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  1. Thanks, CyclingLady. I was inaccurate in my last post. The sores corresponded to my starting Natur-throid(a medication similar to Armour). The doctor thought I might be allergic to it, so a couple of months ago, we switched to Synthroid/Cytomel. The armour/natur-throid/synthroid all have T4, which (i think) is the culprit in triggering DH flares. No change in rash/sores with medication switch. Like so many doctors, he knows his own area(hormones), but nothing about DH and its relationship to iodine. I've looked on line and found nothing 'official' on this either that I can send him. Sue
  2. Went to the dermatoligist today and got hold of my celiac panel blood tests from September of this year. I can't remember if I was taking topical steroids at the time, but the results are incredibly negative. Nothing even suspicious. Which makes me wonder if I should look for another reason for the sores that are all over my body and which coincided with my starting to take Synthroid back in March--and which I had thought were DH. I had not realized that the test included total IgA, and had been banking on IgA deficiency, which turns out not to be true either. My results are as follows: Deamidated Gliadin Abs, IgG 1 units(0 19) t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA < 2 U/mL (0-3) t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgG < 2 U/mL (0-5) Endomysial Antibody IgA Negative Immunoglobulin A. On, Serum 120 mg/dL 91 - 414. Dermatologist says can no longer help, since all my results have been negative. Has anyone else had such negative test results, yet still benefitted from a gluten free diet or pursued a diagnosis from a Celiac center? Feeling very despondent. Sue
  3. So what was your conclusion, Squirmingitch? That it was indeed DH and the iodine in the thyroid med was causing it and exposing underlying Celiac? Or had your husband already had a +ve diag. for celiac/DH? Sue
  4. Thanks squirmingitch. Will see the derm. on Friday and ask for the Iga deficiency test and a trial of Dapsone, though doubt he'll be receptive to the latter. Wanted to test my theory that this is DH caused by the iodine in the thyroid medications--the rash came up when I started the meds in March--so I put a couple of drops of Lugols iodine on my calf and covered it with a Bandaid. There seemed to be no reaction after 12 hours or so, but this am(about 30 hours later) when I touched the area(flat, no visible blistering), the top skin rubbed off and it's weepy underneath. Of course, I've no idea if this would happen to anyone, or whether this is a clue. Can't find anything really out on the net and not sure whether to mention it to the derm., who I suspect is starting to think I'm just a neurotic. If anyone has tried this themselves and had some kind of reaction, would love to hear from them. Regards. Sue
  5. Thanks again for your reply. The itching does not keep me awake or wake me up usually. The itching does feed on itself. When I'm at work, areas that are inaccessible are left alone. It is bilateral and very symmetrical and seems to appear in a symmetrical fashion. Started on back, then butt and breasts, then lower legs, then upper arms, then lower arms. These areas are surrounded by very rough skin, though unaffected areas are not rough(neck, thighs, stomach, face). Scratching the very rough skin results in tiny bits of hard matter coming out and this may then initiate a sore, though not all the sores were started by scratching. In the beginning, they appeared as red bumps that then had hard white centers. Regardless of degree of scratching the sores seem to have a life span of a month or so, during which time white bits come out along with sticky weepy liquid and blood, then they fade to rough reddened lumps, then to flat hyperpigmented areas. These have yet to fade. A diagnosis is important, in case it's something else that will get worse if not dealt with. Sue
  6. Thanks, Squirmingitch for the valuable information and taking the time to reply. Re itchiness. Should have mentioned that the rash was very, very itchy. And curiously awesome to scratch and pick the scabs off of(sorry--gross!). Was applying a topical steroid(clobetasol proprionate foam), dotting it on the sores, up to the day of the latest DH biopsy, possibly even that morning(can't remember, since it was the 14th day of the course). Also, on the day of the test I was taking cortef(17.5 mg a day, alternating days with adderall for adrenal issues), so could this combo have invalidated the test? Agree, did not get the 'YAY' moment with the steroid foam, but was very very conservative with it. Not being on the cortef for 3 months is really not an option. It enables me to hold down a job and pay for healthcare! Would it still invalidate the test by itself i.e. w/o the topical? It's a very small physiologic dose(equivalent to about 4 mg of prednisone). Regards. Sue
  7. I have already had the full celiac panel, but not a baseline IgA. The panel was negative for celiac. I have also had a DH biopsy--also negative(taken from an area of skin adjacent to a new sore). I'm not especially interested in my IgA status--but am concerned that despite these results, I could still have an issue related to gluten. Particularly since this rash is entering its 10 month and despite seeing 3 dermatologists, I have no diagnosis. I'm really wondering if it's possible for a DH biopsy to result in a false negative result due perhaps to IgA deficiency. Sue
  8. Hi everyone. New here and hoping my story resonates with some of you and that you can help me out. Here's my story: Have felt unwell for 9 years now. Started thyroid medication(Armour) and b12 shots back in March of this year. Developed a rash(hard yellow pustules) , which developed into weeping sores that are mostly between my shoulders and down my arms, but are all over, including 3 on my face. Skin rough to the touch(unusual for me). Went to Dermatologist #1 in May--diagnosis=itching/scratching. Switched from Armour to Synthroid/Cytomel thinking might be allergic to Armour. Sores continued. Dermatologist #2 in July--biopsy negative for fungus/bacteria. Blood test for celiac(at my suggestion) negative. No total IgA. Topical elidol, then steroids. No improvement. Stopped the B12 shots. Sores no better. Dermatologist #3 in October. High potency steroid, no improvement. Adjacent biopsy for Celiac and other autoimmune stuff. Negative. GP: various blood tests for autoimmune. Negative. One thing that resonated with me was that years ago when I was suffering from night sweats, my OB/GYN tested me for TB and other illnesses. She commented that I had no antibodies to any of these things, and that she'd never seen that before. Which leads me to my latest theory of possible IgA deficiency. However, if I am IgA deficient, how could I have DH, if that is what this is? Isn't it the IgA that causes the rash? Or do other Immunoglobulins step in and cause the same problem in the presence of deficiency? Also now realizing that it could be the iodine in the thyroid meds. that have triggered this, if it's DH. So the question is, is it worth having a blood test for IgA deficiency? Any ideas? Regards. Sue