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  1. Thank you for the welcome! I just received the blood test results on the other two kids. The other twin also tested positive. The baby tested negative. The second twin to test positive hasn't had any symptoms. So I was actually quite surprised.
  2. I'm new to the diagnosis (just received the definitive results on Dec 4th) and we aren't gluten-free quite yet. Slowly transitioning and trying to get everyone on board. But this is what worries me the most. My child is in preschool. So I will be following this thread closely.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new (as if my title didn't explain that already!). I have four daughters, A and A are 5 year old fraternal twins, E would be 3 (she passed away at 9 months old) and E just recently turned 1. My oldest twin had positive blood work on Nov 20th. We received the biopsy results on Dec 4th that she has a Marsh Score of 3B. I was surprised at the results of the biopsy given her seemingless minor physical complaints. Her twin and the "baby" had their blood drawn yesterday and I'm waiting on the results of those. I already tested negative and my husband still needs to be tested. Honestly, like many others in the beginning, I'm quite overwhelmed. I'm pretty confident in being able to make the changes within the home. It's the daycare/school issue that I worry about the most!!