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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had roux and y gastric bypass 14 plus years ago. Was having trouble with iron absorption around year 8. All Drs I saw said it was just gastric bypass causing issue. A few years later started having issues with high liver enzymes. After years of Drs trying to figure it out a smart dr at mayo figure out I have celiac disease. I tested very high on ttg test and then confirmed with biopsy. I figured maybe gastric bypass was why I developed the disease but have since found out my son has it to. My son is 21 and has never had surgery.
  2. I am curious too. Unfortunately I do not get a reaction when I eat gluten (my body reacts in different ways-high liver enzymes etc) so I am nervous to eat foods that may be an issue. I was wondering if folks that have reactions can tell if they are okay or not cause I miss them too.
  3. I can tell you without a doubt that gluten can impact liver enzymes. I had major issues with high liver enzymes for years. They finally figured out I have celiac disease via blood testing. They told me to make sure to continue eating gluten prior to the endoscopy so of course I ate a ton of gluten. The morning before the endoscopy my liver numbers were in the 400's. After the endoscopy I went gluten free and my numbers were back to normal a few weeks later. So for me - gluten causes liver damage.
  4. I didn't realize it could take so long. I guess I am doing better than I thought. I had liver enzymes in the 500 range and they couldn't figure it out for years. I was afraid I was going to die. I know my liver enzymes have tested normal in October-finally! So I know t am getting better even though the antibodies are still showing up. I will get the hang of this. Thank you for your reply!
  5. Hello- I have been looking at posts for months and just decided to join today. Not sure why I took so long. I was diagnosed this past summer (TTG>100 and confirmed with intestinal biopsy). I also have been having a hard time with this. I am 46 and have been very ill since 2007. I have been gluten free since I was diagnosed but my testing in Oct still showed TTG >30. My doctor told me I was not compliant enough. I was so upset because I thought I was being careful I am learning more about hidden sources and paying way more attention to labels. I know I had some vitiman C with gluten by accident, I have also had pumpkin seeds I thought was safe because I didn't read warning on the back. I could go on but you get the drift- I am making mistakes even though I am trying.. I have good days and bad. It helps to read I am not the only one that is struggling with this. I know it will get less overwhelming with time, I appreciate all of your posts- I find it helps me feel better!
  6. I have a frozen Market Pantry Turkey that has a gravy packet. The turkey says it has broth in it. The gravy packet lists wheat but not the turkey itself. Do you think it is safe to eat as long as I throw out the gravy packet?