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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi IrishHeart, Please don't be offended. I am not making any final decisions on my next step until my doctor's appointment on Jan 21. I am trying to be very educated as to my alternatives so I can make a good decision after the appointment. I certainly have not ruled out the endocrinologist. I am, also very interested in how people who have cured these problems have done it. We all have to help each other out on this journey and I appreciate your advice. Sometimes it takes months up here to get in to see these specialists. I have had to wait 3 months just to get the results from my scope. Cheerio CynthiaST
  2. Hi 1desperateladysaved, I never thought about corn. I haven't eaten it in so long. I also never considered that there could be something in the actual vitamin that is inflaming my stomach. I get the supplements from my naturapath. They are for sure yeast,soy gluten free. I'll have to look into the other ingredients. I do feel there is a link between the adrenals, cortisol and vitamin deficiency. I read this about blood pressure and hypoglycemia where they tell about the nutrients one needs to correct the hypoglycemia and adrenal fatigue. "Magnesium. This mineral acts as a spark plug for the production of enzymes and energy needed for the adrenal cascade, says Wilson. It also moderates blood pressure, which tends to increase with elevated cortisol output. Best sources of magnesium: Sea vegetables, nuts, brown sesame seeds, whole wheat (if tolerated), brown rice, peas, beans" Here's the link; http://www.alternativemedicine.com/adrenal-burnout/adrenal-fatigue-fix
  3. Do the supplements upset your stomach or ulcer? My stomach gets totally inflamed when I take them. I am ok for 1 day, then I have terrible pain from the inflammation. I have even tried opening them up and putting them in mashed potatoes. But I can still only get away with it for 1 day. I want to take them. I just need to find a way that they won't cause such inflammation. Maybe my stomach is still healing from the gluten? Cheerio CynthiaST
  4. Hi pricklypear1971 I am so glad to hear you are better. I really don't want to take any pharmaceuticals if i don't have to. I have had so many bad reactions to them. i am really hoping that as the villi repair things will heal up. Also when I researched things like Gavascon and Mylanta to help my ulcer hypoglycemia was one of the main the side effects. Not a good option for people with hypoglycemia. I am drinking cabbage juice to see if it can help heal the ulcer/inflammation . I t does seem to be helping. They say It takes about 10 days and I have only been doing it for 2 but I am getting some relief. Did you find that the cracker and water helped decrease the acid concentration? Morning is the worst for me. Was it bad for you? I think the cabbage juice is helping with the acid reflux. The acid reflux is another major pita. The worst thing I can do is fall asleep in the daytime. The acid is very painful at that point. One thing I do find is if I snack on just protein and fat like cheese and walnuts or 1/2 hard boiled egg with avocado it helps stabilize the hypoglycemia. I produce less stomach acid than I did when I was adding a carb, (like bread). Maybe the cracker and water is low carb and does not trigger the acid? Also, how did you take the nutritional supplements like vitamins etc? Did you find a way to take them without burning the ulcer or your stomach? Cheerio CynthiaST
  5. Hi pricklypear1971, Thanks so so much for that link. I will definitely take this to my doctor and get that blood test. I think I will also post it in the hypoglycemia forum. Cheerio CynthiaST
  6. Hi NoGlutenCooties, I agree with you about the protein every 2-3 hours. it does really help. I am finally able to eat a lot more food like veggies,walnuts,some cheese, some yogurt, fish and chicken. That is helping me to get more stability with the blood sugar. i got a big help with the diet in the link I posted from the hypoglycemia forum. He got it from a book called "The Insulin Resistance Diet".The book has a chapter in it for hypoglycemia. http://ehealthforum.com/health/i-found-a-diet-remedy-for-hypoglycemia-t306258.html They found that if you have a ratio of 1 gram protein to every 2 grams of carbohydrate one can stabilize the blood sugar. Understanding that ratio gave me a huge help. I realized that I was out of wack with too many carbs per protein. Now, I write down everyting and make sure I have the proper ratio. I also add more fats as I need to gain weight and it does help. I am now putting my weight back on and sleeping better at night. it is a constant challenge but getting better. The biggest challenge I am having right now is any supplements cause major inflamation and pain in my stomach. When the hypoglycemia causes the constant secretion of stomach acid after I eat it burns my stomach. Then when I take the supplements it really inflames even more. I am hoping the scope will show the stomach problem and I will be able to fix it. Then I can take the supplements and get on with my life. I really appreciate the links and will definitely look into them. I know the base cause is the adrenal fatigue from the gluten constantly causing the auto immune reaction. It just seems like there are so many things to rebalance from the celiac. .Gluten certainly plays havoc with all of the organs. i have only been totally gluten free for 2 months so I am hoping it settles down soon. I do see a lot of progress though since my diagnosis. I have gone from 103 pounds 3 months ago prior to diagnosis to 116. That is a huge relief. 3 months ago all I could eat was white rice, avocado and chicken breast. Now I can tolerate most whole foods in the proper ratio for my blood sugar. I used to have terrible, debilitating gas attacks both day and night. Now they are much less frequent and severe. I still have to wait for legumes because my naturapath wants me to take digestive enzymes with them and my stomach is not ready to handle them yet. I have more energy and certainly more hope especially because of all the help the people in the forum have given me. I appreciate all the info and help from everyone here in the forum. You all have saved my life and my spirit. You have truly created a healing center here. Everyone of you are so very valuable. My thanks to you. Cheerio CynthiaST
  7. Hi , I have every intention of taking your advice and getting the thyroid test you recommend. I am taking a printout of your post to my doctor to make sure he orders the correct test. I do not want to be caught in this loop. I also know that the true name for hypoglycemia used to be "Adrenal Fatigue". My doctor believes the celiac caused the adrenal fatigue. If it is the thyroid that the celiac affected the only way I can cure the adrenal fatigue is to fix the thyroid. I know there are herbs and medicines to correct the adrenal fatigue, but I would not want to miss fixing the thyroid if it needs to be fixed. Kareng, I will follow through on all of this with my family doctor. I so appreciate everyone's help in this. My hope is that with all of the help everyone here in the forum are giving me when I go to the doctor on Jan 21 I will be educated and able to get ALL of the celiac issues corrected. Cheerio CynthiaST
  8. Hi Kareng, I am going to a Gastrointestinal doctor and a naturapath. I get the results from my scope on Jan 21 from the Gastrointestinal doctor. In the meantime I am working with the naturapath to solve some nutritional issues. 1desperateladysaved, I agree with you on the diet. I am finally getting some relief from the hypoglycemia with this diet. http://ehealthforum.com/health/i-found-a-diet-remedy-for-hypoglycemia-t306258.html My Gastrointestinal doctor believes the celiac is the root cause of the hypoglycemia but will confirm things from the scope on Jan 21. Cheerio CynthiaST
  9. Hi Pricklypear1971, I hope I don't have to fast because the hypoglycemia is very bad at night. I am not on any meds so hopefully I will be ok without it. Cheerio CynthiaST
  10. Hi pricklypear1971, Thanks so much for the info. I am definitely going to get that test done. How do they do the thyroid test? Is it a blood test? If so, do I have to fast overnight? What do you take to fix it? Cheerio CynthiaST
  11. Hi Kareng, I have an appointment on Jan 21 to get the info on the scope the doctor did for the stomach ulcer. At this point I don't have a definite diagnosis that the ulcer exists, although my naturapath does feel it is an ulcer. He had hoped that I could tolerate the supplements. I have stopped taking the supplements until I am sure. cheerio CynthiaST
  12. Hi, I am so depressed and discouraged. I have been gluten free for almost 3 months now. The hypoglycemia is such a scarey problem. I have finally been able to tolerate eggs, shrimp,quite a few vegetables. A lot more food than 1 month ago when I was living primarily on rice. I am now on a high protein diet to deal with the hypoglycemia. I have only been on it for 1 week so it is still difficult to transition from primarily rice (which converts quickly to sugar) to high protein. My body is adjusting and I am having quite a bit of constipation. There is so much anxiety with the hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is actually caused by adrenal fatigue. My naturapath also believes I have extreme adrenal fatigue. I went to my naturapath and he was very pleased that I was able to tolerate more diversity of foods. He explained that I had to solve some of the nutritional deficiencies before he could do any other treatments for the adrenal fatigue. He gave me vitamins and a plant based digestive enzyme. I believe I have a a stomach ulcer and the vitamins and digestive enzyme totally inflamed my system. Extremely painful. Perhaps I will be lucky and it is just stomach inflamation from the gluten. I will find out on Jan 21 when I get results from the last scope. Now I am so depressed because the pain is awful. Even worse it will put me behind in fixing the adrenal fatigue which would fix the hypoglycemia. It is like being in a trap. Everything I try to fix sets off something else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheerio CynthiaST
  13. Hi NoGlutenCooties, Thanks so much for the info. I guess I'll take the bag back to Costco rather than risking it. cheerio CynthiaS
  14. Hi, I bought a bag of walnuts from Costco. There was a label on it saying "Allergy Alert these nuts were processed on a machine that also processes wheat." I did not open the bag, but I have been eating walnuts from Bulk Barn. Do you think the Bulk Barn walnuts could contain gluten? Do you think the Costco walnuts are safe? If I rinsed the Costco walnuts then soaked them overnight do you think they would be safe? I never considered walnuts would contain gluten. Grrrrhhhhh! Cheerio CynthiaS
  15. Hi, I apologize for not replying. I am up in Canada where we have been enjoying a major ice storm and lots of power outages. Will be back soon. Cheerio CynthiaST