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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well thanks everyone... guess I'll give it a try. Gotta be careful these days, so many people trying to get rich with bogus "anything that sells"... especially these book clubs, they will literally sell anything......... thanks again! GC
  2. Just saw this in the book club we belong to... looks like a possible buy........ has anyone read it, and do you think it's worth buying/the money? Thanks, GC
  3. We took leftovers and made a brand new favorite food... 1.5 cups cooked mashed potatoes, 1.5 cups cooked grits, 1 cup brown rice flour, 1 small -grated- onion, 2 eggs, salt/pepper... mix, shape into patties, and pan fry on both sides 'til golden brown. Yum yuuummmmm, good! Goes great with applesauce, eggs, sausage, and/or whatever you like for breakfast. GC
  4. They're getting ready to chip away at our liberty a bit more; food labels: http://www.infowars.com/articles/ps/congre...ood_content.htm
  5. Low Blood Pressure

    It's been normal for me... the worst was noted during a doctor visit when I was a kid; 80/40--at which point my poor mom almost fainted when told this was low, but not unexpected in children with asthma. I now know it had far less to do with asthma, and much more to do with Celiac. Never understood why I was so skinny, 'cause I ate fairly good as I got older... and I missed my teenage "growing phase", being as big at 10 yrs old as I am now. The Celiac really robs your body of the nutrition to function and grow as 'normal' people do..... About a year ago, during having a tooth pulled, my blood presure was actually on the high side... likely from storing too much glucose/fat, but it's now returning to normal after being gluten-free 6 months. BTW... being dizzy/light headed was normal as a skinny kid, and as an over-weight adult. GC
  6. Irregular Heartbeat

    Cindy... the label tells the name of the artificial sweetener--it's been yrs, and I can't remember the name of the junk they use now. Look at the label and do a Google search... that'll scare you away from diet! She died from cancer, a tumor, or smething... the better-half can't remember, and she's the one who told me about it. She was only about 25 yrs old, but drank around 3-4 cans a day. I'm a hillbilly from rural North Carolina, so we always just called it cola, soft drinks, or the name brand--it's the better-half that calls it 'pop'... she's from N.Y., and they say "pop". Rubbed off on me; it sounds odd, so I naturally like the term! BTW, this is how I've come to look at it; if one consumes calories from potatoes, carrots, squash, and/or a number of other foods, then reducing that can allow for a little "sugar" from something you drink... it's [mostly] the same to the body. GC
  7. Irregular Heartbeat

    Cindy, yrs ago I did the 'diet pop thing' trying to loose weight, and it almost killed me [literally]. I didn't understand at the time, because of always feeling crappy, but it was the diet drinks. It got to a point where my face hurt like I'd stuck it in a microwave over or something similar....... I'd been on political discussion/news groups for yrs, and we told each other (other) important news we heard of, that wasn't in the mainstream media, medical system, etc. Right at the time of this problem, someone posted about diet foods, and how harmful they are. I'd already stopped drinking pop, but wasn't sure why it bothered me so much... those chemicals in diet stuff damages the body on a cellular level, and causes far more deaths than the media/doctors/etc even hint of. After all this, we learned of a young woman just down the road that had died, and they found out it was from diet pop!....... We never touch it anymore, we just make flavored drinks with very little sugar... you get used to it within a few months. GC
  8. Hopefully you won't have an extreme appetite for 4 months as I did, but relax it's likely just your body (attempting to) repairing damage from partial 'nutritional starvation'... though it would be a good idea to eat [during this time] the highest quality food you can--that's acceptable to your individual system. A recently gluten-free Celiac will likely repair bones, muscle, organs, even hair, gums, teeth, nails, etc....... The hardest part is trying to avoid candy, ice cream, and all the more enjoyable cravings... sure was for me. GC
  9. I notice you said you eat little meat, eggs, etc... maybe you're eating too much carbs, starch, etc, and you may be getting to much fiber. I had bloating all the time, but felt much better when cutting back on those foods... and I'm talking about the time before learning of Celiac. Part of the time, I had D, then followed by Constipation, then back to "hot 'n' mushy" or D. Most think fiber makes you always go, which is partly right; but this can often be followed by constipation, stomachaches, gas, bloating, etc. You might also consider "food combining", smaller meals, drinking little or nothing with food, not mixing/eating raw fruit [or fruit juice] with other foods, checking out the 'blood type diet/food lists', etc. Good luck, GC
  10. I thought that kind of food looked familiar... I'm from W.N.C.--and you forgot the grits with breakfast! :-) Now to the food list: Eggs, omlets, (fresh market ground/lower fat) sausage, grits, fried potatoes or potato cakes, applesauce... at times; [fresh/raw] fruit, fruit 'n' yogart, and a few times a year; {gluten-free} cornflakes. Other meals; Green beans, green peas, black-eyed peas, field peas, yellow-eyed beans (cooked with ham), cranberry/october beans, baked beans, split-peas, red peanut beans, greasy cut-shorts, broccoli, collards, spinach, kale, romaine, leaf lettuce, zuchinni, butternut, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, chicken breasts (baked, grilled, smoked, marinaded/grilled), smoked whole chicken/turkey, smoked trout, fried chopped/cube steak (coated with rice flour--cooked in 48% soybean oil [margarine] spread), stew with beef or smoked chicken, also; burgers wrapped in head/leaf/romaine lettuce, seared/boiled beef roast, etc. Rice 'n' gravy (cornstarch thickened), johnny-cakes (100% cornmeal--no "Mix")..... for snacks; celery topped with [lowfat] peanut butter, nuts, seeds, {gluten-free} mini candy bites/bars, etc.
  11. What a sobering thread... guess us men don't think about these things like we should. One can only imagine the number of people who have poorer health because a (or both) parent is Celiac... Sorry to hear of you women having this happen to you... it really is more important to spread the word [about Celiac] than we might sometimes think! GC
  12. I agree, many of our health issues are caused by 'value added' "food", that the food industry conditions us to except as "healthy 'n' nutritious". And of course, doctors and the like also push this on us......... We cook most all our food, eat local eggs, buy [seasonal] veggies from local growers, even had our own garden 'til I got to sickly to make one. Everyone would benefit from eating as much 'real food' as possible... the food/drug/medical system depends on us doing the contrary. GC
  13. Food Group Combining

    Yes, it's GREAT! Years before learning of being a Celiac, I started doing 'food combining', the 'Blood Type Diet', 'mini-meals', 'fruit on an empty stomach and alone', etc. All these things are likely the reason I'm still kickin'! Food combining isn't as critical now (being gluten-free), but it still helps, and I'll never remove it from my eating habits. It didn't seem to be an issue when my body was in "hyper-regeneration mode" (first 4 months), but now at 6 months, I notice I'm back to having more sensitivities (but less than before). BTW, I first learned of this from 'Fit For Life' by Harvey Diamond. I had a book he mentions, but can't remember the name. I sent it to my sister, and she lost it. GC
  14. Hungry All The Time

    Yes, your body DOES need that extra food... Celiac is equivalent to some degree of starvation, and don't forget the damage to bone, muscle, organs, etc. It takes alot of nutrients from quality foods to enable regeneration, and it can start within days of going gluten-free. I was/felt like a ravenous beast after roughly 7-10 days; eating chicken breasts, collards, nuts/seeds, black-eyed peas, broccoli 'n' cheese, beans, even potatoes, etc, etc, as if I were eating for two. And it didn't let-up until 4 months later. JMHO, GC
  15. Chhhhhillllssss

    This winter has been better, but the 2 before this one were rough... after being outside, I'd come in so cold my legs were shaking. Not to mention my hands being almost stiff... now, my hands still get colder than 'normal', but the body is fine if I wear proper clothing. Exercise also helps during winter, something I wasn't able to do until recently... but it does seem to help alot. GC