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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have never had a symptom and didn't even know I had celiac. It has been two months without gluten. I asked my doctor about the no symptom t all eating gluten once in awhile. He said NO WAY! Even though you don't feel anything then damage still occurs. My biggest problem is that if my no symptoms continue to occur I will never know about cc so I need to be extra careful. Don't eat gluten willingly it's not worth it and will harm you.
  2. I understand this. It's been two months and I feel worse each day. I had no symptoms now its bloating, gurgling, loose stool and fatigue among other things. I go back to the doctor Thursday and hopeful to get some answers besides the "your body is healing" response. Stick with it and try not to get down. Sounds easy but I know it's not.
  3. So far it has been 12 days gluten free as far as I know. I have been reading ingredients , eating more whole foods and watching closely and this doesn't mention that I am married to the gluten police chief. I had no symptoms to begin with and do not yet notice a positive change. However, my stomach is like a gurgling machine, I am often bloated and my BM is well different. Throw in the fact that I am tired most of the time and this is where I am. Is this typical? With that said I am trying many gluten free foods which are great.
  4. Three days so far keeping a journal no gluten. Appointment with nutritionist next week. Whole foods and what I cook right now. Making soup tonight never knew to check chicken broth now I do. Why limit dairy? Does anyone recommend acidophilus and if so why? Not sure about what supplements I am going to need. Currently just taking my multi vitamin.
  5. Well today is pretty much it for any gluten that I will be aware of. Cleaned out cabinets and went shopping. Going to a dinner tonight and will watch what I eat. Went shopping and bought a bunch of fruit, veggies and other items I can eat no problem. Thanks for all the help,so,far.
  6. My doctor is great. Dr stein in garden city ny a truly outstanding person. My wife isn't messing around. I wish it was the celiac that caused me to be obese but sadly it was more likely the diet that consisted of fried foods, loaded baked potatoes, bags of snacks , soda and a pint of Ben and Jerry's every other night was most likely the culprit. Looking back an awful diet lucky I didn't need to lose more than that. I live on Long Island just a stones throw from NYC but there are a few gluten free bakeries close by and trader joes. The beer oh well nothing like a kettle one and tonic with some fresh orange. I think it will be challenging at first more because the desire. I am keeping a food journal of what I am eating compared to what I did eat. I know where the problems will be starting with breakfast I usually eat oatmeal, already ordered fg stuff, and chex which happens to be my favorite. I usually eat a granola bar mid morning but can easily replace that with fruit or kinda bars. Lunch typically is a rice cake with peanut butter and either pretzels or carrots followed by a late afternoon yogurt. Dinner will really be the focus but I enjoy cooking. I make two soups a week and control all ingredients. Any small pasta suggestions are appreciated because pasta fagiola is a staple here. What exactly are whole foods? I know this will not be easy but I will get it done. I will miss the Milky Way though but I understand peanut butter cups are good to go
  7. Actually was initially a colonoscopy but my doctor said may as well do both at the same time. I figured may as well get it all done while I was out. Reading all the labels and already have books being sent from library. Best way to get educated is to ask questions. Don't want cancer or any other problem related. As I said this came as a complete shock. Looking back on it now there may have been some signs but because they were never severe and I didn't know about this disease never gave it a second thought.
  8. Not ballking at gluten free at all. Want to get as much information as possible. Already started marking things and by January 1 no gluten in my future. I had never heard of celiac disease prior to the diagnosis it seemed to have come completely out of left field. The endoscopy was because I had a complete physical and lack one half of a family history. My doctor recommends endoscopy now instead of at 50 solely because I don't know one half of my family tree history for any medical problems. Also sent to cardiologist for a complete work up. I already eat fruit and veggies fresh. Live on rice cakes and peanut butter. Thankfully pasta isn't a staple but bread with my homemade soups and bagels living here in New York is a problem. The beer no big deal casual drinker who will just switch to something like vodka of gin on that occasion. What I am fining surprising is all the hidden places that gluten can be. I am also lucky enough to be married to a woman who will now be the gluten police. I had to,change my diet once to lose 40 pounds this looks to be another change. As I said trying to get as many helpful tips as I can. Thank you all.
  9. Not sure how to start. I know it sounds stupid but in the past few days since diagnosed I have been reading like crazy. Doctor said to start eliminating immediately should be free by the end of the month. My goal is to eliminate all gluten by December 31 or sooner. Carefully looking at my diet this week to see what has gluten and what I can replace it with. It may be the hidden gluten because the biggies are not real,problems. Any advice is appreciated not sure what I am looking at or how difficult this will be.
  10. I am 44 years old and have been very recently diagnosed with celiac disease. This came as a huge surprise to me because I had no symptoms. Went in for a routine endoscopy and the doctor said there was some inflammation he saw and requested the blood test. The test came back positive with no doubt as was confirmed by the pathology report. The doctor was actually surprised at the results. Not really sure what to make of this whole thing. I understand changes will need to be made but what happens if I don't go full gluten free? I hi k this would be easier to accept if I had any symptoms at all. Doctor said I would feel better in a few months but I don't feel bad at all.