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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks everyone. I feel reassured that things are going in the right direction. Since neither of the drs offices can seem to find her starting TTG number I'm just going to assume it's getting lower
  2. She's 12 and is really cautious about what she eats she ate a "gluten free" brownie a few months back and had such bad stomach cramps for 18 hours that she's even more careful. I also make sure that she uses gluten-free shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste. Her lunch at school is a pre-packaged gluten-free lunch. She will be taking her own lunch starting next week. I called her other dr to see what the beginning number was and it only said it was greater then 100 but not a specific number. I'm hoping that it just started out really really high.
  3. My daughter had her first 6 months blood work done the other day and I got the results back yesterday. Her TTG levels are 119. We have a gluten free house and she has gluten free lunch at school. I'm feeling so defeated right now and I have no idea where to start looking for the areas she's getting glutened at. Anyone out there have this same thing happen?
  4. I went to a tastefully simple party a few weeks ago and was really excited that they had a new "gluten free" line. I was a little apprehensive to try them because they are made in a factory that processes what also. Well I made their brownies yesterday and while they taste good my daughter had a reaction to them within an hour of eating them. Stomach cramps so bad she was in tears. Has anyone else tried the new products from tastefully simple? I feel ripped off...
  5. We've only been gluten free for about 2 months and my 11 year old daughter, who was wearing a size 6 and 7's that were really big on her. Has graduated to an 8!! I think she has grown about 3/4 of an inch but has only gained about a pound or 2. We are really excited about any little bit that she gains or grows!
  6. I spent $70 today just replacing my cooking utensils, I had been putting it off and finally decided our whole household will be gluten free after only a month. I'm keeping my crockpot but I will be buying a new griddle, waffle iron, and electric hand mixer.
  7. Newly Diagnosed Celiac...

    I tried to have a mixed kitchen but even only a month in my daughter (celiac) feels worse now then before she was dx. I've been making gluten-free dinners for everyone but didn't think that my utensils would really be that big of a deal. I went out today and bought all new utensils and threw away the toaster and bagged up all the gluten food in the house. There was 2 garbage bags full that my sister is going to take. I just think that its easier to be gluten free then to take the chance. My husband is upset because I told him last night that he has to make his lunches out in the garage because I wasn't going to allow bread in the house anymore.
  8. Gluten Withdrawal

    I have, she has her own butter in her own brand new rubbermaid. I'm probably not as strict as I should be. We are meeting with her nutritionist next week, maybe she will be able to help me with if she should be taking vitamins or probiotics or anything. A month after her dx I kind of feel like her GI Dr, just kind of gave us a result and set me a drift.
  9. I felt the same way at my in-laws this Christmas. My family including my grandparents went out of their way to make sure that my daughter had plenty of gluten-free food to eat. However my sil did nothing, even though she is my best friend and my daughters godmother. She didn't even ask me to bring anything for her to eat. It really hurt my daughters feelings. Its only been a month since shes been dx she was really upset anyway about it and then a whole side of her family made no effort. I was so pissed we left after only an hour of being there.
  10. Gluten Withdrawal

    Thanks everyone, I guess its time for me to really crack down on the small amount of gluten filled foods I still allow in the house.
  11. I've looked through a bunch of threads and can't really find one current or concerning kids. My daughter has been gluten free for 4 weeks now since her endoscopy and DX. For the last week or so she has been complaining about feeling tired and sluggish and not herself. Could this be withdrawal or could it be a sign of being glutened? She was asymptomatic before so I don't know what to expect with her not eating it or accidentally eating it.
  12. I know that my dads grandparents came from Germany and settled in central Illinois and my moms grandparents came from Scotland. I see a theme in most of the posts. Almost everyone has German or Scottish heritage.We have lived in Illinois so long that we really don't have any customs left from either country. it kind of makes me sad.
  13. Firsts!

    Tonight was the kids Christmas program and afterwards we had our first gluten-free restaurant experience. Nothing fancy just TGI Fridays, my daughter was happy they had a gluten free menu! She happily ate a 1/2 rack of ribs and some mashed potatoes. I also found out that we have a gluten-free bakery a block away! I ordered 3 dozen cookies for her to take to school for their christmas party, the price was a little more then the local grocery store but not much. I'm really happy that she wont have to skip a treat on Friday! We are slowly but surely getting use to the gluten-free lifestyle!
  14. Hahaha Glutenfreesingles Dot Com

    It's so funny that at 11 my dd is already worrying about if she will meet someone with celiac or if someone without it will understand.
  15. My Son Needs Help.....

    My daughter was just dxd also and she wants to be part of everything, including taking everything out of the cupboards and marking it gluten-free or knowing that it wasn't. She also has been making her own lunches, simple things like a sandwich with Udi bread, yogurt, and fritos, or a salad. She is also meeting with a dietitian. I can only guess from how we feel as parents that every thing is a huge roller coaster that kids are even worse. They are used to a world that is fairly ordered and all of a sudden everything is upside down, add in hormones and you start looking for the nearest cliff... I hope things start getting better soon!