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  1. Hi everyone this is my first time asking a question on the forum. Does anyone know how long it takes being gluten free to help adhd and mood disorder? I have an 11 year old son and he has to take alot of meds and his Dr thinks that we can get him off the meds if he goes gluten free . He has always had adhd even when he was small he could not stay still and play with one thing. As he got older he destroyes everything, flyes mad over the least thing punches holes in the walls, he will get something taken away for several days and when he gets it back he does the samething over again and again. He procrastanates when we ask him to do anything. He has failing grades in school this year and will not study to make good grades. He always has to be first or the winner. At one time he would hit me. He thinks he is always right about anything no matter what I say. We had a brain scan done when he was 8 at the Amens clinic , but we didn't have the money for a follow up scan. We had food sesativaty test done and he had a sensetivaty to gluten and dairy. We tried gluten free but he would not eat and lost weight bad that we had to stop it. He has been gluten free this time since Nov. 9th. We have seen a slight difference so far he is eating better this time too. His Dr has 3 paitents that are gluten free and they do not take any meds. If anyone knows a time frame please let me know. 56mom