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  1. Was definitely diagnosed with Celiac, yeah. Positive everything. I had always thought that was the case and like everything I have ever read about it says that there is. Massive difference, so it was massively confusing when it wasn't reflected in my chart. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I am about six months in to my new life of feeling better and I have recently noticed a sort of inaccuracy in my medical chart. The clinic I go to has our charts available for us to log into online and keep track of and I was seeing when my next appointment the other day and I noticed that Celiac was not listed anywhere on my chart. I have letters and email conversations, and plenty of personal experiences to boot, that include my doctor and I discussing Celiac and my diagnosis, while on my chart it is listed under the allergen heading as an allergy to gluten meal. Since diagnosis, I have had to explain to two medical professionals that I have been diagnosed with Celiac and that no I can't have any gluten, not even a little bit. Is this incorrectly listed on my chart or am I just overreacting? Should I be concerned? Thank you!