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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does It Hurt For You?

    I did a search on this message board alone and came up with enough references that I think there is a definite connection! Now I'm going out into the internet to find out as much as I can about it!! Thanks so much, I've wanted to post that question for months but thought it sounded so personal and so unconnected to Celiac Disease. Thanks everyone for being to helpful! Also thanks from my fiance. If anything I find helps me, he'll be equally thrilled!
  2. Does It Hurt For You?

    Well, here's a topic I dread bringing up, but don't know where else to turn. I have been suspected to be Celiac for about five months now, the blood tests said no but when I went back to eating regular food I got very sick. So now I am back on the gluten-free diet and feeling a little better. Anyway. I have been engaged now for about a year. My fiance and I have never been able to really have sex. Insertion is extremely painful, as are paps. My gyno has tried steroids and physical therapy to treat it, thinking my muscles are too tight or messed up somehow, but I wonder if it is related to all the stomach problems?? I do know that I unconsiously clench those muscles all day, although no one can tell me why. Also, I don't really have the urge to engage in those kinds of activities very often anymore. I'm tired, I ache all over and I know things will just be painful anyway. This is really not helping my relationship any. Anyone who knows anything would be greatly appreciated!! Sorry for the personal topic!
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies!! I think that the Boars Head and Hillshire Farm brands are available here in Nebraska. Do most of you purchase chicken breast and roasts and such at health food chains? I never realized until the other day that meat even had any gluten in it, but thanks to reading all of your disscussions I've been able to find several sources of gluten in my diet that I didn't realize were there. This board is my most valuable assett and I don't think I would be coping nearly as well without it. Thanks for the advice and if anyone has any more on meat please feel free to add!!
  4. The topic title pretty much says it all. I am a huge fan of sandwiches and despite having not been diagnosed for sure yet am on a gluten-free diet. If I don't get to eat sandwiches soon I will cry!! How do I know what deli meats are okay and what aren't? are they all processed? are the slicers contaminated? Where does everyone else buy their meat or is most meat okay? Also cheese, now that I think of it. Is it always gluten-free? I'm desperate for my sandwiches!! (= Thanks for any help anyone can give!
  5. Does It Ever Feel Like Too Much?

    I actually logged on to talk about this very thing. After reading everyone's list of health problems I feel like a big baby. I've never been really really sick, just always annoying little things. I always felt like my friends were rolling their eyes behind my back at all my minor aches and pains, allergies, rashes, migraines and the need to sleep all the time. Also I feel horrible asking for days off for doctor appointments, headaches, and sick days. I think some of my co-workers must think I am a hypochondriac. I feel almost worse now that I have been (possibly) diagnosed. Every day I make a mistake!!! The last three days in a row I know I have ingested gluten- licked an envelope, tasted pasta I was cooking for the group home I work in, ate some popcorn without thinking. How will I ever feel better if I can't even follow this diet even for one day!! I was so frustrated I came home crying and my boyfriend just doesn't understand. I tried to bake a cake and then realized that the vanilla I used may have gluten in it. Just feeling really overwhelmed and frustrated. I will never rid my enviroment of gluten because I spend half my day at my job with three mentally handicapped women in their home (cooking for them and trying to avoid gluten at the same time is trying) and my family wouldn't be able to adhere to this diet (when I can't even do it!) because they couldn't even eat healthy for themselves, let alone limit things this much. Also I just really want to go out and get a Subway sandwich. I'll eat it on accident anyway, may as well enjoy it right? I won't, I really want to start feeling better. Sorry for all the whining and I promise this isn't all I will do on this board, just felt like some people are feeling the way that I do. That helps, at least! Hopefully it doesn't feel this way all the time??
  6. Hi, this is my first posting here. I had surgery last year (apendectomy) and started feeling sicker and sicker afterwards; sudden fatigue, mental fogginess, cramping and frequent restroom trips after eating. I've also had skin, joint and allergy problems all my life as well as migraines. My mother read an article a month or so ago in Womans Day about Celiac Disease and we went to the doctor. Luckily he seems to be a lot more understanding then some of your doctors!! I was surprised that I didn't even tell him what I thought I had, got out the symptoms and he told me he thought I should try a gluten-free diet. Anyway, on the diet for 2 weeks and today had bloodwork done. Reading the site I think he did the right tests although I don't understand, won't the bloodwork not show the right thing if I have been avoiding gluten? Also what is a gluten challengs? Do I have to eat gluten again to get a biopsy done? I'm just really nervous about getting the testing done and done right. My sister is having deppression problems (fairly severe) and has had a lot of Celiac sounding symptoms. Want to know if I am so that I can help her. Thanks for any help you all can provide!!! (Also does anyone know if Ibprofin is gluten-free? I got the idea that naproxin is not from a message I read. It's for the migraines!!) Thanks for the help anyone can provide!!! Stephanie