? I had bad celiac test results at my four month follow-up so I'm being extra double careful , as I now know I should've been before with medications. The generic Synthroid was simply abysmal, so that's not an option for this gal!
  4. Agree with everybody about eating non processed foods. I use quinoa as "pasta" when I need a fix. It's very yummy and a whole lot healthier. I use quinoa for almost everything! Just an idea for you. Knowing how much better you feel when eating whole foods that you cook yourself will be all the encouragement you need!
  5. Dedicated Facilities Or Not

    As a rule, I try not to, but, as others have said, it's not required to be labeled so I probably eat a lot more of these "shared facilities" foods than I think when I opt for a package of something. I know Lay's jalapeño kettle chips (total cheat guilty pleasure!!) bother me since I keep a food journal and they seem to be a common "trigger" food, so I don't eat them anymore. Having said that, I'm still learning and it very well may be a reaction to something else.
  6. I haven't had any bad reactions to wine. Unless of course I forget when to quit!
  7. It Hit Me Last Night

    HUGE GREAT BIG HUGS!!! I completely understand too. Just when I think I know all the stuff I can't have, I find something else. Last week it was those robin eggs for Easter. Technically, I think I *knew* I couldn't have them but it wasn't until my hand was going to them for my yearly gorge that I truly KNEW I couldn't have them. I'll neither confirm nor deny tearing up at Walmart. So I came home and baked bread, brownies, and cornbread. And made a huge pot of beans and ham. And drank wine. And ate dark chocolate. It's up and down. More ups lately!! Also, I agree about how much more in control I felt after I cleared out my entire kitchen and started over. That was probably the single most comforting thing that I did.
  8. Awesome Service Experience

    It's wonderful when people "get it." What an awesome call - and a welcome change!
  9. Dealing With People Who Don't Understand

    Yeah, I also find that if I point to my abdominal area and make a very concerned yet quizzical face that most people don't want to talk about gastro stuff and the subject is dropped. The poop factor makes it real! Don't you wish these people could live in our bathroom world for, oh, say, just one long night and then have to force themselves to function with no energy and a foggy brain for days? Just once would do 'em!
  10. Dealing With People Who Don't Understand

    Just tell her you've recently had a bad reaction to something and don't want to "upset the balance" and then rave rave rave about how great everything looks but that you just can't upset the balance." That's what I do. Then quietly slip out your own piece of chicken and whatever veggies you have. I think the first time is the hardest time. I take my own crackers and whatever when we go anywhere. I find the most awkward time is pulling it out of my purse. After that, we're all eating and chatting and it's no big deal. And I agree, it's a great way to get out of some stuff sometimes. I'm glad i'm not the only one...
  11. I'm glad we could help!! LOLOLOL!!! I came home today from out of town to a Domino's box on the counter. He says he cleaned up then he said he'd put his poison pizza away!
  12. Guilt

    I agree! Feel blessed and loved! It's wonderful to feel so supported! My coworkers bring things like pizza and sandwiches and say "OOPS! Should've gotten you something." I just smile. I agree too that if you're worried about cross contamination that you could just bring some of your own goodies to share and show them how good gluten free can be!
  13. I am so glad I posted this here! I wonder if I misheard him about the zinc and he said 25 and not 125? Gotta be? I'm already taking 800 of D so he's adding 600-800 more. That sounds more workable. THANK YOU!
  14. He said supplement with 600-800 of D and 125 of zinc sulfate. I've been taking a multi vitamin with 100% of both for years and also I take calcium which has magnesium and and D3 (100%). D and zinc were the only two "officially" under levels and a couple of others were low normal but he didn't say anything about them (A and ferritin). I think I need a nutrition for dummies book at this point. The more I think I learn, the less I know. Can you recommend a great book or web resource?
  15. Now the doctor plans to retest in three more months and I'm supposed to take more zinc and D since those are below normal. A and ferritin also low but he didn't say to supplement those any more than I already am with my multi-vitamin. I also take sublingual B12 and also calcium (that has magnesium and zinc), so I have no idea what all is going on except that my intestines just aren't healed at all yet. More baby steps. Here's a question: Is there a *better* brand of vitamin that's more easily absorbable than whatever I grab at the drugstore? Thank you for the probiotic. I'll look for it.