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  1. thanks everybody, I never expected it would be that harm to eat small amounts of gluten food! this is really shocking! I am from Syria , here gluten food is more spread than anywhere in the world, and here there's nothing called gluten-free foods or even whole food markets! no body knows about this disease - even doctors- , and those few people I told them about my disease were very shocked that I wont be able to eat bread! my brother sayed that even poeple with cancer can eat bread!! bread is the most common food in the middle east, it's present in all meals of the day! in some local accents they call 'bread' with the same arabic word that means 'life'! dropping this 'life' has been the most difficult to me until now besides the more time I spend on preparing food after excluding fastfoods. anyway, thank you very much, glad to be with this non-bread community:) I would like to ask also about the corn flakes is it safe enough?? there is a dressing pronounced "Kari", it's from east asia , colored yellow. I dont know if it's common in your country , but anybody has an idea if it's gluten free or not?
  2. hi everybody, I have been on gluten free diet for two weeks, my questions: 1- how long will it take until observable heal? 2- how damaging is it when eating a gluten food rarely? in visits & invites I find it hard to refuse eating while I am a guest! or I will just sit and look at them while they are all eating? that's inappropriate! thanks