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  1. Why yes it is! jmg and myself are NCIS, I mean NCGS specialist/experts or is it NCGI people ourselves. posterboy,
  2. LilyR, jmg has given you good resources/links. I used to have constant issues with ear infections that went away when I went gluten free. And recurrent bronchitis they I never have now. NCGS can cause low grade inflammation that you don't realize at the time . .. till you stop eating gluten. That said have you been checked for a UTI infection. It is not uncommon to have low grade fevers when you have one. My friend at work recently had a bad spell of health and the only symptom she complained about before coming down with a bird flu virus was a low grade persistent fever (not for a few months but for a few years). The last time I had bronchitis before it became pneumonia I had a low grade fever in the few months before my pneumonia diagnosis. Keep looking is my advice to you. Low grade fevers are fighting off an infection . . sometimes we don't know why until other symptom's present themselves. I do know that when I went gluten free most of my chronic health issues got better. I can only assume it (gluten) was triggering inflammation in my body. I hope you find out what is the cause of your fever and that being gluten free helps it. ****** this is not medical advice just some of the ways going gluten free helped me and some possible other causes of a low grade fever that have happened to myself or others that I know of. posterboy,
  3. Victoria1234, Dreaming is a sign the Magnesium is working. I went probably 10 years without remembering a dream and within the first week of taking Magnesium. I now dream regularly. posterboy,
  4. Darla1508, Have you tried a B-Complex. Like say a B-50 or B-100. Try taking it with each meal for two or three months to see if this helps. B-Vitamins are known to help Celiac's. https://www.celiac.com/articles/21783/1/B-Vitamins-Beneficial-for-Celiacs-on-Gluten-Free-Diet/Page1.html Or had your Iron levels checked? See this research from Natural News http://www.naturalnews.com/040563_vitamin_B_deficiency_panic_attacks_iron.html People who have panic attacks have been shown to be low in B-6 and Iron. I would also try some Zinc cold Lozenges they can help with Anxiety. Zinc in lozenge form (sublingual's) will become metallic in taste when you have enough Zinc. The first couple days or a week will taste like the cherry or orange flavor you bought but usually before you finish the first bottle they will become metallic in taste when your body has absorbed enough. They really helped my anxiety I used to have daily. For the Magnesium try finding a Magnesium Glycinate form it works wonders for depression. here is the link to that research entilted "Rapid recovery from major depression using magnesium treatment". https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16542786/ Magnesium is great for energy, cramps and fatigue as well! There is hope! I don't think I ever had low iron but I definitely had low Zinc levels once upon a time. And I know I had B-6 issues then too because my homocysteine levels were elevated once upon a time before taking a homocysteine tablet (under a doctor's supervision) (that has B-6) in it when my anxiety was the worst but I never associated the two because I didn't know there was an association. I hope this is helpful. ****this is not medical advice just my experience with anxiety and depression and nutrients that helped me. 2 Timothy 2: 7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included. Posterboy by the grace of God,
  5. Raelynne, I remember someone else talking about food dyes on this board and having and a poor GI experience . . it is worth checking/experimenting with the m&ms and see if you have the same reaction again. Some people do react (have been known to reach to food dyes in m&ms). Here is a google search from heathline about food dyes in general. http://www.healthline.com/health/allergies/understanding-food-dye-allergies#testing4 and see this thread specifically about food dyes in m&ms that might be triggering some on of these symptom's. http://www.confectionerynews.com/Ingredients/Mars-defends-M-M-s-artificial-colors-says-natural-switch-takes-time but you will have to try the m&ms again without your chips to see if m&ms by themselves have caused your symptom's and not something else. keep us updated and I hope it is not the m&ms but it could be. Now it only takes some testing to verify your hunch. I hope this is helpful. posterboy by the grace of God,
  6. EmilyLMT, I do a lot of nutrition research and the key is finding something that works for someone else . . then it usually works for others too! I had a friend who used to have the same problems you mentioned. Antibiotics typically is the knee jerk response. But look up D-Mannose. It is a simple sugar. It is the active ingredient in the popular cystex line of health products for UTI's. https://www.cystex.com/about-cystex/cystex-urinary-health-maintenance/ It can be found at Walgreens and most other pharmacy's and can be taken when your UTI flares up or taken prophalytically (maintenance dose) to keep UTI's at bay. It works' on this principal. Because bacteria likes the simplest sugars best. They jump/release from the bladder/urethra wall to go to eat the D-Mannose and are flushed out by your urine in the process. She used to have fever's from her outbreaks and would get better in a few days even without antibiotics. It sounds too good to be true but it works like a charm. See their reviews on the product page out of 35 reviews 28 reviews are ***** Five Stars. You can buy it other places and in different products. But you need to find one with D-Mannose in it. Some diabetic products have Mannitol in them because it increases blood sugar less than sucrose but Mannitol in higher doses can have a laxative effect and why they say don't over do it. But you usually have to take in large doses to be a problem. Mannitol is popularly used in diabetic friendly gums as an alternative sweetener for this reason. Here it the webmd information page about D-Mannose. http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1114-D-MANNOSE.aspx?activeIngredientId=1114&activeIngredientName=D-MANNOSE *** this in not medical advice but it helped my friend with the same problems. I hope this is helpful. 2 Timothy 2: 7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included. posterboy by the grace of God,
  7. Janewholovesrain, Have you tried B-2 aka Riboflavin. Taking B-2 worked for me. Most B-Vitamins need to be taking 2 to 3 times daily for best effect. You did not say how often you were taking your B-complex. Taken with each meal of a good B-complex mix of say a B-50 or B-100 should help your Angular Cheilits in two to three months. But you can take B-2 alone though it best to take B's in a complex like you were doing so your B's don't get out of balance. Once your urine turns bright yellow your kidneys are bypassing excess Riboflavin and your dose or frequency can be cut back. This is easy enough to see. The brighter (they call it neon urine) the urine the more B-2 your body is bypassing. The color of your urine will go clear a couple days to a week max after you stop the B-2. Usually it takes about 3 months to take enough B-2 Riboflavin to get rid of most Angular Cheilitis. I know had the same problem as you described. I could get rid of it but couldn't keep it away. When I began taking the Riboflavin 3/day my Angular Cheilitis went away for good. I hope this is helpful. **** this is not medical advice only my person experience with Angular Cheilitis and taking B-2 to help this condition after suffering for years with it. 2 Timothy 2:7 "Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things" this included. posterboy by the grace of God,
  8. Plumbago, Invest in some Lysine an amino acid. It can be used prophylactically to keep sores at bay. Taking it in high doses say 1,000mg two or three times daily can help them heal quickly. Here is an old thread about this topic. There are many other threads that talk about this. Here is a newer thread about the same topic that has some additional ideas. But in essence apply the three week rule. If it doesn't get better in 3 weeks go and see your doctor about it. But Lysine helped even my most severe ulcer/mouth sore outbreaks in less than a week when I used to get them all the time especially if I swilled salt water in addition to the Lysine. But Lysine keeps them at bay for me. *** this is not medical advice but I hope this is helpful. posterboy,
  9. This may be because it is now working so sorry if I' am late to the party. I think for me I was was using it wrong and maybe other's have done the same thing. If I click in the white space for quote. It quotes find. if I click on the + sign for multiquote (though I think it is for quote) it looks like it won't let me quote the post I think I am posting because I have a message for quote 1 post and a I think it is not working but it is only waiting for me to quote another thread. It could be people might be confusing the two?? I know I was. I hope this is helpful. posterboy.
  10. cycylinglady and pavlovcat, I wasn't trying to alarm just make pavlovcat aware of a disease that might also explain these "set of symptom's" and if she had already a formal Rynaud's diagnosis then it could be helpful for her to know that a differential diagnosis of this conditon/disease should include a 2nd look at Carcinoid syndrome. It (CS) is only one of 10+ disease's Rynaud's might also be. http://www.medicinenet.com/raynauds_phenomenon/related-conditions/index.htm I study a lot and it was basically unknown to me the first time I heard of it. there is actually several different disease her Rynaud's might be and was only trying to be helpful. Because if you don't know to look for something or where to look for it (like your lost keys) you never find them. symptom's are "keys" in the medical world and we often think they only fit one door (diagnosis) but the truth is symptom's can fit many doors. The trick is finding the correct door . . . alas if only it was that simple right? Vitamins/Minerals are keys to good health in my book and why I advocate for them and try to find what vitamin/mineral unlocks my door to health first. So if I study a lot (and most of do on this board) then I knew pavlovcat was probably not aware that carcinoid syndrome at least is as common as rynaud's syndrome and lupus and should be investigated as a 2nd opinion. We think everything it black and white (or would like to believe it is) as you note cycylinglady. . ..not everything fit's a textbook description. And if it does some time's the doctor is looking in the wrong text book (disease). And if they never open the Pellagra/Carcinoid Syndrome book they never find it. They find Reynaud's syndrome or lupus or sjogren's instead and that would be a dis-service to pavlovcat if no one mentioned this possibilty. because people recover from Pellagra when they are provided the proper nutrition. And Carcinoid syndrome is a inborn metabolic malfunction in processing of the way the body uses tryptophan to make serotonin instead of niacin thus causing Pellagra like symptom's. And taking Niacinamide can treat the diarrhea that pavlovcat described as her main symptom a classic sign of carcinoid syndrome. here is the abstract. http://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamadermatology/article-abstract/532653 quoted in it's entirety below because I am sure I did not explain it well. Abstract "Pellagra and the Carcinoid Syndrome" "Pellagra, a disease of niacin-deficiency, may occur in association with the carcinoid syndrome. A 63-year-old black woman had both diseases. In the carcinoid syndrome, functioning tumor cells indirectly depress endogenous niacin production by diverting tryptophan metabolism towards serotonin and away from niacin. Anorexia and diarrhea, frequently present in the carcinoid syndrome, reduce the availability of exogenous niacin by decreasing the amount ingested and absorbed. The decreased availability of endogenous and exogenous niacin eventually results in the depressed tissue niacin levels responsible for the development of pellagra. In our patient, oral and parenteral administration of niacinamide (nicotinamide; the amide form of niacin) led to rapid clearing of the pellagrous dermatitis." Which is to to say a "shot" of Niacinamide helped the "odd and rare" set of symptom's. they are so rare today we and doctor's do not recognize them as Pellagra when we see them any more. we call them possibly rynaud's syndrom or carcinoid syndrome if we are lucky and realize that a vitamin can help this condition and quickly under the right supervision and treatment. I hope this is helpful. 2 Timothy 2: 7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included. 2 Corinthians (KJV) 1:3,4 3) “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; 4) who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.” ****this is not medical advice but deep research and a keen eye for patterns that I first saw present in myself when I was first diagnosed as a Celiac after 30+years of suffering from un-diagnosed Pellagra. good luck on your continued journey pavlovcat. posterboy by the grace of God,
  11. pavlovcat, oh it's late and I forget this quick webmd slideshow that has a great 13 slide presentation of the overview of the symptom's of carcinoid syndrome. http://www.webmd.com/cancer/ss/slideshow-carcinoid-symptoms their one side says it all to me it is a set of symptom's much like celiac disease. A Set of Symptoms "Carcinoid syndrome occurs when these tumors have spread to organs outside the intestine. The syndrome can also occur with a carcinoid tumor of the ovary. The symptoms of carcinoid syndrome may not occur for several years, if they occur at all. Many of its symptoms mimic those of other medical conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome." Again I hope this is helpful. posterboy,
  12. pavlovcat, Plumbago is right you have a medical problem. We can't diagnose or treat you but we can offer you advise based on our own research and the symptom's we have had for ourselves that have occurred as part of our celiac diagnosis. Using my the SWAG method. If you don't know what SWAG stand's for look it up. Cycylinglady this is for your daughter too! pavlovcat it is one thing to diagnose a disease it is much harder sometimes to recover from it. I have focused on nutrition to help me. A note on the Magnesium find you a Magnesium Glycinate form and it won't flush you. here is thread that talks about how to take Magnesium for best effect but in short find a Magnesium GLYCINATE and you will be happy with your results. Remember I said of late I have transitioned to the Glycinate form for many reasons and this is one of those reasons. back to the SWAG. I think you have all the symptom's of Carcinoid Syndrome. The Reynaud Syndrome comment triggered my memory. The blue veins symptom also is a sign of Carinoid Syndrome. I remember cyclinglady talking about her daughter who has Reynaud's Syndrome so I researched it some and it turns out Carinoid Syndrome has many of the same"differntial diagnosis" symptom's. It is a syndrome with many symptom's but many of them match up to the symptom's you are having. I know this because I am dubbed the "Pellagra Professor" on this board and it is one of the more advanced (considered inborn) presentations of Pellagra as you mentioned you have always had it disease and can be confused for Reynaud's syndrome. the excessive weight loss could be from the diarrhea. the poor nutritional status is obviously effecting your thyroid too! Many thyroid problems are reversible with proper nutrition. The Minerals that work best for thyroid problems are Iodine and Selenium. Selenium is found in Brazil nuts and algae supplements have a lot of Iodine or you can just put some on your skin (half dollar size) every night until it stains you in the morning a sign your body is no longer low in iodine. Just like the zinc lozenges your body will self regulate its' need for Iodine by not absorbing it anymore - hence the stain 8 hours later (in the morning) when your body is no longer low in Iodine. Zinc is important too and can be found in Pumpkin seeds. here is a NYtimes article that discusses the many ways a thyroid condition can present itself. The term often used for Thyroid problems is a "thyroid storm". https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/02/well/live/think-like-a-doctor-the-sick-traveler-solved.html here is a good overview of the ways carcinoids syndrome presents. it also explains the PCOS you have. they are carcinoid tumor instead (Usually benging) typically only found on an autopsy so don't let this scare you. http://www.carcinoid.org/for-patients/videos/carcinoid-tumors-and-the-carcinoid-syndrome-whats-new-in-the-therapeutic-pipeline/ according to the carcinoid foundation quoting "In a group of 91 patients, analysis of how they came to clinical attention revealed that three-quarters of patients came to attention because of diarrhea. Two-thirds came to attention because of flushing. You can have severe diarrhea with virtually no flushing. You can have severe flushing with trivial diarrhea, but most commonly patients will have both flushing and diarrhea." again this is only a swag guess but it give you something else to consider. who know's it is probably wrong but Pellagra present's more in Celiac' patients that most doctor's are aware of. celiac.com ran an article on it 6 months ago and carcinoid syndrome is like Pellagra on steroids because their is in born processing error of serontonin it is believed. https://www.celiac.com/articles/24658/1/A-Differential-Diagnosis-How-Pellagra-Can-be-Confused-with-Celiac-Disease/Page1.html it if is carcinoid syndrome then taking Niacinamide in massive doses can help the diarrhea. I need some sleep but wanted to respond before going to bed so you could do some research on it your self. there is at least a 50% I am wrong maybe a 90% chance I am wrong but it is worth shot. ****this is not medical advice but something that it could be????? course it could not be too! I hope this is helpful. posterboy,
  13. pavlovcat, I wanted to speak to your depression and anxiety. Anxiety is a separate condition but often common in depressed people. I have had both. When I took a Zinc lozenge (think the kind you find/take for colds) will help unnatural anxiety. By that excessive worrying and fretting over everything. Or having repeated worry about did I leave the stove on or check your car lights 10 times before going into a building etc. Or thinking the worst every time someone says anything to you. Zinc taken as Lozenge will self regulate it's absorbtion by tasting very metallic (to the point you want to spit it) out. The first lozenge might be orange or cherry tasting the first day you take it but the 2nd or 3rd one that day or the 3rd day in a row will become mostly akaline tasting in your mouth then you have enough zinc. Your anxiety should get much better at that time. For the depression Magnesium as a Citrate or a Magnesium Glycinate works wonders. I have taken Magnesium Citrate for years but have recently transitioned to the Magnesium Glycinate for a number of reasons. Here is the link for the Magnesium for depression. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16542786/ I will quote the abstract in it's entirety now because it is short it should really help alleviate your depression issues. There are other things you can do but I would start there and walk some or ride that bike of your's some more it (exercise) can really help lightening your moods. Med Hypotheses. 2006;67(2):362-70. Epub 2006 Mar 20. Rapid recovery from major depression using magnesium treatment. Eby GA1, Eby KL. Author information Abstract "Major depression is a mood disorder characterized by a sense of inadequacy, despondency, decreased activity, pessimism, anhedonia and sadness where these symptoms severely disrupt and adversely affect the person's life, sometimes to such an extent that suicide is attempted or results. Antidepressant drugs are not always effective and some have been accused of causing an increased number of suicides particularly in young people. Magnesium deficiency is well known to produce neuropathologies. Only 16% of the magnesium found in whole wheat remains in refined flour, and magnesium has been removed from most drinking water supplies, setting a stage for human magnesium deficiency. Magnesium ions regulate calcium ion flow in neuronal calcium channels, helping to regulate neuronal nitric oxide production. In magnesium deficiency, neuronal requirements for magnesium may not be met, causing neuronal damage which could manifest as depression. Magnesium treatment is hypothesized to be effective in treating major depression resulting from intraneuronal magnesium deficits. These magnesium ion neuronal deficits may be induced by stress hormones, excessive dietary calcium as well as dietary deficiencies of magnesium. Case histories are presented showing rapid recovery (less than 7 days) from major depression using 125-300 mg of magnesium (as glycinate and taurinate) with each meal and at bedtime. Magnesium was found usually effective for treatment of depression in general use. Related and accompanying mental illnesses in these case histories including traumatic brain injury, headache, suicidal ideation, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, postpartum depression, cocaine, alcohol and tobacco abuse, hypersensitivity to calcium, short-term memory loss and IQ loss were also benefited. Dietary deficiencies of magnesium, coupled with excess calcium and stress may cause many cases of other related symptoms including agitation, anxiety, irritability, confusion, asthenia, sleeplessness, headache, delirium, hallucinations and hyperexcitability, with each of these having been previously documented. The possibility that magnesium deficiency is the cause of most major depression and related mental health problems including IQ loss and addiction is enormously important to public health and is recommended for immediate further study. Fortifying refined grain and drinking water with biologically available magnesium to pre-twentieth century levels is recommended." I hope this is helpful. **** this is not medical advise just some of the things I did to help alleviate my unnatural worry (anxiety) and depression. 2 Timothy 2: 7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included. posterboy by the grace of God,
  14. Freeneyja and jmg, Previous thread getting a little too long so I needed to start another. as to the columbia research I think it is the smoking gun of sorts for NCGS. It seems clear to me that celiac is a "sprectum" of disease(s) and we get frustrated we don't find them both in the same person. and that is because they are the same disease in different stages. here is a thread where I discussed the columbia research. from my response quoting the care2 article (which I think summarizes the columbia research well. Quoting "People with suspected celiac are screened using a blood test that looks for anti-gluten antibodies. The disease is then diagnosed with an intestinal biopsy showing this damage. However, celiac patients do not have an associated spike in their blood markers indicating high immune activity. This is where NCGS patients differ. While these patients don’t show the same kind of damage when they’re given a biopsy, their blood panels tell a completely different story. This group showed a spike in blood markers associated with intestinal damage unlike anything seen in the celiac or control group. They also showed a systemic immune reaction after consuming wheat, which is a major difference from the more limited immune reaction of celiac patients." Quoting again "However, celiac patients do not have an associated spike in their blood markers indicating high immune activity." that you might expect in blood panel so one could be negative (blood work and one positive (biopsy) and they both are positive for Celiac diagnosis it just those with high immune activity have not YET blunted their villi the way one expects to find in "gold standard" biopsy. Only if doctor's knew more about this latest research untold suffering could be avoided. The good news as the care2 article summarizes Quoting "Though the cause of the two conditions seems to be very different, the study confirmed that the best treatment is the same for both conditions. After six months of only consuming gluten-free grains, the NCGS group reported a significant improvement in their digestive and non-digestive symptoms, and the immune system markers identified earlier in the study had normalized." SADLY if Columbia University is right your Villi by the time the "biopsy" low immunity level has occurred then most of your villi have already been destroyed. but since you failed the biopsy it should give you hope that your blood serology should at least show a weak positive and remember "Positive is Positive" even if they only recognize it as NCGS today. I hope this helpful. posterboy by the grace of God,
  15. Feeneyja, I don't think I said it well. Kind of Like SIBO girl and captain NCGS I see everything (or most everything) through the paradigm of (low) stomach acid mostly. And why I mentioned my experience with taking Niacinamide to raise my stomach acid to to healthy levels. Anemia is a classic sign of low stomach acid. If you haven't eaten gluten for years (avoiding the protein) doesn't mean your defense's are any higher now that you doing a gluten challenge. The fact that you describe your symptom's (Much as you had as a child) though you didn't think about them at the time tells me you have been low . . . all this time. Enough time to thin your bones. taking a B-complex can reset this stress clock in your body. For anemia taking Beta carotene especially can help with your low iron which by the way takes a strong acid to absorb. So either your stomach acid is strong enough to cause burping a sign of completed digestion are you will have low/poor nutritional status of the remaining mineral/vitamins you need to keep your bones healthy and produce energy. here is the beta carotene link http://jn.nutrition.org/content/128/3/646.full quoting "For ferrous sulfate, 92% of iron remained in solution at pH 6 when 5.1 μmol (3000 IU) of β-carotene was added, whereas only 36% was soluble at pH 6 without any provitamin addition." allowing even people who have higher than normal stomach acid to absorb their iron even when their stomach acid is not strong enough to cause burping which for most people happen around a pH of 4 or less. this also can effect your energy levels but if you want to reallly help your energy levels take magnesium citrate 200mg 3/day. see this thread that talks about why this is so. You can't make energy without magnesium. Your multivitamin probably only has 6 to 10 percent of your RDA of magnesium so you should also take Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Glycinate separately. and if your stomach is low enough to cause anemia then you are low enough in niacin that you can't make your own stomach acid strong enough to absorb your missing nutrients. I think dr. dana myatt's online article about this topic covers it well. https://www.drmyattswellnessclub.com/WhatsBurningYou.htm quoting form the article Jonathan Wright, M.D., well-known and respected holistic physician, states that: "Although research in this area is entirely inadequate, its been my clinical observation that calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, chromium, selenium, manganese, vanadium, molybdenum, cobalt, and many other micro-trace elements are not nearly as well-absorbed in those with poor stomach acid as they are in those whose acid levels are normal." It is me again not to mention B-Vitamins. and why I recommend a B-complex like B-50 or B-100 separately in addition to a multivitamin. But B-vitamins should be like Magnesium taking frequently (3/day) for maximum benefit. see my posterboy blog post about to take B-Vitamins and Niacinamide specifically. B-vitamins helping with stress is common but we don't think of disease in those terms often that inflammation can be caused by a vitamin or lack of a vitamin in this case. Folic Acid helps blood pressure. A B-Vitamin common in prenatals because the mother is being stressed obviously. B-12 helps pernicious anemia which when low in B-12 an produce high homocysteine levels and indicator of stress/inflammation in your blood associated with heart health and none of these B-vitamins can be absorbed like iron (anemia) when your stomach acid is too low! that is what I was trying to say . . . if there is inflammation/stress then Niacinamide has been identified countless times as B-Vitamin that can and does treat digestive problems but this fact is not well understood today. But 50+ years ago they got! And if it (Niacin) worked 50+ neigh 75+ years ago to treat digestive problems then it will work today if people will take it. But because doctor's don't recognize a Niacin deficiency as GI problems, IBS, Anemia etc in it's earliest stages more serious GI problems develop like SIBO, NCGS and yest even Celiac disease. How do we know this . . let's follow or bread crumbs again because new research confirms that low stomach acid triggered by PPI's stress out the small intestine triggering Celiac diesase today. see this link that talks about this topic on celiac.com https://www.celiac.com/articles/23432/1/Do-Proton-Pump-Inhibitors-Increase-Risk-of-Celiac-Disease/Page1.html summarizing in case you don't have time to read it yourself. Note how the article starts quoting “Rates of celiac disease and the use of drugs to inhibit the secretion of stomach acid have both increased in recent decades. A research team recently set out to explore the association between anti-secretory medication exposure and subsequent development of celiac disease.” If these medicine are lowering stomach acid what cause effect relationship does/ could this have on Celiac/NCGS diagnosis is what he is postulating. He goes on to say without being very technical (read the whole article for yourself) that “The data clearly show that patients who use anti-secretory medications are at much greater risk for developing celiac disease following the use of these medicines. The fact that this connection persisted even after the team excluded prescriptions for anti-secretory medicines in the year preceding the celiac disease diagnosis suggests a causal relationship”. If even after a year OFF these medicines your chances of developing Celiac Disease (celiac disease) not to mention even NCGS which is much more prominent surely the researcher is correct in postulating that there is a cause and effect relationship between low stomach acid and NCGS and/or Celiac disease. it is my point that low stomach acid and gluten allergy has been establish and a connection between your anemia and your GI problems that gluten is triggering. seem reasonable to me. if your stomach acid is not strong enough to cause burping it can't cut up gluten either. I told someone else on this board. I have study this topic exhaustively and it always comes down to timing. Timing is everything right? IF it Happens (your GI problems) when you eat any (food allergen like lactose or gluten) then your stomach acid is already too low to begin with. IF it happens between meals (heartburn etc) then eating something would lower too high stomach acid.... thus eating would make it better ... not worse. but since it happens when you eat your stomach acid is already too low to digest the food you are eating. Yes even gluten IF it is strong enough can be cut up into harmless peptides like other viruses and bacteria are and what gluten is a to a celiac. An invader. . . but it (your body) need not be confused if the protein is digested in the stomach it can be metabolized as amino acid and peptides harmless in the small intestine because parts of the gluten protein doesn't set off the autoimmune on the intact protein does. I have ramble too long again. good luck on your continued journey. *****this is not medical advice only my personal experience with Niainamide and Magnesium and my year of study on the topic. Your experience might be different but I think it will be similar to those on this board who have taken it. because I have learned if it helps you . . . it will help other's too! the same way people's energy pickups and their charlie horses' get better when they take magnesium Citrate 3/day. And other people on this board who have taken Magnesium who's energy get's better when they take it. Again I hope this is helpful. posterboy by the grace of God,