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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Sorry if this has been asked a ton, i did a search and nothing pulled up. Does anyone have a link for the updated delphi list?.. thanx a ton!!! cin
  3. Just wondering if any of you have the horrible headaches when glutened, and what you do for them? On my second day of this and just wondering if there is any relief other than sleep? My neck is tight, head pounding, sick to my stomach. I took moltrin, helped a bit with my neck, but my temples and even my face feel like they have a pulse in them. Hurting so bad, contemplating taking a zomig which is for migraines and crawling into the dark. Just really don't want to give in. Does that make sense?
  4. Wow, I read this and it is like I wrote it. I'm so sorry for all you have gone through. No one should have to. I am sick at how they teated you regarding your liver disease. That is beyond horrible. I am from Utah also. I actually see a Nurse Practioner in Ogden. She is an IHC provider. She has been wonderful. I work at a Nursing home and the Dietician here brought me a list of Websites. This one is still my all time favorite. My mom went to McKay Dee Hospital's libary and checked me out two really good books, one on the disease and a cookbook. As far as I know all IHC Hospitals have a libary you can use. I have not joined any support groups yet. I have been told the SLC one is very good. Actually I have been told the Ogden one is great too. I am still really new at this, I was diagnosed last Oct. Everyone here on this site has been wonderful. This has become my support group. I'm still learning but you are more than welcome to write me. I wish you all the best. It does get better and soon you will feel like a brand new person. Monica
  5. Maybe that was it. Still not sure. I do know that I will not eat one of those bars again just in case it was that. I was so sick. It started slowly and got worse and worse. It started out like it was just not agreeing with me, by the next 2 days it seemed like a glutening. I did get sick again recently after eating pumpkin seeds. It was the same effect. Started out slow and then had me down for 5 days. That time also I could not figure out what else I had eaten that triggered it. Maybe a seed thing. Either way things I stay away from now. On the codiene thing, I talked with the Pharmacy consult we have where I work. He said it could have been something they binded the cough medicine I took.
  6. ok so i am slow.. It was definately like something wreaking havoc on my system, but I ended up with the telltale headache and nausea that got worse and worse. Thanksgiving was not fun. The cough syrup was a prescription one with codiene I'm sure it was was that. It was from last year. I threw it out
  7. What part of Utah are you in? I'm from Utah . By the base Cin
  8. I was thinking it was the EnerG brand. But I am not seeing the bar on the web site, so maybe not. It was one of those bars with molasses and sesame seeds. I can't think of anything else unusal I ate. Trust me these days I can list an entire days food on one hand or less. I have been sick still even now. This has actually turned into one of my worse bouts. Thanksgiving was well... not great. I did take some cough syrup the nite before last. Maybe it was that. I just want to figure it out so I don't do this again. Good to know quinioa is ok. My mom had printed off 51 pages from a web site and quinoa was listed as bad. Guess all their info was wrong?... Thanx for your help everyone.. Cinda
  9. Hi all, Ok so I bought this quinoa bar that clearly said gluten free on the package. I got so sick last nite and today and not been real great, not terrible, but not my new usual. My mom printed me some info she had found on another site, and reading it I noticed Quinoa is not considered safe. I did a search on here and yes it is ok. Help... I'm so confused. All i know is I feel like I was glutened, and I could not figure out what I had eaten. Could it have been the bar? cinda
  10. ~~venting~~

    thanx everyone ... i needed that.. as silly as that sounds i just needed to vent... here is my long story it's long so you might not want to read it.. but well i feel like i want to tell it .. and this place seems understanding ...i have been sick off and on for years... almost 12 ... my appendix ruptured 3 months after i had my first son .... so they did a right colectomy so i have half my bowel... i have went from doctor to doctor over the years.. all the symptoms we all have... this last 2 years i had enough... i have been pregnant 8 times... and i have 2 beautiful boys... but i had a fetal demise a year ago in sept. i was 5 months along... and it broke my heart... this was the second one ... and we were debating on one more try... because together we have no children... and he has no biological children of his own... but then i got sick again... bleeding for 4 weeks straight on the pill.. passing clots.. cramping... and in june i had to have a hysterectomy and well i did it because they told me it would help me... the bleeding was out of control.... the headaches.. the bloating... cramping... the sick tummy...endless trips to the bathroom .. the mystery rashes .. and well it didn't help... i got worse... and really it was the last straw... and when i went to the doc this time.. .. a different doc again... i cried and i stood my ground... and she listened... and she checked everything she could think of... and then she checked more.... and when the labs came back this time .. she called and said she thought she knew what was wrong... and so we did more labs... the right ones i guess.. because she called and said we stuck gold... i know what is wrong with you... so see i have been to hell and back.. like most of you... and a good day is wonderful.. and a good week is fantastic... simple fix really... wish we had found it sooner... my doc told me... the reason i would go off and on with this is because stress kicks it up and tiggers worse episodes... that and being sick.. and run down also flares it up ... have any of you been told this?.... she told me having had the right colectomy masked the celiac because everyone assumed i was sick from that... she also told me i am so iron deficient that is probably why was bleeding so bad... when you are anemic you bleed more... she told me that is why had miscarried so many times... and why i did it twice in the second trimester when things were good one day and the baby gone the next... no nutrients for the baby... they checked everything they could think of and had no answers for us...i dunno... why i get so upset when i get sick...or why i let my family and my friend get to me... i have been worse.. and at least i know what is wrong with me.... for the first time in years i do feel better.... sorry so long... and well.. we all have our stories... and there is always someone worse off... i just wanted to get it out. thanx for letting me cinda
  11. i am so frustrated right now.. i have been trying so hard for only a month now.. went out of town... thinking i have maybe been cross contaminated.... i can deal with that... i can deal with the sick, tired, achy body, headache, nausea, .. what i can't deal with is my friends and family... "why are you sick again"... " are you sure this is what you have?" "seems like you have not gotten any been better" "i haven't noticed a change in you" "shouldn't you be better by now" maybe i expect too much... and i am to the point of not telling anyone anymore when i am sick... but i am so grouchy... and ready to pounce.... edgy... kinda hard to hide.. no i don't always feel like this.. i have felt great the last couple of weeks... i try to explain this.. and i get the canned reply's.. "well whatever, seems like you are still sick all the time"... for the first time in years the bathroom doesn't run my life... my jeans fit.. my little jeans fit.... it is like they don't notice the good... only when you are sick... i have given my best friend this site addy and my mom... she read things on here and said oh yeah that is you... and still i get all the remarks like i did today... and bless my mom... she keeps telling me.. so and so is on this vitamin or this health food and now they are cured... she knows of so and so and there sister, mom, grandpa, dad, niece, blah blah blah... they are cured now ... it is never first hand... i have told her over and over... this is a way of life... i accept it.. if i can .. can she try... maybe i am just so on edge that i am reading more into it... it has been barely over a month now since i have been diagnosed... and yes i have still have been sick a lot.. but the good days far out weigh the bad ones... them doubting me.. makes me doubt myself... i just wanted to vent... i read everything on here i can find.. and it helps.. and makes me feel better... like i am not crazy... or feeling sorry for myself... i see it does and will get better... thanx for being there .. all of you... cinda
  12. i know this is a weird question... just trying to find a beef broth that i can make french onion soup with and i have one that seemed ok except not sure of the autolyzed yeast extract thanks!!
  13. Sushi?

    does wasabi have gluten??? uhoh! cin
  14. the oriental market i go to sells sashimi frozen... we thaw it and eat it.. my hubby is japanese and he told me it is the way they freeze if that makes it safe... told me that they freeze it soo cold that it kills the parsites... but after it is thawed you need to eat it within a few days .. and if any left then cook it because it is not safe to eat raw after that... cin
  15. Help!

    thanx everyone for all your help... i'm trying to hang in there and be positive... headache finally went away.. i don't want it back so i'm gonna try harder.... helps to know i'm far from alone... everyone on here is so nice .... and the help is awesome!! and kaiti thanx again for the lists.